Top 24 Fancy Dress Birthday Party Ideas

Welcome to our blog post taking a look at various themes that you could incorporate to create a great birthday party. Below we have taken the birthday milestones and offered what we think to be the most popular fancy dress themes along with a few unique and different ideas. You'll find links to costumes and categories that you will be able to pass on to friends so they know exactly what they need to come to your party dressed as.

Adult Fat Laughing Gnome Costume

Over on the Jokers' Masquerade Facebook page we asked our friends if they have ever had or at some point wanted to have a fancy dress themed birthday party. 100% of the responses claimed that they had either had a fancy dress birthday or really, really wanted to organise one.

Now, these results are taken from our own fancy dress page so that would suggest that there is a slight bias in favour of a pro dressing up party. It may also suggest that anyone who actually saw the post on Facebook and has not had one or would ever want one couldn't be bothered to reply. Regardless, our attempt to offer a factual, hard-hitting pie chart showing how popular the choice is has been marred simply because all we'd be showing you is an image of a large circle or, a full pie, as such we've decided to actually add a an image of one of our costumes featuring a pie, look at it there, isn't that much better that just a giant circle. Right, moving on.

Where shall we start? How about at the beginning with a first birthday.

1st Birthday Party Ideas

Take a look at our baby fancy dress category where you'll find a combination of baby and infant costumes that would all make nice additions to a first birthday party. Just imagine the photos that you can then show to your son or daughter when they are all grown up. They will be able to upload them onto their iPad 12 and show them to all their android friends. Seriously.

Continuing our 1st birthday party ideas you could always organise a film theme fancy dress party and have the baby guests arrive dressed as different characters from Star Wars for example. Popular among the mummies and daddies in the Jokers' Masquerade office is the Yoda baby costume, isn't that just the cutest!

13th Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 13 and becoming a teenager is certainly an enormous milestone, so it's no surprise that we find you scouring the web for 13th birthday party ideas. With the images of Harry Enfield as Kevin the teenager aside, we think that most 13 year old girls and a selection of boys would love to have a party with a dress-up theme. If this is the case and you are either a parent footing the bill or looking for inspiration for your 13th birthday party we suggest that you take your mouse and hover your cursor over this link to our teenage fancy dress category where you will find outfits of an appropriate size for both male and female bodies.

If we were to go out on a limb and pick a female costume that is both popular and excellent quality we would happily suggest the girls Dorothy costume as it is an official outfit & part of the Wizard of Oz range and also because it looks absolutely superb in person.

Finding an outfit for an adolescent male could be a challenging task, however, we think we may have found the ideal fancy dress costume. Have a quick look at the teen Zombie costume, it is just gruesome enough for him to think that it's cool. The great thing is you can also have them wear it again for Halloween effectively saving you buying another costume once October 31st comes round.

Disney Cars 2 Party Banner

18th Birthday Party Ideas

For those born during the 1990s is it a pretty safe bet that a fond childhood growing up with cultures that helped define the time would lead to the desire to relive the age by throwing yourself a 90s fancy dress themed costume party or night out. There are an entire range of possibilities to choose from when perusing our 90s category, go take a look and see for yourself.

A massive success back in the 90s, everyone will know that you have taken the time and effort to come to the party dressed in the The Mask costume. It's an obvious outfit and will make you look just like the green faced superhero.

Deeply ensconced within our popular 90s costume hub you will notice that we have an official womens Baywatch costume. Taken from the iconic TV show, you will look absolutely gorgeous and vivacious as a life saver.

Think we missed anything here? Share your 18th birthday party ideas with us on Twitter and we may add them!

21st Birthday Party Ideas

Could the 21st birthday be the most important of all birthdays? If you believe this to be the case then you will want to make sure that your costume is as good as it can be. You will really want to stand out and be the centre of attention. As such, one of our 21st birthday party ideas is to organise a sexy fancy dress party. Funny how typing 'sexy fancy dress' instantly provides images of a sexy party being hosted by Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.

Our pick of sexy costume is going to be one that is an absolute bargain for the price point. See the sexy convict costume and tell us that you don't agree, we dare you. It looks sexy yet it is simple and it is relatively inexpensive.

If you find yourself with a desire to go all out and price is no obstacle view our Wonder Woman outfit. It may well be the sexiest costume we stock. You will be the centre of attention is this slinky, suggestive superhero costume, that is for sure.

If you are a guy and you think that you may not necessarily look your best in a short-cut dress then consider spending a minute to scroll through our fun fancy dress category. This is where you will find the true embodiment of fancy dress costume, fun, silly and over the top is the order of the day here.

One costume that pretty much sums up the word fun is the Ostrich Rider costume. You may have seen a similar outfit in the original series of the Office when David Brent is charging about the place. This costume has everything you could want. Fake legs, an ostrich and a bow tie. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

30th Birthday Party Ideas

Advancing nine years since the last big milestone, here are our 30th birthday party ideas for fancy dress. As for a theme? Well, lets go for perhaps the most popular party theme of all currently. Our 80s fancy dress ideas category houses hundreds of 80s themed outfits for both men and women ranging from TV and film characters to 80s disco, popstar and nighclub wear.

Here's an original outfit that you might like. Back during the era of the New Romantics there was a popular tipple that is almost a parody of wine today. Made in Germany, Blue Nun was being consumed as if liquid was about to run out. Although interest waned shortly after the very early 80s, the Blue Nun costume is still a wonderfully reflective outfit that is a different 80s fancy dress costume.

Thinking back to the 80s, styles that popstars wore at the time may seem flamboyant to us today. Consider the Adam Ant costume that the singer wore in the Prince Charming music video to be an excellent example of this. With the oversized cuffs, the lacy cravat and makeup the ensemble just screams of the fashion of times.

40th Birthday Party Ideas

For 40th birthday party ideas fancy dress we had to have a really good think. It would have been an easy option to select 70s fancy dress as a decade to dress up from. However, we feel that turning 40 requires something a little more unique. So, our big party idea is the cops and robbers fancy dress theme. The range is vast, and has many different options for both men and women.

Getting on in years, lets face it, most guests attending will be married, probably not happily, but still married none the less. The good thing about our website is that we cater for such events with handy little combinations of fancy dress costumes such as the Policeman and Sexy Convict. Both costumes would fit in perfectly and look awesome on any dance floor. Ladies, if it's your birthday and you don't want to show too much skin, perhaps you think the sexy outfits are more for the youngster? congratulations. Here we have found a costume that will appeal to you. The FBI Flirt costume combines looking super sexy with showing just the right amount of cleavage. It's a gorgeous costume combination of bodysuit, cap and belt that works really well.

For a unique guys costume that comes from the police theme be sure to check out the SWAT costume. It comes in two sizes and will make you look like you know how to handle your weapon. It would look good on the arm of a sexy convict or sexy police officer.

You can find more couples fancy dress like the police costumes above in our couples category. Be sure to take a look for more inspiration.

So there you have it. Fancy dress birthday party ideas that should keep you in costume regardless of the milestone. We hope that you have enjoyed reading and that we have helped you choose a theme for your birthday party. Please take a moment to share this page to either your Facebook or Twitter page. Go on, it's the most interesting thing your friends will see today.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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