Christmas 2012 Fancy Dress Ideas

Yes, it's cold, it's bleak and the leaves are plummeting from the trees faster than the Bar-tailed Godwit heading south for winter. Although this could be confused with mid-July after the appalling summer that we have just endured, it is in fact almost Christmas time again. So, select your Christmas costumes and get your bell out and shake it with all the Christmas cheer that you can muster, and marvel at the reaction of those around you. Especially if it's 4am.

Noddy Holder Costume

Noddy Holder Costume

At this point Noddy Holder is pretty much the voice of Christmas, you can't seem to go in a Sainsbury's without hearing a bar of Merry Xmas Everybody. With this in mind, why not go full Noddy and dress as the ageing rocker too this Christmas?

The Noddy Holder fancy dress costume includes a waistcoat with attached shirt, hat with attached realistic-looking hair and a pair of coordinating trousers.

Christmas Pudding Fancy Dress

Christmas Pudding Fancy Dress

Christmas isn't really Christmas unless you have stuffed your face with so much Christmas pudding that it is pretty much coming out of your ears. Here's a great opportunity to mark this festive tradition by dressing like the most festive of dishes!

The Christmas Pudding costume includes a one-piece festive pudding suit pullover and rather tasty looking hat.

Christmas Cracker Costume

Christmas Cracker Costume

This costume is such a great excuse to go up to someone that you like. It's essentially a license to use the line "would you like to pull me". Be cautious, results may vary.

The Christmas Cracker fancy dress costume includes a one-piece bodysuit and a cracking headpiece.

Christmas Beer Bottle Costume

Christmas Beer Bottle Costume

Who doesn't enjoy a tipple of Christmassy ale?

The Christmas Beer Bottle fancy dress costume includes a one-piece beer bottle overall with motif on the front. It also comes with a festive headpiece.

Men's Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas For 2012

Our new Christmas costumes are not limited to the Father Christmas costume. Although dressing as a classic Santa is great fun, if you want to stand-put from the crowd you'll want to see some of these new Christmas outfits that we have to offer.

Women's Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas For 2012

We have some great new women's Christmas fancy dress outfits that you will absolutely love. We have a compendium of styles and sizes that will have you kitted out this Christmas season. Our favourite new lines are found below.

Sexy Christmas Fancy Dress

Dressing up is always great fun, even more so if you are fortunate to have a great body that just deserves to be shown off. We've hand-picked three of our favourite new costumes for 2012 that you should consider hitting the bars wearing.

Christmas Stockings

Perhaps not the kind of Christmas stocking you were looking for? Speak for yourself! If you are keen on picking up one of our Sexy Christmas costumes you'll want to personalise your outfit and look super sexy with a pair of our Christmas stockings.

What To Wear This Christmas

Santa Instant Kit

If you are planning a Christmas party or night out, it is a great idea to get your party a load of Santa hats and distribute one to each person that you are out with. It will instantly make the evening seem more festive and everyone knows that you guys are together. A Santa hat does not have to be expensive either, you can buy a classic and simple style for less than what you probably think. We also have a plethora of various humorous Christmas headgear and deluxe Santa hats that you'll love to use to keep your head warm in the snow.

So you've chosen your Christmas outfit and you are looking to finish it off and make it more personalised. Take a look through the Christmas accessories for Santa boots, belly stuffers and Angel wings. Each item can be used to really make your outfit yours. Take a look at what else we have to offer too. You'll be surprised at the diversity of Christmas accessory we have available.

You may have noticed that we have referred to Christmas as being festive several times. The official definition of the word according to everyone's brainy mate, Google, is: "cheerful and jovially celebratory". If we were to offer you a hub of fancy dress that is both cheerful & jovially celebratory and also be appropriate for the time of year, we'd be fools if we failed to refer you to the funny Christmas fancy dress category that gloriously maintains it's home on our website. From comedy Christmas beer bottles to Christmas jumpers and turkeys, you will be in your element here.

Perhaps you consider yourself an angel? If so or if indeed you are a big fat liar, even to yourself, take that little index finger of yours and hover it over the Angel costumes link. This is where you'll find our superb gathering of, yes, you guessed it friends, angel fancy dress. There is no excuse to be a frumpy angel, each of these designs comes in a range of sizes and will leave you feeling sexy, yet heavenly. Work that one out.

We find that sometimes, people are either tired of dressing in Santa suits or are looking for something a little different. Here at your old pals' Jokers Masquerade, we find the range of Santa Suits that we have are quite varied. Still, if you find yourself pining for a Christmas outfit that is a festive stride or two away from the red and white of St. Nick, we would like to bring to your attention the Elf costume collection for you to scroll though and hopefully find something that stands out and screams exactly what you are looking for. Men's, women's, sexy and fun are all housed here.

Christmas 2012 Fancy Dress Solutions

  • Mike - Marketing

    "I have three things in common with Turkey. Neither of us can fly, we both taste great with Bisto (Best not Granules) and we both look appealing on a Christmas Kurd. Admittedly, I do occasionally lie in bed and wonder what it would be like to swim in warm gravy, in what would be a festive meal of Mike. That said, this year, I want the Turkey Costume."

    Mike - Marketing
  • Karen - Customer Services

    "Previously, I've been known to hide under a washing basket with a fishing rod. To prevent me from cutting any more holes in the floor my boyfriend has moved us into a bungalow. Still, I can get myself a Sexy Eskimo costume and spite him in Inuit, in it."

    Karen - Customer Services
  • Rob - Director

    "I often ponder what it would be like to have antlers, hooves and a four-chambered stomach. Although I certainly do have a red nose I guess I'll just have to sustain my Cervidae fantasy by decking myself out in the Reindeer costume this Christmas and practise my caribou mating call down the local Chicago Rock Cafe."

    Rob - Director

Cheap Christmas Fancy Dress Solutions

Sexy Elf Costume

Where can I find cheap Christmas fancy dress solutions? Well, right here of course! Before you go any further, make sure that you take a moment to view all of the superb costumes that we have available in our fun and festive Christmas fancy dress hub.

For a reasonably priced men's costume, take a second to see our Santa Gown With Hood, it is an absolute bargain for the price point and gives you everything you could possibly need to transform yourself in to Santa Claus, and it'll take a mere moment to do so. This superb costume option comes with a red and white long hooded gown, Santa beard and a simple belt.

Another great cheap Christmas fancy dress idea is the full Santa suit. This is an absolute classic, with its simple design and comfortable fit, it is THE choice for an easy Christmas costume solution. Our Santa Costume can be worn by either men or women and includes the trademark jacket, matching trousers, Santa hat, Santa beard and belt.

One for the ladies now, the Classic Miss Santa fancy dress costume includes a Miss Santa dress, Santa hat and a belt. The costume comes in three different sizes and makes a wonderfully cheap option for Christmas. You'll totally look the part and will appear more Christmassy than you could possibly imagine if you were to enlist a few friends to dress in this as well.

Even the pet dog can get in on the festive fancy dress fun. Take a look at the Santa dog costume for an outfit that will make your pet look so adorable. This dog costume comprises of a red and white cape that fits snugly round your doggy and also a little Santa hat. The Santa dog outfit comes in a range of sizes and will give your pooch a look that will show he or she loves Christmas dress up just as much as the rest of us.

A couple of kids costumes that won't put a dent in the bank balance but will have the kiddies looking so adorable include the Child Santa's Helper Elf Costume, a girls elf outfit that comes in three sizes and is made-up of an elf dress and a coordinating hat. Isn’t it cute? Our pick for the boys is the Child Snowman costume, another absolute bargain to be snapped up, it features a Snowman top, matching trousers, hat, scarf, belt and a soft carrot nose.

Think Fancy Dress, Think Christmas Costumes, Think Jokers' Masquerade

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