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We are big fans of the original and unusual here at Jokers' Masquerade. We thrive on discovering great new fancy dress and dress-up items that will transform you and your evening into something even more memorable and even more fun.

Having discovered the new range of dress shirts from Gnat Styling, and having them tick both the original and unusual boxes, we desperately wanted to share with you what they have available currently.

Gnat Man In Range Of Shirts Gnat Logo

Gnat have created a range of radically crazy shirts that will garner you loads of attention wherever you choose to wear it. They have also taken the time to bring to market an impressive and high quality range of original dress shirts that create the appearance of a very, very smart yet plain shirt. However, they carry a delightful secret beneath your jacket that you will reveal once you take it off and rest it on the back of your chair.

Here we take a brief look at the new range and what is on offer.

Gnat Styling Fun Shirt

The Casual Shirt

The casual Gnat fun shirt is a wonderful piece of tailoring, which takes a different piece of fabric for each part of the shirt, for example the collar, cuff and pocket. Together, this collaboration offers a foul looking yet fashionable garment that is such a gaudy combination that it is difficult to take your eyes away once laid upon it. Think of it in a bad movie that you enjoy kind of way. This is the SharkNado of shirts. By proxy it is amazing, it is one of the finest, bravest and boldest statements that you could wish to make with some cotton and your chest.

Each of these unique colourful shirts are available in five sizes and are totally original. With a purchase of one of these you can rest assured that yours is one-of-a-kind. No two will be created exactly the same.

You can currently pick up one of these great shirts for £29.99.
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Gnat Styling Fun Shirt

The Classic Dress Shirt

This might be one of the coolest dress shirts that we have ever seen. It looks absolutely amazing hidden beneath a suit jacket and boasts an unparalleled quality for the price point.

The Gnat classic collar shirt is made with a Marcella fabric front, which is divine to touch as a result of its fine ribbing. This is due to the weaving style in the creation of your shirt. Very cool indeed.

Similar to the casual shirt, each is available in seven sizes and will have a totally unique design with no two shirts being exactly the same.

You can currently pick up one of these gorgeous shirts for £59.99.
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Gnat Styling Fun Shirt

The Wing Collar

We absolutely adore the Gnat wing collar shirt, it is perfect for a memorable prom suit, wedding attire that will offer a surprise come time of the first dance or even a formal dinner that could use lightening up. You can be sure to be the centre of attention once you slip your jacket off and reveal the amazing patterns that adorn your arms, which you have been hiding all night.

Just like the Gnat shirt with the classic collar, the winged collared shirt features the amazing looking Marcella fabric front and contrasting red buttons on the cuffs. This is a really nice touch and helps display the quality on show.

This awesome shirt comes in a choice of seven different sizes and at the time of writing even comes with a free bow tie while promotional stocks last. Pretty cool huh?!

You can currently pick up one of these superb shirts for £59.99.
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Gnat Styling Fun Shirt

The Bow Tie

Finally we come to the finishing touch for the Gnat styling range. The item on offer that will give you your cherry on top of your ice cream, the lime wedge on your margarita, the banana to your smoothie, whatever that means. The Gnat bow tie is made from a cotton fabric that is intended to complement the crazy shirts that are also available. Never overshadowing but always improving, you can even get one for free when you invest in one of the dress shirts.

The bow tie is self fastening and available in a single size so you will save time learning how to tie it yourself and also rest assured that your tie will be unique, just like you.

You can currently pick up one of these great accessories for £4.99.
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