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Like any expanding company, we like to shout about our good fortunes which also gives consumer confidence in our business. Akin to our Customer Reviews page, these are newsworthy blogs, articles and updates produced by the Jokers' Masquerade Editor for publication here.


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Miss Scissorhands Costume

Pinterest is pretty cool, we tend to use it to stumble across cool fancy dress and Halloween related photos and repin them as well as use it for inspiration in creating articles just like this one.

For today's blogging foray I wanted to share with you five images that depict movie costumes that we have available right now for you to buy and wear this Halloween that look absolutely amazing and will look just as good on you for a party or night out. Consider this post a little inspiration. Ideal if you find yourself stuck for what to wear! Here's our Pinterest find of amazing women's Halloween costumes that you can rock like a fancy dress pro.

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Breaking bad costumes

Breaking Bad is now officially one of the greatest TV programmes ever to grace our teleboxes. If there are any of you out there who haven't seen Breaking Bad yet, you must lead busier lives than the majority of us and be in dire need of some quality downtime with your slippered feet resting on a raised surface. For those that still know nothing of the adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, I'll give you a very brief synopsis in a second, but my best advice would be to simply watch it.

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Carrie Costume

Brian De Palma's Carrie was originally released in the States back in November 1976. At time of writing it's about a month away from the release of rebooted version by director Kimberly Peirce, and there seems to be genuine excitement in regard to the release. I think lots of people will be interested to see if Peirce can maintain the gripping feel of the novel and indeed live up to the original movie after applying her own spin on it.

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Fox Costume

The rest of the world now knows how a few of the districts in London feel. The Fox is taking over and it isn't pretty. Luckily this one isn't an urban fox and doesn't go through your bins, it simply gets inside your head.

That's right, The Fox by Ylvis is taking over.

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Stormtrooper Mask

In creating blogs and articles for Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress for some ten years I have unearthed and discovered some strange fads, trends, and movements. In my time I have witnessed many bizarre and unusual ways which people tend to spend their time and entertain themselves. None is as unusual or as popular as sexy girls wearing a Star Wars mask, perhaps with exception of the horse mask, but that's an entirely different post altogether. Let's take a moment to examine gorgeous geeky girls wearing Star Wars masks and share a few of our favourite photos that we've found.

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Group Fancy Dress

There's only one thing better than getting a great fancy dress costume for Halloween from Jokers' Masquerade, and that's getting it for FREE! We are giving you the chance to win £100 pounds worth of fancy dress. All you have to do is take a Halloween themed photo on Instagram and tag it with #jokershalloween.

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