New James Bond Movie Update

For those James Bond fans out there you'll be happy to hear that some new information has been released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and Columbia Pictures, the production companies behind the Bond franchise. Here's the low-down on the casting, the costumes and a little fancy dress thrown in for good measure.

Rhys Ifans

I must admit, while perusing today's news stories, I saw the headline 'Rhys Ifans to Star in New James Bond Film' and my initial thoughts led me to think, 'hmm, they must be filming the new movie in Wales'. As it turns out, after reading a couple of sentences further my initial interpretation was incorrect. I thought the headline read 'Rhyl fans to star in New James Bond film'. I actually thought that the movie makers were going to film a scene or scenes at Rhyl football club and they were seeking fans of the club to appear as extras. As it turns out, I was very wrong.

The website reported yesterday that actor Rhys Ifans is currently in discussions for the role of Q in 2012's British spy action thriller. The role had previously featured the late Desmond Llewelyn in most of the movies and more recently John Cleese in Die Another Day. Director Sam Mendes told the Telegraph "Ifans will appear in the film, as well as Javier Bardem, who will play the baddie," said Mendes in a story which ran early Monday morning. "Much of the filming will take place in South Africa." Daniel Craig and Rhys Ifans appeared together in the 2004 film Enduring Love, a 2004 adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel. As of today no Rhyl football club supporters have been cast.

Names currently attached to the latest 007 project include Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Craig, who will reprise his role as 007 for a third time.

Third Time Lucky

In his third outing since first donning the Secret Agent costume in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig will again take the lead in what we hope will be an improvement on 2008's Quantum of Solace. I actually saw it on a plane and didn't have a clue what was going on. Both Mike and Nigel here in the office shared the sentiment that it was vastly inferior to it's predecessor Casino Royale, an interpretation of the original novel as penned by creator Ian Flemming.

The new movie will be directed by Sam Mendes, whose recent work includes the comedy drama Away We Go as director and Out of the Ashes, a documentary about the Afghan cricket team, which Mendes produced. Film composer David Arnold will score the movie.

James Bond Costumes

According to the 007 fan site, there was a brief news story in a Dutch newspaper that costume designer Jany Temime will be crafting all of the James Bond costumes that 007 and his co-stars will be wearing in the next instalment.

Currently there is no word on who will be throwing on one of Temime's bond girl costumes. If you have stumbled upon this page looking for Bond girl costume ideas take a peek further down for some inspiring solutions.

Jany Temime has worked previously on Clash of the Titans 2, Gangster No. 1 and the Harry Potter series, so costume wise, we should be in good hands.


You may remember that the still untitled 23rd instalment was suspended throughout 2010 due to MGM's financial troubles, if you happen to have missed this consider yourself lucky, TV and radio were awash with the news that there may not be another movie for Britain's best and, at this point probably oldest spy ever, 007 must be about 80 at this point.

Following MGM's exit from bankruptcy back in December 2010, Bond 23 resumed pre-production and was granted a release date of November 9th. Since this announcement and systematically as we have come to expect with the release dates of films, MGM and Sony Pictures announced that the UK release date would be brought forward to October 26th 2012. The wonderful world of movie making, unable to stick to a date, still, since not a single frame has yet to be filmed, you can't really complain. The un-named film will be part of planned year long celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Dr. No and the entire Bond franchise. Production for Bond 23 will start later this year.

Our Top 5 Suggestions for the next Bond Movie Title

  • Dr. No Ian Flemming Books Left
  • The Man with a View to a Kill From Russia For Your Eyes Only with Thunderball
  • Alien vs. James Bond vs. Terminator vs. Robocop vs. Predator vs. Freddy Krueger vs. Hugh Grant
  • James Bond and the Holy Grail
  • James Bond: Episode 23 - Return of the Judi (Dench)

The new movie is due out at the end of next year, with the cast and a decent director at the helm it should have all the potential we have come to expect from out favourite super spy. Lets just hope the script is better than the last one.

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