Weird Halloween: 5 Human Centipede Costumes From Twitter

Whoever came up with the premise for the 2009 horror movie the Human Centipede is clearly deranged. Essentially, a demented scientist kidnaps and violently mutilates three tourists in order to create his own pet human centipede. That's about as much detail as I want to go into here. I just Googled 'Human Centipede' and just seeing the DVD cover makes me feel ill.

So why this post? It's simple, the micro blogging mecca provides us with so many nuggets of entertainment that we couldn't ignore a trend that people seem to be embracing as a Halloween option: making your own Human Centipede costume. Here's 5 of the best Human Centipede costume tweets that we have found and a quick suggestion for how you can make your own.

Not Skrillex

Derrell Record, a rapper based out of Los Angeles has been creating music since about 2007 and has amassed millions of plays through the Internet and has become an accomplished recording artist.

Tweeted on Saturday July 20th 2013, Derrell shared this image as a potential Halloween costume idea. We're not sure where Derrell would have found this image, as this seems to be one of those viral photos that spreads over the Internet like warm Nutella. The earliest trace we can discover of the photo's origins seem to lead back to controversial website Ebaum's World somewhen in 2011, however, they tend to take credit for pretty much everything, rebranding it their own, so we don't want to give credit without evidence. Do you know where this photo comes from?, do share.

The photo, taken outside a rather creepy looking stone front premise is situated right next to what looks like a bar, probably somewhere in the States. We'll assume they are holding a Halloween costume party on Halloween night in either 2010 or 2011. The costume is awesome and very well done. What do you think?

Full Marks For The Pose

Twitter user and wrestling fan Wild Mark Appeared from Norwich has been tweeting on the micro blogging platform since February 2009 and in that time has amassed a decent amount of followers. In a totally irrelevant fact, he's actually been using Twitter about 99.2% longer than all other Twitter users.

Tweeted on Wednesday October 10th 2012, Mark shared this image in the build up to last Halloween. One of the earliest examples that we can find of this photo being picked-up was through the website However, like much of the content on the international network, tracking down the origin is proving to be a tough task indeed. Regardless, it's one of the best images that we have managed to discover in our traumatising foray into researching this unique costume trend.

The photo features a gorgeous woman at the head of her Human Centipede costume. It looks like she is about to tumble backwards down the stairs. On the plus side, it would appear like the carpet has been vacuumed recently in a vigorous manner and she keeps a clean house. Assuming there isn't a maid employed. A male maid. They don't have to be female, you know.


Igor Zevaka from Sydney, Australia, home of Port Botany, the 1938 British Empire Games and Decembers' hot enough to melt a brick. Our man Igor likes eating chicken, doing a bit of running and is rather handsome.

Tweeted on Saturday July 7th 2012, Igor shared this photo of his sister's friends Halloween costume combination. Under the circumstances, they look like they're having a great time. We think it's safe to assume that regardless of the time of year that this photo was taken (let's assume October) it would have been hotter than the hottest hot thing, so, they were probably feeling anything but a chill wearing this!

We like this photo because it comprises of three human bodies to recreate the tortuous Halloween ensemble. Studying this photo it makes me feel bad for their poor knees but also ponder how many times they were each asked if they had turned up to the party as a mummy before they all clambered down on the ground, wrecking their knees at the behest of someone that hadn't actually seen the film at that point.

This is an example of dedication in craft when it comes to fancy dress. Excellent work ladies, well done.

Leader Of The Pack

Twitter user Emily Gauci from Cardiff in Wales has been tweeting since March 4th 2009. She likes Joss Whedon, festivals, and summer. She dislikes cheese.

Tweeted on Saturday November 3rd 2012, the weekend following Halloween night, Emily shared this photo in a tweet of her brother's Human Centipede Halloween costume. He looks to have put it together himself using the inflatable doll method suggested below.

He's using the classic three person train like each of our favourites in this list have done, just like in the first movie, compared to the twenty or however many were brought together for the sequel, in what was described as 'one of the most repellent movies I have ever seen' in a review featured in the Daily Mail. Aye Carumba.

We find making a Human Centipede fancy dress outfit like this is a great opportunity to get your kit off and turn up to a Halloween party in your pants, and Emily's brother has done just that. Nice tattoo young man.

Middle Of The Road

User Fraser Smith is from Edinburgh in Scotland. Fraser has been on Twitter longer than 97.9% of all other Twitter users. He likes football, bacon rolls, and Phil Collins.

Tweeted on Thursday August 8th 2013, our final example of Human Centipede costume creation brings us to the only user that posed for a photo of himself in the fancy dress outfit. Also, it's the only photo that includes a real person in the middle, an uninteresting fact but a fact none the less. Fraser claims that he wore this for Halloween 2009 which leads us to believe that he pirated the movie because it didn't come out until 2010.

We love this photo, it's absolutely fantastic. Although he may not have been old enough to actually see the film at the time, he put together a costume that likely no-one else would have been wearing and proceeded to belt on his neighbours doors asking for sweets that he could feed to the first doll. Actually that's not true. We hope.

Solid costume effort.

Make Your Own Human Centipede Halloween Costume

Stag Night Doll

So you really want to do it huh? Well, if you have your heart set on creating a truly alarming Halloween costume here's what we suggest that you do to effectively and cheaply put it off.

The Train of Bodies

As seen above, it's a good idea if you are going this one alone to procure a couple of inflatable dolls. We have two (largely) inoffensive dolls that are perfect for the job. We recommend getting yourself one hen night blow up doll and one stag night blow up doll, that's one male and one female. Now, in the film the victims are clad in what looks like white rags almost. I can't be sure, I refuse to research this on YouTube, I've just eaten a Frosties snack bar and I don't want to introduce it to my keyboard.

The Look

So, trawl through your wardrobe and try and find three white t-shirts, strappy tops, vests, old bras, whatever you have. You could always hit up eBay or visit your local charity shop and get some cheap bits. Just remember they need to be small enough to go on the dolls as well as fit you, most importantly. Also see if you have three pairs of white shorts, old underwear, trousers that can be cut or, quite simply, white paint. You can always paint tops and shorts on the dolls and just rummage about through your clothes for something that will do the job for you to wear. Failing that, get some cheap rolls of bandages. It would work and it would be super cheap. Consider adding a little gel blood to really make it gory.

The Attachment

Get your Sellotape out and tape the two dolls together, then attach the lead doll to your back. You can hold it in place with a belt or with a piece of string. Tape the string to the lead doll's head and tie to a belt loop or tie around your waist. It's as simple as that. If you plan on crawling about on the floor consider getting yourself some knee pads.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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