5 Classic Halloween Jokes That You Can Retweet on Twitter

With Halloween fast approaching, if you are a regular user of Twitter you'll probably be looking for some topical content to retweet. Below we have compiled five classic Halloween jokes that you can RT to your followers that will likely be conversation starters if nothing else. Have a good Halloween joke yourself? Do share. You can tweet us @joke_co_uk.

While we take this short break away from all things Halloween costume related, enjoy reading these joke tweets.

The Skeleton Halloween Joke

Jeanette Jenkins is the founder and president of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company. This tweetwas sent to her followers back in Halloween 2010, and is a classic Halloween joke that you could probably guess the punchline. Nonetheless, still worth an RT.

The Vegan Halloween Joke

We actually really like this one in the Jokers' Masquerade office. Shared with their followers the night before Halloween in 2010, VegNews Magazine have not only shared a joke that is pertinent to it's audience but is probably also the winner of most original entry on our Halloween jokes list. Share with your followers, they'll love it.

The Witch Halloween Joke

Shared on Halloween in 2011, this classic Halloween joke is about as simple as they come. It's short, to the point and child friendly. Maybe get a younger brother or son or daughter to retweet this one if they are already using twitter, or like us, retweet it yourself you still find it amusing.

The Food Halloween Joke

Here's a tweet from Madalyn Biggs in the States from early October 2012. We bet, if you asked someone to guess the punchline, they wouldn't be able to get it. This one is definitely on par with a Christmas joke you might get in a cracker, regardless, it's fun, give it an RT this Halloween.

The Word Play Halloween Joke

Youtuber Patrick Quirky shared this one on October 23rd 2012. I hadn't actually heard this one before I discovered it in writing this article. I actually think it's quite clever and feel it's definitely worth a share.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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