Fancy Dress Ideas Beginning With P

Chances are, in finding this page you will have been invited to a party or a night out that requires you to attend in fancy dress beginning with P. Well, the good news is that at Jokers' Masquerade we have a pretty decent collection of costumes for both men and women for you to choose from that will all fall into this popular party theme.

Your first port of call should be to take a moment to view our letter P costumes category for your fill of policeman, pirates and pimps, plus many more ideas and suggestions that will be both unique and original.

Prince Charming Fancy Dress

Prince Charming Fancy Dress

Here's a classic 80s themed costume that you'll surely recognise if you know your music or if you were born in the 70s. Adam Ant famously wore the Prince Charming costume for the album sleeve and also for the music video for the song of the same name.

The Prince Charming costume is an iconic outfit that will look great on you. The Adam Ant fancy dress costume includes jacket, cravat, belt, trousers, sash and boot tops.

Pilot Fancy Dress

Pilot Fancy Dress

Perhaps you'd like to head on out to your fancy dress beginning with P event dressed in one of our high-flying super pilot fancy dress costumes.

The pilot costume is a simple choice and will be sure to make an impact for those that wear it. It is a smart uniform fancy dress costume that includes a navy coloured suit jacket with attached shirt, navy coloured trousers and a pilot's hat.

Pink Ladies Fancy Dress

Pink Ladies Fancy Dress

Here's a wonderful costume idea that benefits from being associated with one of the most popular films ever made. You could be Betty Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan or Marty Maraschino and still fall within the costumes starting with P party theme.

The pink ladies costume is an official reproduction of one of the outfits as worn by the pink ladies characters in the Grease movie. The pink lady costume includes pink jacket and black trousers.

Poison Ivy Fancy Dress

Poison Ivy Fancy Dress

As featured as a key character in the Batman world, Poison Ivy is a gorgeous, seductive siren, who utilises toxins from plants and mind controlling pheromones for her criminal initiatives, which are usually aimed at protecting the natural environment.

The Poison Ivy costume looks absolutely superb in person and is an official Poison Ivy Batman costume. The outfit includes leotard, tights, wig and boot covers.

Pirates of the Caribbean Fancy Dress

Perhaps the most popular costume choice in all of the fancy dress beginning with P theme, people seem to love dressing in pirate costumes, specifically Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress. With outfits for both men and women, make sure you take a moment to see our pirate fancy dress category.

Pimp Fancy Dress

Do you want to look totally cool on your night out? Here's a great option, especially for a group of friends. Our pimp fancy dress costumes will be sure to make you stand-out from the crowd, it just leaves the tough part deciding which colour pimp costume that you want to wear. Take a gander at the pimp costumes category for more ideas and suggestions for both men and women.

Police Fancy Dress

An ideal choice for your costumes beginning with P fancy dress party. Here's a sample of our police fancy dress costumes that we have available. Not finding a costume below that takes your fancy? Don't panic, we have absolutely loads more in our police fancy dress category.

Pilot Fancy Dress

Who wouldn't want to be a pilot? Well, now's your chance to don some authentic pilot fancy dress and hit the streets looking pretty damn smart. For a similar smattering of outfits head on over to our pilot fancy dress category, which is rammed with gear like this.

Costume Suggestions

  • Nicola - HR

    I think the perfect outfit to wear to a costumes starting with P theme night out would be one that features not one P but two in the name. The Penelope Pitstop fancy dress costume is even pink, which also starts with P, what more could you ask?

    Nicola - HR
  • Ian - Marketing

    Living in a house that features a roof in the shape of a pyramid I am naturally drawn to all things Egyptian. Therefore my choice of outfit when attending a fancy dress costumes beginning with P event would have to be a pharaoh costume.

    Ian - Marketing
  • Karen - Customer Services

    I like the Flintstones cartoon, so, a good costume to wear to a fancy dress starting with P night out would be the Pebbles costume. It's different, it's pink and it's a cute outfit.

    Karen - Customer Services

Fancy Dress Beginning With P

Princess Leia Costume

Still on a quest to find one of our costumes beginning with P? Don't fret. Let's explore some more great letter P fancy dress suggestions that you can really lose yourself in and have a great time.

If you're a fan of Star Wars, one of the highest grossing movie franchises of all time, there are a few costume options that will all fall within the fancy dress costumes beginning with P party theme. For example, for the guys you could opt for the official X-Wing Pilot costume, alright it starts with an X but it also starts with a P if you consider the outfit is that of a pilot first and foremost. One for the ladies now, our super popular Princess Leia costume is a great choice if you want to show off a little leg, the thigh high slit will allow you to do this without looking slutty. The outfit is available in three sizes and, like the previous two costumes is an official Star Wars product.

If you like the popstar Katy Perry you'll love the Candy Queen costume. It's an outfit based upon what the singer wears in her California Gurls music video. The Katy Perry costume is available in three sizes and is completed with a wig, available separately.

If you are looking for a more humorous outfit consider grabbing yourself a King Ding penis costume, it is a bargain at its price point, which really is hard to beat. The inflatable penis costume isn't only available in white. The outfit also faces stiff competition from the King Dong penis fancy dress costume in black. Both are pretty amusing, think about it, dressing as a penis for the fancy dress starting with P event, it's so silly, you'll love the attention!

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