Dead Celebrities Fancy Dress Ideas

Here's a popular fancy dress theme that tends to peak around Halloween for obvious reasons. Regardless whether you are seeking inspiration for an adult Halloween costume or you're breaking out the dead celebrities fancy dress theme just to be different, this page will provide you with enough dead celebrities fancy dress ideas to better select a dead famous person to emulate.

Elvis Fancy Dress Costume

Elvis Fancy Dress Costume

This official Elvis costume comes with an Elvis replica designed shirt, matching trousers, contrasting coloured cape and a belt. This awesome Elvis fancy dress costumes is available in two sizes.

Judy Garland Costume

Judy Garland Costume

Judy Garland's most famous role led her to wear a Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume. The official Dorothy costume includes dress and hair bow.

Rod Hull Costume

Rod Hull Costume

Our Rod Hull and Emu fancy dress costume is a unique take on the beloved Rod Hull and puppet combination. The outfit comes with a classic blue coloured jacket and bird puppet.

Bernie Clifton Fancy Dress

Bernie Clifton Fancy Dress

The Bernie Clifton ostrich costume includes a black suit jacket with attached shirt front, bird with skirt body, shaping hoops, set of false legs, bird leg trousers and shoe covers.

Dead Celebrities Fancy Dress

Perhaps one of the most tricky fancy dress themes' that you can have for a party, the dead celebrities fancy dress party requires a little research as you don't want to arrive as someone that is still living, although that may actually be relatively amusing, it wouldn't be in the spirit of the theme.

Dead Female Celebrities Fancy Dress

Here's a taster of our dead female celebrities fancy dress costumes that we have available. Admittedly Marilyn Monroe will be a staple of any dead celebrity fancy dress party, so if that's your choice of costume to wear make sure that you really look the part and go over the top.

Famous Dead People Fancy Dress

Still looking for inspiration? Here are even more famous dead people fancy dress solutions that we have found just for you. No research required, we've made sure that they are all deceased. In the event that they weren’t already we've hired a man. That's all you need to know.

Costume Suggestions

  • Nigel - Marketing

    My favourite dead singer would have to be Falco, the Austrian mastermind behind his hits Jeanny, The incomparable Jeanny Part 2, One Year Later and also The Spirit Never Dies (Jeanny Final). Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to find a gargoyle mask to double as the vocalists mug. I'll settle for the Freddie Mercury costume and have done with it.

    Nigel - Marketing
  • Angus - IT

    The Village People encompass two of my favourite things. The first is getting dressed up with a small cross-section of my closest male friends, playing dress-up as various manly occupations and secondly, long, unkempt and inappropriately overbearing looking body hair. The Village People biker costume does this. God rest his toll-collecting soul.

    Angus - IT
  • Carlo - Catering

    I'm not very PC, so much so that I regularly make jokes about Gary Glitter and Colin McRae. If you want to be in my gang throw caution to the wind and wear the zombie Steve Jobs costume. Some people find it offensive, but where I live in Millwall I'm championed like a local hero when I get my costume out.

    Carlo - Catering

I See Dead People

Jayne Mansfield Costume

If you're not feeling content being confined to real people that have since left us, use that clicking finger to forge your way over to our film characters fancy dress hub where you can discover a plethora of characters that have been shot, stabbed and hacked apart in various ways on a rather large screen that seems to be increasingly expensive to watch.

Having left us in 2009, Michael Jackson has since become a popular fancy dress option for both men and women that admired and emulated as well as admonished and mocked. Regardless, the official Michael Jackson Thriller costume is iconic, looks great in person and is a perfect dead celebrity fancy dress option. We'd like to consider this a unisex option, so, if you're a woman, don't be afraid to also give it a go decking yourself out like Bubbles buddy.

Actress Vivien Leigh is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind. For a look that is reminiscent of the character and actress at the time, stop by our gorgeous Southern Belle dress and see if it will fit the bill of what you are seeking. We do hope so, it looks delightful.

If you're a fan of the band Slipknot chances are that you'll know that bass guitarist Paul Gray passed away in May 2010. If you'd like to pay tribute to the musician pick yourself up one of the official Slipknot costumes that we have available. Obviously not for everyone as Slipknot seem to scare some people more than GWAR in Halloween fancy dress. For the right person, however, this is a great choice of tribute.

Anything, Really Different?

So you're one of those are you? Looking for something so obscure that there's no way anyone will be wearing the same costume to the point where people will have to ask you who you are? Here's a few dead celebrities fancy dress ideas to keep you happy.

The nineteen fifties TV show I Love Lucy may not be as well known here as it is in the States, but, the character of Lucy is a well known fancy dress option for our American friends across the body of water than most yanks likely can't name between here and New York. If you dig fifties clothes consider this option. Not dissimilar to a Lucille Ball costume that may be found in the show, it's an ideal opportunity to become Lucy for an evening.

One for the chaps, not only the name of a Weezer song, Buddy Holly was a singer and songwriter that died at just 22 years of age. Considered by many a pioneer of rock and roll, he had a look that is perfect to emulate. Feast your eyes on the Buddy Holly costume, it's a perfect excuse for those guitar players among you to wander about with your instrument all night serenading the mamacitas.

It's no debate that Marilyn Monroe was one of the most attractive, famous and revered women of the 50s. An actress that is often held in a diminutive view in comparison is the stunning Jayne Mansfield. Here's an outfit that if you're clever you can use for either of these incredible sex symbols. With their looks being similar in that both we're blonde and incredibly beautiful women, consider this Jayne Mansfield costume as it's versatile, very pretty to look at and above all classier than anything you'll see at your party.

Historical Figures Fancy Dress

If you consider historical figures to fall within the dead celebrity fancy dress theme then take a look at some of these costume options. If this is more your line of thinking take a look at our medieval costumes where you'll find Maid Marion, King Arthur, and Queen Elizabeth costumes.

Here's a great one for the ladies. The Annie Oakley style costume is a take on the American sharpshooter that was so handy with firearms in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds that she found herself with a starring role in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, becoming one of the first American female superstars. Sounds cool huh?

Here's a great costume idea for a couple. If you are heading out and you want your outfits to be connected in some way consider opting for a similar style to what a Josephine costume would be and also the Napoleon costume. Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military leader and was married to Joséphine de Beauharnais in 1796. Bonaparte often sent her love letters while on his campaigns. One for a couple very much still in love, we feel.

Whilst on the heritage of our French neighbours, be sure to see the gorgeous Marie Antoinette costume. It looks absolutely fantastic in person and will be sure to grant you more attention than a French man smoking out of his ears. Consider this one an opportunity to become Her Most Christian Majesty The Queen of the French for a single night, and be sure to tell everyone too.

For something a little more gritty check out the Joan of Arc costume. If you don't know already, guess which country Joan is a folk heroine of? Perhaps you should just save time and hit up our French fancy dress category, where you can find outfits like this and more.


There's your lot, friends. Have we missed any glaring omissions to our famous dead people fancy dress article? Get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook and share, we'll add them right here. Speaking of friend face and tweetster, take a moment to share if you're organising a party, it'll give friends some inspiration to work with.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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