Santa's Had Enough

At this time of year a question that you may find yourself thinking is, where is Santa? The answer to that festive question is a little harder to answer than it is to ask. Here at Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress, however, we have attempted to answer the question 'where is Santa' with the response of "somewhere cold". So, what is he doing right now? We began to think.


We put this short video together with a little help from Thatcham Garden Centre in an effort to bring a little early Christmas cheer, to have fun and to entertain our customers. By the way, if you are wondering which Santa costume is in the video it is our excellent Bad Santa costume and looks superb in person just as it does in our Santa's Had Enough video.

If you are planning to talk to Santa this Christmas or even send letters to Santa don't be discouraged, the Santa in the video isn't like the real one. He's much happier and far better looking. So feel free to send letters to Santa or head to your local shopping centre to talk to Santa, we have a feeling he wont be watching lorries and drinking lager, at least we hope not. And now, a word from Santa...

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