Mobile Site Launched!

Today, Jokers' Masquerade are very proud to announce that our brand new mobile site has been unveiled and launched at It will feature an improved way to browse the Jokers' Masquerade catalogue of fancy dress costumes and accessories on your mobile device.

Take a look now and share what you think.

Regardless of the device that you use within the Smartphone world, you should notice an improved ability to view each product page, as the dimensions of our mobile site are specifically tailored for mobile browsing. The navigation will be simplified for specific use on a mobile phone and will give you the ability to quickly and easily drill-down to the product that you wish to buy and purchase just as quickly, if not faster than what you would be able to on a desktop machine. The mobile site features a streamlined checkout process for a quick in-and-out transaction that will be sure to save you time. Users will also benefit from touch/swipe enabled elements and images if your mobile phone has a touch screen plus optimised page speed for quick load times, making the entire ordering process, in a word... fast.

Jokers' Masquerade mobile site on Smartphone

We have maintained our high standards in Internet security and, like the full Jokers' Masquerade website uses 128-bit encryption to ensure both your financial and personal information are in no way at risk to hackers or fraudsters. Your connection to us uses a TLS 1.0, a series of cryptographic protocols that provide all communication securely over the Internet. This is designed to prevent eavesdropping and tampering. You can place your order with us at our web address on your Smartphone without fear of security issues.

The beauty of ordering on a mobile phone? Each product page will include the ability to call us with your order at your figertips. You can also easily share your chosen costume with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google Plus at the touch of a button with the handy little icons found beneath the product image. Instant feedback from your followers!

Digital Marketing Manager, Jamie Crawford shared:
"Today Jokers' Masquerade is proud to announce the launch of it's mobile optimised website. As the internet usage through mobile devices continues to rise, we feel it's imperative to give our customers the best user experience when visiting Accessed through the new mobile site gives our customers the ability to quickly access products, information and make a purchase with ease through their mobile device. The mobile site is specially tailored for smaller screens and slower internet speeds."

Digital Marketing website Econsultancy claims that some 70% of UK businesses are still yet to launch a mobile site even though mobile browsing has grown so prevalent in the last couple of years. Jokers' Masquerade are proud to be ahead of the curve in our market space and are one of the first in the world of fancy dress to unveil a mobile site for our customers to be able to place orders for their fancy dress where ever their busy life may take them. Be it on a train or during a short lunch break, you now have the ability to order a fancy dress costume quicker and easier.

Why not have a play on your mobile phone and share your thoughts below in the comments?


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