Villain Fancy Dress Ideas For A Heroes And Villains Party

From comic books to movies and everything in-between, we've scoured the world of dressing-up to provide you with villain fancy dress ideas and suggestions for you to wear on a night out, or, ideally to a heroes and villains theme party. However, on this page, we'll be fully embracing the dark side and presenting you with only the most menacing of villain costumes to enable you to become the most revered bad guys. Not a clean-cut do-gooder superhero or baby-face protagonist in sight.

Below you'll discover villainous TV and movie characters. For more of a jailbird style villain head on over to our cops and robbers fancy dress category, where you'll find convicts, robbers and burglars. If terrorists and international criminals are more to your liking, take a peek at our bad taste fancy dress section.

Skeletor Fancy Dress

Skeletor Fancy Dress

The official Skeletor costume as featured in the He-Man cartoon includes a blue coloured jumpsuit with hood, belt, attached shoe covers and a replica Skeletor face mask.

Womens Joker Costume

Womens Joker Costume

This one is absolutely stunning!

The Female Joker costume includes a gorgeous playsuit and also a replica character wig.

Dr Evil Costume

Dr Evil Costume

The Dr Evil costume will now allow you to dress as the villain from the Austin Powers franchise.

The outfit includes top and trousers.

Cruella De Vil Costume

Cruella De Vil Costume

Our official Cruella Deville costume comes complete with everything you need to become the villainous character.

Check out the appealing dress, belt, gloves, cape and wig.

Penguin Fancy Dress

Penguin Fancy Dress

The classic Penguin costume includes a suit jacket with tails, shirt front with an attached purpled coloured bow tie, also the character's trademark top hat.

Leatherface Fancy Dress

Leatherface Fancy Dress

The great thing about this Miss Leatherface costume is that come Halloween, you could wear it again! The costume includes a sexy Leatherface style dress and a very cool chainsaw handbag.

Villain Costume Ideas

Here's our pick of the best villains taken from the big screen that make superb choices to dress as for a fancy dress party. Below, we have three of our favourite villain costume ideas, all of which would make you stand-out from the crowd at an event.

Super Villain Costumes

Don't get us wrong, it's a great idea to dress-up as a super hero. Sometimes though, it's just more fun to throw on one of our super villain costumes and be a bad guy. It's like what actors say, occasionally it's just a little more rewarding being a heel.

Female Villain Costumes

Some of our favourite comic-book villains have been recreated and are available as gorgeous female villain costumes. Just look below for three of the best fancy dress costumes that we currently have available.

Clockwork Orange Halloween Costume

Adult Delinquent Lady Costume

Adult Delinquent Lady Costume

If you've ever seen Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, chances are that you'll be able to appreciate what a wonderful piece of twisted cinema the New York native has created.

The droogs are a villainous band of thugs that enjoy nothing more that a violent crime-filled night out. For those among you that love the movie, would like to dress as a droog and are a little more feminine, you'll be glad to hear that the female Clockwork Orange costume is now available to buy and own.

Easily one of our top picks for the best villain costumes for women to wear, the droog outfit is available in four sizes and is crafted to the high standard pictured.

Our Clockwork Orange fancy dress includes a cute one-piece white droog jumpsuit with attached braces and also a cane.

Villain Costume Suggestions

  • Nigel - Marketing

    "My pick of villain costume would have to be one of fairytale's best bad guys. With big eyes, big ears and big teeth, this Big Bad Wolf costume could transform me into Esther Ranson, but no, I am a wolf, a lone wolf that eats little girls in capes rather than the old bag from That's Life."

    Nigel - Marketing
  • Nicola - HR

    "As a child, I wanted to be Medusa so bad that I unfurled a handful of worms upon my own scalp at a parent and teacher evening. I pounced on boys and screamed “turn to stone you nasty, demented boy!”. Today, as a grown woman I merely slip on my sultry Medusa costume with no need to make my hair filthy like the smelly boys I used to prey upon."

    Nicola - HR
  • Alan - Warehouse

    "My wife's nickname for me is 'Gremlin' because I've been known to snack after midnight and also buy pets from Chinese men called Mr. Wing. As a result, this unnerving connection has led me to procuring a Stripe Gremlin costume for me to wear on special occasions when fancy dress is a prerequisite."

    Alan - Warehouse

Even More Villain Fancy Dress!

Adult Catwoman Costume

We're willing to bet that most people will be familiar with Batman, even if they haven't read the comic book or seen all of the recent Christian Bale movies. Such is the popularity of the Dark Knight, that we deem it next to impossible to be able to see the names of the five costumes below taken from the Batman universe and not know at least one.

The DC comic book universe has given birth to a series of supporting characters, each offering itself as a superb choice to dress up as, and, such is the demand, that official licensed costumes from the Batman universe including his arch nemeses are readily available. Take for example the official Bane costume, modelled on the outfit as worn by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises. It just looks like a costume that a super villain would wear. The terrifying mask also makes it a great Halloween costume option.

Christopher Nolan's Batman series has featured scarily daunting Batman villains, perhaps the most famous being that of Heath Ledger's Joker. Slipping on the Joker costume, Ledger put in an incredible performance in what turned out to be his last complete appearance on film. The outfit makes a great tribute and will also allow you to become one of modern cinemas most revered villains.

Don't forget to check out the comic book Batman Penguin costume. We find this outfit is particularly handy if you need to go somewhere with an umbrella! Stay dry and maintain your appearance as a super villain!

We haven't forgotten the ladies either! Don't panic gals, we also have a couple of top villain costume ideas that will have you looking as evil as you desire to appear. The Catwoman costume is a delightfully simple outfit that allows you to show off a little cleavage and feel as sexy as Gotham's finest cat burglar. We also have an officially endorsed Female Riddler costume too! Available in three sizes, it'll give you reason to become thoroughly enigmatic.

The Star Wars franchise provides us with a decent selection of bad guys to choose from also. Men have the choice from some of cinemas best remembered characters. Look no further than the Darth Vader costume. The deluxe version of the outfit comes in two sizes and looks about as close as you could wish to without splashing out on the replica supreme edition. Finally, be sure to take a moment to see the Jabba the Hutt costume. It's a one-size fits all outfit that is inflatable and will ensure you grow large, like the 600 year old crime lord.

Still not hitting the spot? Horror movies are a great resource to find your perfect villain fancy dress costume.

If you've ever seen The Silence of the Lambs, you'd know that the Hannibal Lecter costume would be ideal, especially if you've always wanted to become a cannibalistic serial killer. The Freddy Krueger costume is another cult offering that will allow everyone to know who you are without needing to ask, and, is now available in the Miss Krueger costume offering. The same goes for our popular Jason Voorhees costume, it's an iconic part of modern cinema, and with the Miss Voorhees costume will allow you to go to a costume party as a couple.

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