How Many Days Until Christmas? (2012)

If you are wondering how many days until Christmas look no further. Simply bookmark this page for a quick reminder how long until you have to source and procure your Christmas presents for family and friends. You'll now also now how long you have to select your Christmas costumes. Depending on your browser, you may be able to bookmark this page simply by pressing Ctrl+D if you are using a PC desktop machine or Command+D on an Apple.

There are 0 days until Christmas 2012.

This year, Christmas 2012 falls on Tuesday December 25th.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Each day on the Jokers' Masquerade Twitter page, we take a moment to present you, handsome, with a tweet that offers a suggestion for a Christmas gift idea. If you are taking the time to select your Christmas fancy dress with us, why not see if there's also some items that you can throw in your basket and give them as Christmas presents? If you are already committing to the small cost of delivery you may as well check for a few bargains that you can offload on friends come Christmas day.

You can either follow us on Twitter @joke_co_uk, or you can use this simple seach query that will show all of the #ChristmasGiftIdea tweets that we share each and every day between now and December 22nd.

Fun Christmas Stuff

Men's Elf Costume

While you're in the Christmas spirit, take a moment to view our Christmas playlist, it features a list of wonderfully Christmassy songs that you will love, yet, you won't typically hear every day on the radio. It is a Slade free zone.

We also have our super fun Christmas game Santa vs Jack, that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It is a challenge for Santa to get all of his presents delivered before the time runs out with the threat of Jack Frost attempting to knock Santa off his slay. Here's a tip if you would like to try and get on our leader-board: Collect the stars on top of the trees for a bonus. Good luck!

Finally, we spent a few minutes interviewing Santa at his tiny home in the North Pole and attempted to get to the bottom of his grievance with misspelled Christmas letters and lazy elves. You can see what we get up to when we interview an A-list celebrity in our Christmas video Santa's Had Enough. If you enjoy it please do share on your social network pages. We'll love you forever, unlike Santa.


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