5 New Festive Fancy Dress Fashions For Christmas

Personally, I find arriving at this time of the year to be a startling reminder of how little I have achieved throughout the warmer months and find myself attempting to cram as much into the final couple of months as I can possible muster. As far as office Christmas parties and New Year's Eve outings, there's no better way to send the year off than with some friends all decked out in Christmas costumes, mulled cider and the financial contents reaped from the back of the sofa.

Interested in what's new to wear for Christmas? Scroll down, we've some cool new lines that you'll just love.

The Elf Look

Ladies' Elf Outfit

Take a festive look at our awesome Ladies Elf outfit. It comes complete with a gorgeous red and green knee length elf dress with an attached collar and strategically placed bells fastened to key areas of the garment. You'll be happy to hear that there is also a super cute elf hat included, which really helps to complete the desired look, and finalises the ensemble nicely.

Available in four different sizes, this merry fancy dress costume is a great solution for groups or ladies heading out on the town together as it will successfully fit a range of body shapes and sizes.

Heading out to a party as a couple, and want to wear a pairing of outfits? Stop by our Elf costume category and pick one out for hubby and elf yourselves.


The Perennial Plant Look

Christmas Tree Outfit

One of the most iconic things related to Christmas that you can become is invariably something that most people will have in their homes this festive period. Our Christmas Tree outfit comes complete with a one-piece evergreen conifer shaped tunic with attached decorations and an open base so you can stroll around without fear of falling in a pine heap. There is also an adorable hat included with a star on top.

The sizing of the Christmas Tree is quite generous so it comes in a one size fits all classification. It is also a unisex costume so you can get men and women in this one!

You can find this costume and further Christmas Trees in our funny Christmas costumes category and lose yourself in the humerus world of mirthful Xmas dress-up.


The Angelic Look

Angel Outfit

Our beautiful new glamorous White Angel outfit will absolutely have you turning heads with its unique styling and attitude. Look like a Hollywood actress with this amazing costume. The outfit comes complete with a long white dress boasting dual thigh-high slits on the skirt, contrasting silver sequinned detailing around the shoulder straps and over the bodice, as well as a set of adorable angel wings and an angel halo. The costume looks stunning from behind, it appears very elegant and classy.

Our divine white angel is available in three different sizes and really is ideal for taller women and those gifted with a bust they like to show off. It also fits a vast range of dress sizes, guaranteeing that one will fit each member of the group if being worn by multiple ladies.

Love the idea of becoming an angel but not keen on this design? We have a sack load more of Angel fancy dress that will spoil you for choice. Take a look, pick out something nice, go on, you've been good this year.


The Sexy Santa Look

Ladies Santa Costume

I think this Ladies Santa Claus costume is so appealing, charming and enchanting. It's a little different from similar costumes that we have on the website and certainly stands out to me. I'm not entirely sure what it is either. Perhaps it is the modest design or pom poms. Take a look, share your opinion in the comments below! The outfit comes complete with a red velveteen hooded dress offering a fluffy trim around the skirt, cuffs and hood itself. You also get to accessorise with an oversized belt.

This delightful Miss Santa suit is available in two sizes and covers the most popular dress sizes. With long sleeves, it makes an ideal outfit for December keeping your arms warm but still allowing you to show your legs off.

Take a moment to view some of our similar and also very different Santa costume options that can transform a regular December night out into something oh so memorable.


The Babydoll Look

Babydoll Angel Costume

Completing our list we have another amazing looking angel costume that really does look superb in person. This one is the Christmas Babydoll Angel costume and comes complete with a low cut dress featuring a front pleated skirt and sequin lined shoulder straps and neckline that will sparkle when certain lights strikes them. Perfect for nightclubs. You'll also be fortunate enough to adorn the beautiful feathered angel wings as well as the angel's halo on a headband. A very sweet costume that is sure to sell out again this Christmas season.

Our babydoll is available in three different sizes and is perfect if you want to feel sexy and show a little cleavage off. Versatile and fun, even if you don't, you can wear a crop top underneath and still look absolutely amazing!


We have loads of exciting new fancy dress costumes for this year's end. Found one that you really love? Tell us about it on the Jokers' Masquerade Facebook or Jokers' Masquerade Twitter page. Have a fancy dress photo that you want to share? We'll add our favourites to the fancy dress photo gallery on each product.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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