The 70th Birthday of Wonder Woman

This month we celebrate the 70th birthday of the first comic book appearance from one of the first widely recognisable female superheroes. For seven decades Wonder Woman has been a staple of various comic books and has provided herself as someone for female readers to look up to in the male dominated world of crime fighting superheroes.

Wonder Woman Super Hero Costume

One of our favourite superheroes here at the Jokers' Masquerade offices, Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8, December 1941. Running for just over ten years, the comic was one of the early acquisitions that merged with National Periodical Publications to form the modern-day DC Comics.

Wonder Woman finally got her own comic in the summer of 1942. On the cover the heroine is clad in her trademark Wonder Woman outfit and pictured on horseback fighting Nazis. Created during World War II, the character was initially depicted fighting the Axis military forces, as well as an assortment of super villains. In later decades, some writers maintained the World War II setting, with many of its themes and story arcs, while others updated the series to reflect the present day.

Much like Batman, Wonder Woman uses tools to help her fight crime. Her equipment of choice includes the Lasso of Truth, magic gauntlets, and an invisible jet. Speaking of the invisible jet, there's a cut away scene on the excellent television show Family Guy that features an exchange between Superman and Wonder Woman who is on her invisible plane. You can see the clip on YouTube.

Over the last 70 years one thing has remained constant, that Wonder Woman is a strong woman who can dominate in a man's world, fight crime and be an inspiration for women everywhere, all the while doing it wearing one of her appealing Wonder Woman costumes.

Wonder Woman Costumes

The original Wonder Woman TV series ran from 1975 to 1979 and featured relative unknown at the time Lynda Carter in the lead role. The Wonder Woman costume that Carter wore was fairly true to the comic book. In the show the actress filled one of her Wonder Woman costumes nicely with her generously proportioned physique. Just like the early comics the ensemble featured a red and gold Basque top with blue bottoms adorned in white stars. This was the leotard style design that most people will probably think of when reminiscing about the character.

Another television foray worth mentioning is the TV pilot from earlier this year that was cancelled after testing. Wonder Woman was due to be broadcast on the NBC network in the States, but, after the pilot it was decoded to bail on the project after mixed reactions in test screens and complaints about the costume from long time comic book fans decreeing that the Wonder Woman costume should be true to the comic book. Apparently the shiny trousers didn't go over well with fans. In this version, after a quick wardrobe tinkering, our hero was meant to be a reinvention of the iconic D.C. Comic character in which Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince is a vigilante crime fighter living in modern day Los Angeles and is also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life. Needles to say, the show never made it to air and we never got to see that costume other than a few still released by the network.

In 2011, DC Comics rebooted many of its publications to attract new and younger readers. With these new updated tales of many of their superheroes it also featured new outfits for the characters. In the new version of Wonder Woman our hero has taken to wearing a Sexy Wonder Woman costume similar to her original Wonder Woman outfit as featured in All Star comics.

At the time of putting this blog together we discovered a page on the Internet Movie Database stating that there are plans for an upcoming Wonder Woman film. Providing little information about a live action Wonder Woman movie currently, not even a director is attached currenhtly, all we can share is that it will be due for release sometime in 2015. There is no news on what the Wonder Woman outfit will look like. If Superman Returns is anything to go by then chances are that it will be a different look to what we will be used to in the comic books.

Wonder Woman Fancy Dress

Are you excited about the 70th anniversary of perhaps the best female super hero? Older than both Supergirl or Batgirl, we have a feeling that the longevity of Wonder Woman will not be an issue any time soon. One of the greatest comic book characters ever created, we think she makes an excellent choice of costume to wear if you are headed to a party or off out on a night on the town. We have different styles and sizes of Wonder Woman fancy dress and are sure to have a Wonder Woman outfit that will be just right for you.

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