Fancy Dress Ideas Beginning With L

Have you responded to your invite yet? In discovering this page, chances are that your company has been requested at a friends party and you have either been allotted certain characters of the alphabet to dress as or, your initials are such that fancy dress beginning with L is going to be an option for you at some point. As a result, because we are so incredibly helpful, we have put this page together to help you find fancy dress ideas beginning with L that will make you look absolutely fantastic, like you should.

Your first port of call, if you haven't already, is to take a moment to peruse our Letter L costumes category for your fill of lion, Leia and leprechaun fancy dress, plus many more costumes beginning with L that will be both unique and original.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Perfect for those fairytale theme costume parties, this attractive ensemble is easily one of our favourite fancy dress beginning with L outfits.

This popular Red Riding Hood costume comes in multiple sizes and includes a super cute red and white dress with a black corseted bodice plus an appealing burnished hooded cape.

Leprechaun Fancy Dress Costume

Leprechaun Fancy Dress Costume

Not just for St. Patrick's day, dressing as a leprechaun falls nicely in to the fancy dress starting with L theme. It's different so chances are that you won't be wearing the same costume as anyone else.

Our authentic looking Leprechaun costume includes a one-piece jumpsuit with hooped waist, black shoe covers to allow you to wear your own shoes, hat and beard.

Lara Croft Fancy Dress

Lara Croft Fancy Dress

One of the most well-known video game characters ever, she is not just known for her triangular shaped breasts, we can now refer to Ms. C as one of the best fancy dress ideas beginning with L for women.

The Lara Croft costume includes trademark blue top, contrasting coloured shorts, belt, gloves, backpack and boot covers.

Luke Skywalker Fancy Dress

Luke Skywalker Fancy Dress

If your aim is to attend the fancy dress costumes beginning with L party as a character that everyone will know, this is a good option. Almost everyone should know Star Wars.

The official Star Wars Luke Skywalker costume will transform you in to a Jedi as simply as you could possibly wish. Included is a heavy weave Jedi robe. Now grow a bead for an authentic Force Awakens outfit.

Lion Fancy Dress

Here lies a sampling of the lion fancy dress costumes that we have for you. It makes a nice choice for the fancy dress costumes beginning with L theme. You can find these costumes and ones like them in our animal costumes category.

Lord of the Rings Costumes

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy came out a while ago now, yet, it is still a popular franchise that people love to dress up as. Our official Lord of the Rings costumes have options for both men and women and look superb in person. For more film fancy dress costumes take a look at our TV and movie hub.

Little Mermaid Fancy Dress

We're willing to bet that at somepoint when you were a little girl that you would have loved to have been able to dress in Little Mermaid fancy dress. Now you can with these gorgeous outfits. It makes a nice choice to wear as fancy dress starting with L and you will be sure to stand-out.

Little Bo Peep Fancy Dress Costume

Adult Bo Peep Costume

Adult Bo Peep Costume

Here's one of the sexier costumes beginning with L. The Little Bo Peep costume is available in four sizes and is relatively inexpensive for such an appealing outfit. It looks absolutely divine in person and will be sure to heap upon you much more attention than you could possibly imagine at your fancy dress party.

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep is a popular nursery rhyme that will allow you to be perfectly dressed for a storybook, fairytale, literary and even an animal or wildlife theme. After all, she was tending to those sheep!

This popular Little Bo Peep fancy dress costume includes gingham dress and skirt. Completed with a large bow on the reverse You can complement the costume with a similar staff to that pictured, available separately.

Fancy Dress Costumes Beginning With L

  • Nigel - Marketing

    "Having been confused for a plumber several times throughout my life it seems fitting that I'd wear a Luigi costume to my next fancy dress starting with L night out. It works out well, I know a Mario, he's a Scullery Maid from Tiverton."

    Nigel - Marketing
  • Nicola - HR

    "Due to excessive tanning I've been told that I not only look like the lobster costume but I also smell reminiscent to the large marine crustacean once boiled in salty water for 10 to 13 minutes."

    Nicola - HR
  • Alan - Warehouse

    "At the summer Olympics my favourite event is the women’s 200 metre individual medley in swimming. The action is intense! So, upon being invited to my next fancy dress beginning with L party I'll be sure to wear the lifeguard costume as my own tribute."

    Alan - Warehouse

Fancy Dress Beginning With L

ThunderCats Lion-O Costume

Surely, by now you must have found that elusive fancy dress starting with L costume that you have been looking for. Not content or still considering your options? Okay. Make sure you view our Letter L fancy dress category before you go any further. Done that? Good.

Here's a popular one for you and it's strictly for the ladies, well, we say that but we have heard many stories about guys squeezing into some of these costumes.

Lady Gaga is a popular figure and there is no shortage of official Lady Gaga fancy dress costumes currently available to allow you to look just like the singer. Take a look at the Lady Gaga Poker Face costume it was featured in, you guessed it, the Poker Face music video. It's a memorable outfit that looks awesome in person. Perhaps more suited for the warmer summer months or if you plan to spend more time inside than out, it is available in three sizes with the wig available separately. Another Lady Gaga outfit you may like is the Lady Gaga Born This Way costume. You will have seen it in the music video of the same name. You’ll just need to apply a little make-up to craft the look that Mother Monster achieved for the 2011 song. Here's one more that if you're a fan, chances are you will easily recognise. Back in 2009 appearing at an awards ceremony we became familiar with the Lady Gaga VMA outfit. The replica of the costume worn that night during her live rendition of Paparazzi is available in three sizes and even includes the pictured mask.

Don't worry guys we haven't forgotten about you. Here's a simple outfit that you can wear without putting in too much effort, the Lou Little Britain costume is the official outfit from the long running Matt Lucas and David Walliams sitcom. It's one of our fancy dress costumes beginning with L that will require an occasional impression or piece of dialogue to entertain friends.

If you're looking for something to wear a little lighter and a little freeing, stop by our leopard Morphsuit. This Morphsuit is an all-in-one spandex suit that covers the whole of your body from head to toe. It is a more unique idea for fancy dress starting with L.

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This concludes our blog post, we sincerely hope that you have found one of our fancy dress ideas beginning with L that is more than suitable for your party. If we have helped you out, please take a second to share this post with your friends to your Twitter or Facebook pages using the links at the top of the page.

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