The Growing PDC World Championship Darts Spectacle

This year the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship will be held from the 15th of December to the 2nd of January 2012. It will mark the culmination of the PDC darts 2011 calendar and will be broadcast live on Sky Sports. Personally, I link this time of year to being off work for the Christmas break, it's bitterly cold outside like a lemon eating a Magnum. Yes I know, I'm painting a picture here. Anyway, it's probably snowing and I'll find myself round a friends house and almost always the PDC world championship darts from the Alexandra Palace will be on Sky.

Adult Bullseye Dartboard Costume

But why do you have an interest in PDC darts here at the Jokers' Masquerade offices? Well, it's simple really, like a large number of people in the country, we are swept up in the dramatic action that has seen a huge make-over in recent years and, we can usually spot dozens of our costumes in the audience.

Then there's the players. Did you know that Bob Anderson, known as The Limestone Cowboy, a moniker that comes from the limestone hills of Wiltshire where Bob used to live, and the fact that he enjoys Country and Western music. A simple premise right? Well, once Bob Anderson rode to the stage on a horse. How awesome is that? We'd love to dress the ageing darts legend in cowboy fancy dress. Speaking of fancy dress, we think we may have found the ideal mascot for Wayne Mardle, or 'Hawaii Five-O-One' if you know your darts, and if you're reading this we assume you do, you'll be aware that Wayne arrives on the stage wearing a bright, loud Hawaiian shirt. And we think that if he was led by an Hawaiian dog that his entrance would be even better!

Darts Fancy Dress

In an article on The Independent from 2007 called why darts is booming, it explores how fans are encouraged to wear fancy dress describing how “superheroes, nuns and school uniforms are the top choices”. Cricket seems to embrace the world of fancy dress, having fans dress up and having a great time. However, cricket falls short banning costumes at some grounds. We like darts because they seem to fully embrace the silliness and fun that helps make the sport more of a spectacle.

Pretty much all of the players on the PDC darts circuit have nicknames reminiscent of World of Sport wrestling back in the 80s on ITV. Players such as Mark Dudbridge and John Part have nicknames which are just screaming out to have their supporters attend matches wearing darts fancy dress costumes. Plus, if you want nothing more than to get yourself on TV this is a sure-fire way to gain some attention from the cameras.

Unless you don't already know, Mark Dudbridge is known as 'The Flash' and uses Flash by Queen as his entrance music. This gimmick not only gives Mark an identity, it also gives you the opportunity to go to the Ally Pally this December and January if the man does well, clad head to toe dressed as the fearless super hero with lightning speed. You could deck yourself out in a Flash costume. Dudbridge's entrance theme also features in the Flash Gordon movie so it all ties in nicely.

Canadian John Part is also known as 'Darth Maple' which is a combination of Darth Vader and maple leaf. The Darth part is a reference to the guys passion for George Lucas' Star Wars franchise. Part has previously been led to the dart board by Chewbacca he's such a big fan of the intergalactic franchise. As such, you might like to throw on one of our official Star Wars costumes to show your support for the man from Toronto. Another idea, if you don’t fancy attending the PDC World Championship Darts in December as the Darth half then consider showing your support fully kitted out in the Mountie costume. A symbol of Canada, you'll be sure to get some face time on Sky Sports!

A few more quick thoughts for fancy dress, and you'll encounter loads of fancy dress in the world of PDC World Darts. Mark Frost is from Stoke-on-Trent and is known as Frosty the Throw Man. Isn't that a great play on words? We fully expect to see fans of Mark to be sporting a Snowman costume. Kirk Shepherd who is known as the karate kid could have followers wearing a Karate Kid costume. Simon 'The Wizard' Whitlock has the beard of a wizard. That said, the enormous Wizard Beard could help show your affiliation with the Australian.

Darts fancy dress seems to be a big part of the televised events and will continue to be prevalent for the remaining PDC darts 2011 events.

PDC Darts 2011

Today, the sport of darts has come a long, long way since the days of Leighton Rees and Jocky Wilson. No longer should televised darts be considered fat blokes smoking and lobbing darts, barely conscious, swaying to and fro like a Chusan Palm in a blustery gale. You may remember Not the Nine O'Clock News doing a great sketch which pretty much embodies this ideology. Take a look at the clip on YouTube, it is very funny, but completely removed from what the sport represents today.

The Ladbrokes World Darts Championship will begin on the 15th of December in London, with 72 players from around the world competing for the prestigious title and a first prize of £200,000. The final on the 2nd of January is a sell-out. So if you are fortunate to already have a ticket we hope that you are already considering which fancy dress costume you plan to wear and support your favourite player. If not, and you plan to watch the event on TV why not have a PDC world darts fancy dress party and enjoy the matches from your home.

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