5 Awesome Choices Of Leprechaun Costume For Women

You really don't need to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, do you? Let's face it, regardless of your nationality, in this country chances are that you are more likely to celebrate the day of Guinness and potatoes rather than any other saints day.

Ladies, if you find yourself wanting or indeed having to dress up we recommend throwing on one of our leprechaun costumes and going green for the evening. Or all day. It is St. Patrick's after all.

The Sexy Look

Sexy Leprechaun costume

Our Sexy Leprechaun costume is ideal for St. Patrick's Day. It comes complete with a one-piece green dress with an attached jacket, green leprechaun hat, matching bow tie, choker, belt, pot of gold handbag and white stockings with shamrock motif. It also includes cute underwear with the text 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' on the back giving you an opportunity to show your arse, if desired and also collect kisses from rugged Irish men after showing your arse, again, if desired.

This sexy leprechaun costume is available in two sizes and looks absolutely awesome in person on a person. The design is relatively simple, yet, it looks rather striking and cute when it's worn in front of you, landing at your feet like the starting point of a rainbow. Think Lucky Charms! It's good for a group of women to wear and go out together. Having said that, it will also have effect if worn just by one sexy lady on her own draped next to a bar with a pint of Guinness.

You can find more costumes like this as well as some different styles and sizes in our St. Patrick's Day fancy dress category. Stuck for what to choose? Hit us up on Twitter, we're always ready to offer some suggestions. Failing that just come say hi. We get lonely easily.

The Clover Look

Sexy Clover Leprechaun Costume

The adult size Sexy Clover Leprechaun costume comes complete with an Irish green coloured dress with contrasting black coloured short and sexy pleated skirt, an attached belt with buckle and a coordinating short jacket with long sleeves, tails and white oversized cuffs. You will need to add the mini top hat sold separately to complete the desired pictured look, however, it is relatively inexpensive for the price point, and makes for a nice finishing touch.

The Clover Leprechaun outfit is available in three sizes and is crafted to the high standard pictured by one of the leading designers in sexy outfits. The costume will fit a range of body types and is quite diverse in its uses. For example, you could always break this costume out later in the year and use it for Eurovision! This outfit is sexy, alluring and will guarantee you attention. If that is your goal this is the ensemble for you.

Fancy personalising and making the costume unique to you? Why not add a fancy dress wig and completely change your appearance and transform into someone else? Become the leprechaun!

The Babe Look

Irish Babe Leprechaun Costume

Our Irish Babe Leprechaun costume comes complete with a green velveteen long-sleeve tailcoat jacket with a golden coloured trim and attached appealing shamrock laden sexy low-cut top, matching skirt, leprechaun top hat on a hair-band and also, the all important bow tie.

The Irish themed costume is available in a single one-size-fits-all. But will only be of use to you if you are roughly a dress size 12-14. The outfit has pretty specific sizing, so, if you are fortunate enough to be able to wear this comfortably you will be in for an absolute treat. The way it looks, the way it will cling to your curves and accentuate the positive shape of your body is something that just happens. It's a great little costume. It will make you feel as good as you look.

Like this costume but not available in your size? Don't panic. You can find more Irish themed fancy dress costumes like this as well as some more diverse and more unique outfit designs in our St. Patrick's Day costume hub. You'll even find something for the guys too, which is perfect if you plan to head out together as a couple. To be sure.

The Lucky Look

Lucky Charm Leprechaun Costume

The Lucky Charm Leprechaun costume comes complete with a gorgeous green and yellow dress with a striking black trim, short sleeves, attached belt with buckle, a four leaf clover printed on the collar, plus some beautiful white stockings with buckles matching the one around the waist, offering an original look for you to wear. Stockings will always make you feel that much more sexier, so this is a great finishing touch to the outfit.

The Lucky Charm leprechaun costume is available in three different sizes and covers a nice range of dress size. The use of yellow in this costume makes it a little different, especially compared to our previous offerings that we have presented you in this post. If you have the desire to stand-out in a sea of green try this costume, you will steal the attention.

For further costumes that are specific to national days of the year, take a moment to visit our fancy dress occasions category. It may not be much use if you are in desperate need of an Irish themed leprechaun costume, but, for St. David's, St. George's and St. Andrew's Day costumes, this should be your first port of call, captain. It's ideal if you just love dressing up! Bookmark the link and come back to it when you need it.

The Sparkly Look

Female Leprechaun Costume

Our Female Leprechaun costume comes complete with a fabulous sparkly leprechaun dress. Similar to the previous offering that we have gushed over, this ensemble tries to get away from the classic green styling by using a contrasting colour to really make the garment come to life. Think of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This dress represents that. By wearing this stunning outfit you are not a leprechaun searching for your prize, you have already discovered your riches and it shows.

This sparkly leprechaun costume is available in three diverse sizes, so it is great for groups of women as it covers a range of dress sizes and body shapes. Imagine the light hitting the sequins in a club, you would sparkle and look totally amazing dancing away like the sexy and sensuous leprechaun that you can be!

If you find yourself with the desire to dress up but you don't think that a leprechaun is for you, and don't worry you are not alone, many women just want to get their fancy dress on come St. Paddy's, take your index finger and tap your screen or mouse on the link for our sexy fancy dress costumes hub. It contains all the good stuff. Have a peek.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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