5 Reasons To Have A Sharknado Costume Party

If you haven't heard of Sharknado then I imagine you are living in a hole, quite possibly 6 feet under. The hit television movie starring acting legends such as Ian Zeiring, Tara Reid, John Heard (yes, the Dad from Home Alone) and Cassie Scerbo has stormed the British public's screens and their hearts.

When the Syfy channel aired a no-budget TV movie, it was the most-social program on TV. At it's peak, the movie was generating 5,000 tweets a minute with a total of 387,000 social mentions.

For the two of you that haven't seen Sharknado yet, allow me to briefly describe it for you. Just remember, words alone cannot describe the true beauty that this film brings to the table.


A hurricane hits Los Angeles and it hits it hard, right in the balls infact. The brute force of this hurricane scoops giant water spouts right out of the ocean and floods the city with crazy man-eating sharks. The flesh-eaters rain from the sky everywhere you look. These are angry mother-fishers out to eat everything and anything that crosses their path during their descent from the whirlwind high in the air. We see surfer Fin with his buddies Baz and Nova attempt to rescue his wife April and daughter Claudia. A few casualties along the way and a whole lot of shark killing later the film climaxes with one of the greatest scenes ever to grace our eyes! All I will say is thank sweet Jesus for that chainsaw!

5 Reasons To Have A Sharknado Costume Party

Sharknado Costume
  • 1. The Sharknado costumes are flying off the shelves and it is easy to see why when you view them. We expect them to be super popular come Halloween. The classic Sharknado costume includes a terrifying shark costume that is chomping it's way through your body, a chainsaw so you can obviously get back out and a massive bottle of blood to really make it look as realistic as the award deserving scene does in the film. Not everyone has to be the guy that cuts himself out of the shark however. Everybody has a blonde haired, mildly attractive female friend that is willing to take their clothes off at any opportunity and will do anything for a few quid. That friend is born to play Tara Reid's character, April. If they need some extra length in the hair department and extra oomph in the chest area we recommend the Superstar Blonde Wig and the Inflatable Boobs.

  • 2. You can put the Sharknado theme on repeat all night! Have you heard the Sharknado theme tune yet? It's one of those classic songs you wish you could insert in to your life at an earlier stage. I've been listening non-stop for a couple of weeks now but I just want more! The lyrics are a work of art and stir up emotions I didn't know I was capable of feeling. Lines such as “Those fish are going to take you out” and “It's got teeth, it's got speed” really get the heart pumping.

  • 3. You can serve blood coloured drinks so any spillages just look like more death by shark. Bloody Marys, Vodka Cherry Aids and cranberry cocktails should be swished around violently, slowly turning that cream carpet a delightful shade of crimson.

  • 4. Go nuts with the shark/tornado themed decorations. Luckily for the host of the Sharknado costume party, both sharks and tornadoes are pretty easy to draw. This makes creating huge posters for all the walls nice and easy. But be careful, take advice from the movie and don't go over the top.

  • 5. If all else fails you can just watch Sharknado again dressed as all your favourite characters in Sharknado fancy dress.

There have been similar movie plots in the past such as Apes taking over the planet or snakes hijacking a plane but these films just aren't believable, they took them too far. With Sharknado there are scenes that could happen, in reality to anyone, today. There have been other shark themed movies such as Dinoshark, Mega Shark vs Mega Octopus, Sand Sharks, Sharktopus, Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3, Jaws 4, Jaws 5, Jaws 6, Jaws 7 and Jaws 8.

Is It Happening Already?

Shark on Subway

The first signs of Sharks taking over the city are showing in New York as a shark was found on the Subway. Isvette Verde boarded the underground train and noticed a fishy aroma in the air. Then she spotted it, the first sign of a Sharknado. A dead shark was just laying there under a seat. During the pandemonium a train conductor asked passengers to leave the carriage for their own safety and the flying monster could be disposed of properly at the end of the line in Queens.


This post was written by +Mike Keel from Jokers' Masquerade Fancy Dress


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