Fancy Dress Ideas Beginning With S

If you have stumbled across this page chances are that you have been invited to a fancy dress party that requires you to attend in fancy dress beginning with S. Great news, at Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress we have a generous selection of costumes for both men and women for you to choose from that will fall into this popular party theme.

Take a moment to view our letter S costumes category for your fill of sailors, scarecrows and schoolgirls, plus many more ideas and suggestions that will be both unique and original.

Somali Pirate Costume

Somali Pirate Costume

If the name of the costume didn't catch your eye we're willing to be the photo sure did. This is a great costume and it falls within the costumes beginning with s category nicely. It is also topical and fun to wear.

The Somali Pirate costume is an original outfit to wear to a pirate theme fancy dress party. It is also usually good for a laugh in the event someone actually asks who you are meant to be. The Somali Pirate costume includes top, waistcoat, trousers and headpiece.

She Ra Fancy Dress

She Ra Fancy Dress

If you were born in the eighties chances are that you will be familiar with this character and costume. She Ra is the alter ego of Princess Adora and the twin sister of He-Man. To become the Princess of Power, this is the costume to choose.

The She Ra costume includes a white coloured top, matching skirt, medium length red cape, golden coloured headpiece, arm cuffs and boot covers.

Slash Fancy Dress

Slash Fancy Dress

The Slash costume will be perfect for a rockstar themed fancy dress party. It is also great if you really don't want to make too much effort. It's a simple outfit that is sure to make a huge impact at the party.

This heavy metal fancy dress outfit includes a top hat with cascading black hair, leather-look waistcoat and a Slash tattoo.

Shrek Costume

Shrek Costume

The Shrek costume comprises of a beige coloured shirt with an attached waistcoat, green and brown gingham trousers with attached shoe tops plus vinyl Shrek face mask.

The costume is sure to transform you in to a real life ogre, just like the lovable character voiced by Mike Myers.

Superhero Costumes

The great thing about superhero costumes is that you can get away with wearing any super hero costume as they will all fall within the fancy dress costumes beginning with S theme. If you don't seeing anything below that stands out to you make sure you take a moment to see our superhero costumes category for more ideas and suggestions.

Sailor Fancy Dress

Here is an absolute classic option. Sailor fancy dress comes in a range of styles and sizes and is available in male and female options. Perfect if you plan to head out as a couple. Have you taken a look below and still not had your fill of sailors? Grab your telescope and view our sailor fancy dress category, where you'll find more sailor costumes ideal for your fancy dress starting with S party.

Super Mario Fancy Dress

If you were or are in to video games, here is one franchise that you will be familiar with. If you have never played a game in your life we are willing to bet that you still know at least the lead character. Super Mario fancy dress is a great option. Everyone will know who you are, and you will be sure to stand out. You can find more Super Mario characters in our video game costumes category.

School Girl Costumes

Always popular, the choice of one of our school girl costumes will be sure to garner you attention on your night out. Take a look below for a smattering of some of our most popular costumes. To view more see our excellent school fancy dress category featuring a range of styles and sizes.

Costume Suggestions

  • Nigel - Marketing

    I'd like to be a little different if I'm heading to a fancy dress starting with S party. I'd opt for Samurai fancy dress and wear something unique. The Samurai costume looks authentic and would be sure to make you stand-out.

    Nigel - Marketing
  • Karen - Customer Services

    If you are looking for a costume that's a little more unique try the sexy Scarecrow costume, it's a safe bet that your outfit will not clash with someone else who has decided to wear the same thing. It's a cute costume too.

    Karen - Customer Services
  • Alan - Warehouse

    If I ever get invited to a fancy dress ideas beginning with S costume party I'll be sure to try the Spartacus warrior costume. It's a superb outfit that is ideal for summer, so that's cool but, it's also different, I bet no-one else would think of going as the Roman Gladiator Spartacus.

    Alan - Warehouse

Fancy Dress Beginning With S

Skeletor Costume

Still not found your ideal fancy dress beginning with S costume? Don't panic. Let's explore some more great letter s fancy dress suggestions that you can really lose yourself in.

The Star Wars franchise features some of the highest grossing movies of all time. So, it's only fitting that there is also an official range of costumes to allow followers and fans to emulate their favourite characters. The Star Wars costumes category features various Sith related outfits that will all be welcome at a fancy dress starting with S party.

Another of the sci-fi franchises that is absolutely massive and is benefiting from a resurgence with the rebooted film series by J.J. Abrams, is of course Star Trek. The range of Star Trek fancy dress costumes include the most recent official Kirk costume, which looks superb in person, the detail is impressive. Similar with the Spock costume, it has been designed with the outfit of the Spock character from the movie in mind. It looks great. We haven't forgotten the ladies either, take a look at the official Uhura costume. It's a one-piece Starfleet logo pattern dress that looks as good as the uniform that the character wore in the movie. It would look great on the arm of either of the two aforementioned Star Trek costumes.

Perhaps cartoons are more your thing? If that's the case consider Scooby Doo fancy dress as the answer to your fancy dress ideas beginning with S quandary. This one is ideal for a group of friends of two or more. If you are a letter S purist then take particular note of the Scooby Doo costume and the Shaggy costume.

Below you will find a few more fancy dress costumes beginning with S, a generous mix of men's and women's outfits, each of which is just crying out to be worn at your costume party. The tip that we like to share is to accessorise and make the costume more unique to you. That way, in the event that someone else is wearing the same costume, yours will stand out and look more original.

A couple of our favourite costumes include the popular Spy costume, which is of course a take on the James Bond character and also the Saloon girl fancy dress costume, which really is a bargain for it's price point.

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So there you have it, we hope that you have found one of our fancy dress costumes beginning with S that is suitable for your needs. If we have indeed helped, please take a moment to share this page with your friends to your Twitter or Facebook using the links at the top of the page.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.

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