Pub Golf Costume Ideas, Rules, And Suggestions

Welcome to the world of Pub Golf, in the event the game is totally foreign to you let us give an insight and share pub golf rules. We also have a selection of pub golf costumes that you could wear on a night out whilst playing the game plus information ideas and suggestions that will make your night out both fun and safe.

The recreational drinking game of Pub Golf usually involves a group of friends decked out in golfing attire and a selection of 9 or 18 pubs pubs or bars with each destination representing a hole on a golf course, which is of course usually played over 9 or 18 holes. Essentially, the game is a fancy dress pub crawl with a twist.

Female Referee Costume

Female Referee Costume

You can always nominate the designated driver to don a Referee Costume and ensure that no one is cheating and make sure that score cards are being completed correctly. This means that everyone gets to join in plus, you have a coherent set of eyes looking out for everyone and reinforcing the rules.

Not limited to just golf fancy dress, the game of pub golf invites referees, cheerleaders and sporting figures along with those decked out in fine golfing outfits to trundle around the course.

Did You Know?

Over 3,000 people are members of pub golf groups on Facebook at the time of writing.

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Pub Golf Outfits for Women

Take a look below for a pub golf costume that entices you to join in the fun, our ladies pub golf fancy dress costumes have short skirts and look really sexy, perfect for all the attention you'll garner whilst out and about at the bars. Remember, a pub golf dress should be sporting, fun and appealing. We've added our cheerleader fancy dress costume to the mix as not everyone will want to dress as a golfer, a slight stretch for the golfing premise but still within the rules.

Pub Golf Outfits for Men

Hopefully by now you will have selected your pub golf clothing and are ready to hit the bars. If you want to stand out and be taken as a serious competitor, select a classic pub golf outfit with knee high socks and a hat. Watch the competition shake and spill their pint as you saunter in dressed the part.

Pub Golf Outfit Ideas

If you are a couple heading out and pub golfing together, it's an idea to wear the same or similar outfits. Here's some options below that you may like.

Pub Golf Rules

Adult Fever Referee Costume

The Rules of pub golf are simple. After researching how people around the world like to play the game, here is a general synopsis of the rules, of course, you may change and alter the rules to suit you, consider this a guide and feel free to amend and change them as you see fit.

Much like golf whereby the idea is to get a score that is as low as possible and aim below the par, the idea is the same with pub golf. If the par for a hole or bar is 5 the idea is to finish your drink in less than 5 mouthfuls. If you finish your drink in 4, for example that will give you 1 below par. So for the first hole you shoot a 4 and the par was 5 therefore giving you a score of -1 or 1 below par for the entire game. If you manage the same on hole 2 you will have a score of -2 or 2 below par. Lets say the third hole is a par 3 and you finish your drink in 6, that's 3 over par so you'd then need to add 3 to your score giving you a grand total of 1 after 3 holes since -2 +3 is 1. Get it? You can set out a simple scoring system and get everyone to play along. Toting up the scores before you move on the to next watering hole. A scoring system can look like this:

  • Taking a drink from your glass +1
  • Spilling drink +2
  • Going to the toilet more than once per hole +1
  • Giving drink away or not finishing drink +5
  • Denied entry to pub disqualification
  • Wearing fancy dress handicap award -5 (per game)
  • Buying a (non-alcholic) drink for designated driver -1 (max 1 per hole)

Our advice is to make the most of the bonus or handicaps and wear fancy dress and buy the designated driver at least 3 drinks this will give you an 8 shot lead over everyone else without even sipping on a pint.

Pub Golf Score Cards

When playing pub golf you'll need the ability to keep track of your score so it'll be easy to compare scores and find out who the eventual winner is. We have created a very handy pub golf score card so you can jot down your numbers.

The pub golf score cards are very simple to use. Simply add your name, jot down the destinations planned on the evening our or, keep an 'Argos' pen handy and add them as you venture to each destination in the event that bars may not be confirmed or you feel friends may wander from the course. Add what you are drinking at the said establishment and agree what the par is with your friends. Don't be afraid to have higher numbers like 6s or 7s. The important thing is to have fun and not risk your health and get so drunk that you cant remember what colour your front door is. Remember it's just meant to be a little fun. Once you finish your drink add your score and then off to the next destination.

You can download our pub golf score card for free, just remember us when you need your pub golf fancy dress.

Pub Golf Terminology

One way to fully emerge yourself within the world of pub golf is to familiarise yourself with a little golfing terminology and apply it whilst playing the game. It'll amuse you and others alike referring to Steve's mate who isn't playing as his 'caddy'.

  • Course - the pub crawl
  • Hole - the individual drinking establishment
  • Caddy - friend or cohort who isn't playing the game
  • Par - the number to aim for or beat
  • Hole in one - drink in one (not recommended)
  • Birdie - one under par
  • Eagle - two under par
  • Albatross - three under par
  • Condor - four under par
  • Bogey - one over par
  • Double Bogey - two over par
  • Triple Bogey - three over par
  • Quadruple Bogey - four over par
  • Water hazard - toilet
  • Handicap - advantage

Be Careful!

If you are going to play pub golf please remember that drinking can be dangerous if you are downing multiple drinks in a short period of time and that it is only meant to be a bit of fun. Please try not to take the game too seriously and look after yourself and each other. Seriously. You can read more on the Drink Aware website for tips and hints on how to look after yourself if you are planning to drink to excess or if someone you know maybe drinking too much. It's handy site, take a look.

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