The Top 5 Awesome Santa Costumes

This December, we really want you to be kitted out the best you can be, whether it is for your office party, a festive night out or even a gruelling festive Santa run. We've taken a moment to put together what we deem to be the most fun, original and totally awesome Santa costumes that you are capable of investing your hard-earned cash into today. Take a look, chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised what is available.

Being around soft and fluffy red and white costumes for the entire month of December, it can be easy to forget that deep within a corner of our expansive website complex, a small collective of truly awesome Santa Claus suit live, waiting to be worn by those that are seeking something a little different, something away from the usual festive Santas'. If that sounds like you, read on, we have some great Santa Outfits that you will absolutely love.

Show Me The Best Santa Claus Costume Already!

Here's the Jokers' Masquerade top 5 awesome Santa costumes that will festively flock to the top of the pile for most memorable outfits you will see this Christmas season:

Santa Cool Costume

Santa Cool Costume

The Santa Cool costume includes a single breasted Santa-red jacket with white fluffy trim and a contrasting black coloured handkerchief sewn into the top pocket. We also have matching slim-fitting red trousers, Santa hat, mock shirt front and tie.

The Super Cool costume comes in two sizes and is a nice and simple outfit to throw on and wear with minimum fuss. So much so, that Fussy McFuss saw this costume and decided that it definitely wasn't for him.

We're really keen on this Santa Claus costume simply because it is so different. It literally is a Santa suit. The costume is perfect if you feel self conscience when dressing up, it totally bridges the costume and fashion divide. You will look super suave and cool and still be well entrenched within the spirit of dressing-up.

Add a beard available separately for a true festive fat bloke look.

Super Fit Santa Costume

Super Fit Santa Costume

The Super Fit Santa costume includes a muscle padded top with foam defined torso and white fluffy cuffs, a pair of matching trousers with muscle padded thighs, classic style belt, Santa boot covers, Santa hat, eye mask, white fluffy beard and a medium length cape with white trim.

The Super Fit Santa costume comes in two sizes and will transform you in to a truly super fit Santa! Obviously you don't need the muscle padding around the stomach as you already have your own set of incredible abs, a set that Lou Ferrigno would be proud of. These Santa costumes come equipped anyway.

The great thing about this Santa Claus suit is that is combines the classic styling of a Santa suit with the red and white colours and white beard, yet, it takes the superhero costume elements of the cape and rippling muscles and really creates something nice and new for this festive season. This is definitely a good drinking costume, and, conversely, also a great ensemble to wear in a Santa run if you want something far better than the freebie that you would receive on the day.

Santa Morphsuit

Santa Morphsuit Costume

The Santa Morphsuit includes a one-piece Santa styled Lycra bodysuit crafted in a delightful red colour with white on the legs to make the trousers looks just like Santa's, white round the cuffs and down the front to create the look of Santa's jacket. Simply add a Santa hat available separately to complete the desired look.

This official Santa Morphsuit is available in three sizes and is ideal for the festive season if you enjoy the snug skin suit fit. Let's put it this way, the skin-wearing mass murderer Ed Gein would have loved this.

Morphsuits have become increasingly popular over the last few years and it is only fitting that they have provided the ability for you to enjoy the skin pressing feeling of the tight lycra as well as look the part this Christmas season. Featuring a mask that is both breathable and capable of allowing you to drink though, the Santa Morphsuit makes a superb choice for Santa runs and also drinking with your mates.

One of our more popular Christmas costumes, you may notice that this outfit has received an absolute reindeer nose bag full of likes on Facebook.

Adult Super Santa Costume

Super Santa Costume

The super Santa costume includes a classic Santa hat, black coloured eye mask, Santa beard, Santa boot shoe covers, long flowing red and white cape, long-sleeve top with padded stomach, Santa belt and trousers with attached contrasting black shorts.

Our truly super Santa costumes are available in two sizes and will accommodate a range of body shapes and sizes, with the probable exception of Siamese twins.

This costume is a nice new take on the Santa suit and is sure to provide a sack-full of both mirth and outfit enjoyment. Chances are you will need to pose for a photo or two and embrace being the centre of attention if you head out into town decked out in this little number.

Do share a photo or two if you select this, we'd love to see it in action!

Bad Santa Costume

Bad Santa costume

Our Bad Santa costume includes a distressed Santa suit jacket with attached top with padded arms and stomach, Santa suit trousers with padded thighs, Santa hat with attached skull, thick belt with soft spikes and a set of gloves with the middle finger noticeably absent on the right side.

This wonderfully original Santa outfit comes in two sizes, a standard for the typical body type and extra large for the toffee lovers and rugby players.

This we feel, is pretty much the king of alternative Santa suits. We're yet to discover a Santa Claus suit that embodies the uniqueness of trying to appear as offbeat and unusual as this. The quality is also pretty good too, the trim is fluffy and is wonderfully soft to the touch, which is the flip side of the character that you will become once throwing this Santa Claus costume on, you'll be hard drinking and full of attitude.


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