5 Fancy Dress Costumes To Totally Embarrass Your Stag

When it comes to the wonderful world of stag do fancy dress we really do pride ourselves on keeping a wonderfully diverse collection of costumes and outfits that will be appropriate for any number of stag party activities that you may use to torment or treat the (un)lucky husband to be. Regardless of whether you wish to get him almost naked and arrested, or, cover him up and have him beaten by an overpriced and overweight dominatrix, here you'll find whatever you need to set the tone. We believe that stag t shirts are small-time and want to help you think bigger and better. Get the groups fancy dress on and save something special for the hapless stag. Here we have hand-picked 5 of the best fancy dress costumes that will totally embarrass your stag.

Mankini Swimsuit

Borat Mankini Thong Swimsuit (Luminous Pink)

This one is already an absolute classic. If you have ever seen the movie Borat you'll know that the Sasha Baron-Cohen film popularised the garment. Following the success of Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev's big screen foray in the concisely titled Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, they have been seen on beaches, in bars and occasionally behind them in jail cells.

The pink mankini includes a one-piece outfit that is worn over the shoulders and features a comfortable pouch to nestle the boys in. The Mankini swimsuit is available in one size, so it'll fit various body shapes and sizes and will stretch where it needs to. If fancy dress is going to be a big part of the stag weekend we strongly encourage you to consider this as an option for your stag.

The great thing about this outfit is that when you bully your stag in to wearing it he will essentially be naked. A lot of guys will find this so embarrassing, you'll just have to play down how exposed he really is. Think of The Emperor's New Clothes. If it is indeed your goal to embarrass him like a dog that's just destroyed your brand new carpet with a special evacuated parcel, this is the costume to do it. It's a bargain for the price point and it is also easy to hide and conceal from him until the last possible moment. Our top tip with this and also any Mankini swimsuit is to get the stag to run and do a dare or chase after you. Make him lift his knees like Borat would when running in that wonderfully awkward way. This will likely lead to his testicles falling out. Ideal for a public place. Especially if there's police around.

Miss World

Adult Mr Miss World Costume

The stigma of dressing up like a bird seems to have been lifted a little with the likes of big, broad and burly manly men like Alex Reid, Iggy Pop and Jodie Marsh throwing on a skirt, however, there's bound to be stags out there that would be totally embarrassed if they had to slip into a slim-fitting, hip-hugging one-piece gown.

The Miss World fancy dress costume includes a delightful purple coloured dress, a set of coordinating elbow length gloves and also a sash that reads Mr Miss World. Grab a wig that'll make him look super effeminate and it's job done, unless he already has girly hair like a young Robbie Savage, in which case you can mock him for this.

Available in a one size fits all design, this outfit is great for a friend that really doesn't want to dress up as a woman. The attention they will get will be sure to fill them with shame like a disconcerted mug full of penitence and devoid of self-admiration. We like big words, they are ... good. One of the great things about this outfit, which is actually beautifully crafted, is that it has a delightful thigh high slit. So, get the Veet out, guess who's having the hair ripped from their legs. Film and add as bonus with directors commentary on the wedding video for best man points.


Condom Costume

You can use this outfit as a symbol for the sex that the stag is probably never going to have again. Once shacked by the chains of matrimony he'll have no use for a real one so you may as well mock the fact that intercourse is now a mechanical interaction only used for creating life, likely against his will. Also, you can remind him regularly that he is in fact a giant penis. Don't feel bad, it's his choice to paint gnomes and build a conservatory. Or whatever it is that married couples do. Apart from argue about paying the milk man. And cushions.

Our condom costume is a unique take on a prophylactic and is a simple costume that can be thrown over the hapless husband to be. As part of your stag party activities, this is yet another opportunity to get him wearing as little as possible increasing the embarrassment factor. Included you'll have a one-piece bodysuit that can be easily pulled on like a t-shirt and worn over the entire body. It features a couple of arm holes so that the police can easily shackle his wrists behind his back and cart him off while you get drunk with your friends.

This outfit is exclusive to Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress, and is a unique and original design created by Orion costumes. At its price, it'll put anything but a dent in your wallet, this outfit really is a bargain. Also, the condom boasts a beautiful sheen to the sheer material which feels soft and luxurious against your skin, it'll be almost like the stag is wearing nothing at all. Steal his clothes with the exception of a single sock and that'll be the case too.

Snow White

Snow White Stag Costume

Want to ruin your childhood memories of one of the worlds best loved fairy tales? It's fine, It's German anyway. I mean why would they have Prince awaken the sleeping dame? He hasn't written a decent record since Raspberry Beret. Still, it could be worse, it could have been Falco.

Our Snow White Stag costume comprises of a one-piece dress with a cute velveteen bodice, a headband to tie in his wig, choker (which is what he'll likely want to do to you once he lays his eyes on this ensemble), sexy leg garter, Snow White wig and a set of fishnet tights. The outfit is available in three sizes and will look absolutely superb with a little trashy make-up applied.

This outfit contains everything you could possibly need to create your own hideous stubbled hairy arse Snow White. For your own edification, complete your fancy dress stag monstrosity by adding a set of ankle snapping heels for him to wear and not be allowed to remove unless A. He has actually snapped his ankle(s) or B. Been arrested. And even then he should still have to do a forfeit.

Pant's With Pubes

Stag Night Comedy Costume Pants 'n' Pubes

This is a nice and simple offering that would come in handy if you're working against a budget, if the stag is indeed ginger or if the idea of nudity in any form terrifies the idiot getting wed. You can hide them pretty much anywhere as they wont take up much space and will no doubt lead to some awesome Facebook photos.

Our comedy pants include a set of manly looking swimming style trunks with padding down the front to make-up for his lack of human hose, elasticised waistband and some wiry ginger coloured hair protruding from the scrotal area.

Our comedy pants are best used, we find, in glorious sun-drenched stag weekend locations such as Russia, Iceland and Finland. In the event he turns blue you can let him know that his second costume is ginger backstroke Smurf. Obviously you don't want to kill the man, save that job for the wife, she'll do that emotionally over a number of years.

So there you have it. A generous bunch of ideas for costumes to deck your stag out in. Now you can better choose what or what not to have him wearing. Finally, make sure you have your stag location and stag party activities sorted. StagWeb are superb for this. Check out their stag party ideas for fun stuff to do on a stag weekend.


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