New Years Eve Party Ideas – What Can I Dress Up As?

New Year's Eve is always a popular time to break out the fancy dress and hit up the pubs and bars with a few choice friends dressed in something special to celebrate the culmination of the year.

If like us you enjoy the act of being on the cusp of new fancy dress fashions and picking up the latest costumes and getting decked out in an outfit before everyone else, then you're in for a treat. We have some superb new lines for you that look absolutely amazing as well as a select smattering of classic New Years Eve fancy dress costumes that will have you kitted out and lead you to the best New Year's ever.

Here's four costumes that we think will not only look super freakin' cool on you but will also provide amazing Facebook photos for you and your friends.



Take a look at our awesome Hooters fancy dress parody that is absolutely perfect for groups of girls! A sexy and inexpensive combo, you can imagine getting together a few friends and all dressing like the worlds most famous sexy waitresses and mingling around the party. All eyes will be on you, you will pose for numerous photographs, the attention will be yours. A great party outfit.

Enough Said!

Enough Said!

One of the biggest movies of 2013 was also debateably one of the worst! The TV movie SharkNado may have also single-handedly reinvigorated the ailing career of actress Tara Reid as well as given us one of the most unique costumes to grace our webshop. We are of course talking about the SharkNado fancy dress costume, coming complete with a chainsaw.



We fully expect New Year's Eve to be host to many a round of pub golf come December 31st. Beside being an opportunity to get drunk, it's also a great reason to get your golfing gear on. The Ladies Pub Golf outfit comes in multiple sizes and is perfect for kitting out the gals!

Psy Style!

Psy Style!

Need to dress smart this New Year's Eve but still want to be in character? Why not get your dance moves in check and transform yourself into South Korea's best known popstar and throw on the Gangnam Style costume, it's an absolute bargain for the price point and will look amazing on the dance floor.

Become A Superhero

Coming up with superhero costume ideas can be pretty tricky, especially if you are not that familiar with comic books. Of course everyone knows the biggest characters but sometimes it's nice to create your own character or become someone a little less well known. This will also reduce your chances of duplicating a costume and wearing the same as someone else! Take a peek at our amazing range of generic superheroes, available in an array of different colours.

Characters From Television & Film

It's very easy to feel spoilt for choice when perusing our collection of television and film characters to dress up as. Over the years we have amassed a generous amount of different characters from both major and minor, big and small screen offerings that range from cult followings to that with the widest audience appeal. Below you'll find three new outfits that are recent additions to the fancy dress market that will look great on you!

Dress For The 20s

Along with the release of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, there seems to have been a resurgence in the fascination of 1920s clothing. Namely, 1920 flapper dresses, especially when it comes to fancy dress parties, Hen nights and of course, the biggest party of the year on December 31st. Below are just three of our favourite costumes, both in style and for modest pricing. Check out the link above for a more varied collection of similar and very, very diverse outfits.

Costume Suggestions

  • Karen - Customer Service

    "Ever since I tried making toad in the hole my husband has called me Wonder Woman. He just kept proclaiming 'I do wonder woman, the oven isn't even switched on!' Ever since then I've had my eye on a Wonder Woman costume, that and a polyvinyl chloride ball gag."

    Karen - Customer Service
  • Mike - Marketing

    "New Year's Eve is a perfect time to dress as your favourite superhero. In the absence of becoming one of my own fearless creations such as DoorMan, IsleofMan and ClergyMan, I'll settle for the power of potassium and get my fancy dress on with the official Bananaman costume."

    Mike - Marketing
  • Nicola - HR

    "After discovering the fish counter in Morrisons I've been very fond of the idea of becoming a stowaway on a cruise ship and pretending I'm a seaman. Until then I think I'll throw on the Nautical Doll sailor costume and visit auntie Deloris, she has wooden floors and a beard like Captain Haddock."

    Nicola - HR

New Years Eve Party Ideas Fancy Dress Themes

Alice Costume

If you find yourself looking to organise a fancy dress party but not really sure what to set the theme as or even if you should have a theme, we suggest this: always plan a theme, if you know people that are indecisive they will fret at the idea of choosing anything and likely become quite overwhelmed. We know this because we see it all the time on Twitter. Try and make it something that offers a fair range of options for both men and women and try not to make it too precise. Black and white prohibition 1920s gangsters may be a little too specific, for example. Alice in Wonderland, however, gives many options for dress-up. Let's start there as one of our New Years Eve party ideas themes.

Alice in Wonderland

One idea that is perfect for a dress-up theme to mark the culmination of the year is to throw an Alice in Wonderland costume party. Consider your home or party venue filled with a sea of your friends wearing really cute and adorable fairytale themed outfits like our Alice costume. The topic is considerable because there's various characters with different styles of outfit available for both men and women, leaving no excuse to not dress up. You can discover some of the new and exciting costume combinations that we have available in the fairytale costumes category.

Lord Of The Rings

With the release of the Hobbit movies there has been an renewed interested in the official Lord of the Rings costumes with the most popular characters receiving a resurgence. This year as far as cool costume options are concerned it's a throwback to the awesomeness of Legolas and Aragorn. Perfect for a small group lacking women, this party theme should only require one Arwen, however, having stated that, there are a couple of different supremely gorgeous ladies Arwen costume designs to choose from.


Finally, we want to take you back to the decade of the mini-skirt, British invasion and Moon landing.

We find sixties fancy dress to be an absolute goldmine of ideas for hosting a party theme. Just think of all the great music that you can choose from that came from this decade. Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and The Jimi Hendrix Experience could all grace your stereo at your party. How cool is that? As far as the fashions of the era are concerned, ask your guests to come dressed in amazing 60s dresses that pre-date the hippie movement. Everyone will look absolute fantastic.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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