Pumpkin Carving Download Section

Welcome to our pumpkin carving download section here on the Jokers' Masquerade website featuring tips, ideas and free downloads of more pumpkin carving templates than you could possibly use over a single Halloween.

We trust that you have got your hands on a Pumpkin Carving Kit and therefore would like some extra resources to make your pumpkin sculpting go as smoothly as possible. If not, get yourself one then meet us back here. Get it, got it? Good.

With your pumpkin carving kit you will have had a chance to look through the supplied templates. These include a ghost, cat, grim reaper, pumpkin face and a flying witch. If you have already used these or are searching for something a bit different, scroll down to find further unique designs.

Tips for Selecting the Right Pumpkin

Here's a few tips to help you select your pumpkin.

  • Select a ripe, non-bruised pumpkin with no nicks or cuts.
  • Choose a smooth and evenly coloured pumpkin so your design transfers clearly.
  • Make sure the pumpkin has a flat base so it will sit upright.
  • Pay attention to the stem, if there is any mould it could be rotting.
  • For children, select a lighter and smaller pumpkin, it should be easier to carve.

Now you know some tips for selecting your pumpkin we hope that the entire experience will be easier to complete successfully.

Five Free Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

Here are five free pumpkin carving templates that you can use to craft a terrifying Jack-o'-lantern. To utilise each of these exclusive Jokers' Masquerade designs simply try printing out on your home printer, tape to your pumpkin and use as a guide to punch your holes into your Cucurbitaceae. Simple.

Share Your Pumpkin Photos

We would love to share some images from customers who have invested time in creating spooky hollowed out Jack o' Lanterns'. So, we are inviting you to send us your photos of your own handy work.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.

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