Original Book Character Costumes For World Book Day

Each year we strive to compile a collection of book character costumes that will literally spoil your kids for choice when it comes to World Book Day. We want to take out the monotony of scouring the Internet for that one costume that will really make your little one proud. So, please take a moment to see what is available and absorb the sheer amount of book character costume ideas that we have for you.

Be sure to check out our World Book Day costume ideas page, it is stacked full of costumes for both boys and girls kids to wear and celebrate the literary world.

Child Cat in the Hat Costume

Child Cat in the Hat Costume

Who doesn't love the works of Theodor Seuss Geisel? Have a wonderful time, sharing a rhyme in a costume that'll be all mine.

The Kids Cat in the Hat costume includes jumpsuit and hat.

Child Hermione Granger Costume

Child Hermione Granger Costume

Our picks for book character fancy dress wouldn't be complete without a little Harry Potter.

Our official Hermione Granger costume for kids includes a Gryffindor robe.

Child Gruffalo Costume

Child Gruffalo Costume

Silly old fox, doesn't he know? There's no such thing as a Gruffalo! There will be when they throw this outfit on.

The kids Gruffalo costume includes a jumpsuit with gloves, shoe covers and hood.

Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

A staple of every young girls imagination. At some point they will want to be a fairy, this is their chance.

The girls fairy outfit makes an ideal Tinkerbell fancy dress costume. The costumes comprises of dress and wings.

World Book Day Costume For Girls

Need a little help choosing a World Book Day Costume For Girls? Look no further, each of these book character costume ideas will be sure to stand-out over all the other outfits at school.

World Book Day Costume For Boys

To aid you in selecting a World Book Day Costume for boys, below, we have highlighted three of our favourite book character fancy dress costumes for you to take a look at, what do you think?

World Book Day Costumes For Teachers

It's great to see that the teachers get in on the act of finding World Book Day characters and dressing up as them too. Below you'll find our top picks for the best World Book Day costumes for teachers that money can buy today.

Give Me More Book Character Costume Ideas!

Child The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Costume

First off, we strongly encourage to you to get that pointing finger in action and sweep that mouse, touch pad, screen or navigational glove if you happen to be reading this post from the future when Internet navigation can be done by waving your finger in a 'no put that down' talking to a dog kind of way. Where were we? Ah yes, make sure you explore the Book Day costume ideas hub that we have for all manner of kiddies fancy dress costumes. It really should be your first stop when scouring the net for World Book Day characters to dress as.

Done that? Excellent, on with the show. Let's explore in a little more detail some of the World Book Day character ideas that you'd be a crazy to not consider. The kids Oompa Loompa costume is so iconic, that most people will know in a second who your little one is. If you child is familiar with the (superior original) musical then chances are they'd love to dress as the singing confectionery assistant. Plus, they'll get to wear face paint and kids just seem to love painting their faces. The costume is available in three sizes and is crafted to the high quality as pictured in the product image.

We don't just have World Book Day dress up ideas for the boys, we also have some superb suggestions for the girls too. The kids Dorothy costume is of course taken from The Wizard Of Oz. You may not be aware, but, before it was turned into a film in the 1930s, it was penned as a novel entitled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. True Story. Of all the World Book Day costumes for girls that we have discovered, this may well be one of the highest rated within the Jokers' Masquerade offices. We are collectively a big fan of it.

Our Oliver Twist costume will make a nice choice for what to wear. Our selection of world book day costumes for boys includes various modern characters, but this one is taken straight from Charles Dickens work of the same name. Not just famed for the book, Oliver Twist has been the subject of numerous televised and film adaptations, is the basis for a successful musical play and was the winner of multiple Oscars in 1968 after the motion picture was released.

There's a rather splendid gathering of official Roald Dahl costumes that we have amassed for you. You should definitely see what appeals to you in that category, it's a celebration of one of Britain's greatest writers!

For a more generic costume, one that is non-specific to a particular piece of writing, consider these three popular themes. First of all, pirates. For the boys, have a gander at the Pirate King costume, it comes in two sizes and will be great fun to wear. For the girls we have the Striped Pirate Girl costume, it is available in three different sizes and is an absolute bargain for the price. Both can be worn in reference to such books as Do Pirates Take Baths?, How I Became a Pirate and Treasure Island. For more like this, sail over to the kids pirate fancy dress category.

How about cowboys and Indians? Popular currently, we have the Cowgirl sweetie costume, a cute little outfit that comes in three different sizes and would look adorable accessorised with a set of guns and holsters. For the boys, one of our top costumes is the Cowboy costume with hat. Also available in three sizes, this is one cowpoke that will be fit for head of the class. For more like this gallop side-saddle over to our kids cowboy fancy dress category.

Finally, the fairytale fancy dress options that we provide will absolutely spoil your kids. Look no further than the Rapunzel costume kids size, it will transform your little girl into a beautiful princess. For the boys, we have the official Scarecrow costume for kids. As featured in The Wizard of Oz, this ensemble looks an absolute treat in person.

For more World Book Day characters head on over to our costumes for kids hub. You'll fine child sizes or many of our popular adult costumes as well as unique and original designs that have been created just for the little ones.

Think Fancy Dress, Think Book Character Costumes, Think Jokers' Masquerade

This concludes our foray into book character fancy dress exploration. We really hope that you have found our World Book Day post helpful, if so please take a second to share this post with your friends to your Twitter or Facebook page. Let's be honest, it'll be the most interesting thing they'll come across today.

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