5 New And Original Women's Skeleton Costumes For Halloween

The demand for new and exciting costumes come October is a challenge which we face with relish. We prepare months in advance so that you can choose from the very best fancy dress costumes that are available to the UK market. This year, we have succeeded in getting you some AWESOME original skeleton costumes! Want to take a peek at the cream of the crop? Here's 5 of our favourite women's skeleton costumes that are available for you to own for the first time, right now.

Pretty In Pink

Pink Skeleton Jumpsuit

Take a look at the Pink Skeleton costume. Unique for its appealing engaging colour, not so commonly associated with a skeleton costume, but more readily associated with charm, femininity, and romance. Sound like you? Marvellous, then this is the outfit you need.

Coming in a unique eye-catching colour, the material that the costume is crafted from is a soft and comfortable fit that proves plenty of give, this is perfect for fitting a plethora of individual body shapes, we're very considerate like that. Unlike some similar costumes, this one benefits from a back print as well as the front. It's a bright and bold design with vivid bone detail that stands-out brilliantly over the pink colour of the jumpsuit.

If you're heading out with some of the girls and you're all dressed as skeletons, you might wish to stand out in order to receive the desired level of attention that you deserve. With this costume we guarantee that you will bask in the attention of the lads. Think about it. A group of ladies wander into a dark club, all in black skeleton outfits, who's going to stand out? You, in this.

Our skeleton jumpsuit in pink is available in three sizes and also comes in a more classic black colour.

Wearing Your Heart On Your Chest

Skeleton Woman Costume

The Skeleton Woman outfit benefits from a little splash of colour. Unlike many a skeleton costume that you will discover on the web, this one borrows more of a fashionable twist with its contrasting red bolero jacket. It also makes it perfect to wear with Day of the Dead makeup.

The costume in question comes complete with a cute black coloured corset boasting a simple yet bright white skeleton print design down the front, plus, the added addition of a vivid red heart beneath the rib cage, which is a really nice touch. There's also a black knee length skirt, a red bolero jacket and a choker with a bone motif.

We're big fans of anything that's a little askew from the normal. We find this costume to be a perfect example of this. The simple addition of the jacket and the bow on the skirt helps give this outfit an identity of its own. It's not just another skeleton outfit, it has a uniqueness that goes with it. Consider this costume if you'd like to bring a bit of colour to the gloominess of a Halloween party!

The skeleton woman costume comes in three different sizes.

No Pain In The Neck

Miss Whiplash Costume

Our new and pretty freaking cool looking Miss Whiplash costume is a classic style black dress, however this one comes with long sleeves. It's a nice inclusion to be able to have the bone print down the arms, something many other outfits do not have. Features that set this one apart from others on the market today include the noticeable omission of breast exposure. The top has a high neckline, meaning you won't have to suffer guys staring at your cleavage like cavemen all night. Also, the 3D print on the dress makes this outfit stand-out an absolute mile. It looks very cool. Be prepared to receive compliments. Which are a great conversation starter.

The Miss Whiplash costume, named as such likely due to the head turning design on the front is comprised of the dress crafted from a black coloured wet-look material. We recommend including a black wig like the product image depicts, or, applying some subtle makeup to personalise your ensemble.

Opt for this costume suggestion if your aim is to stand out in photographs, this costume draws your eye to it with the remarkable 3D design.

Miss Whiplash is available in four sizes.

Día de Muertos

Day Of The Dead Costume

The Mexican holiday Day of the Dead appears to have inspired many, many women to adopt the striking, flamboyant and colourful make-up that is said to be a mark of the celebration of the lives of those that have passed. If you love the idea of dressing in a Day of the Dead costume, but are turned off by the idea of painting your face, then consider this costume option. As it comes with a hand-painted mask that will not only save you time painting your face intricately, but, you will be able to wear your own cosmetics beneath, if such a need arises for you to whip your mask off and display your beautiful face!

With brightly coloured bones, this one is vastly different to what we would class as a typical skeleton outfit. The costume includes a black coloured petticoat slip dress, a pair of black leggings with bright coloured bones, a miniature top hat and a skeleton face-mask.

Sexy, yet not too revealing, we can picture the wearer of this garment dancing in the club on the dance floor as the lights bounce off the slip, illuminating the colours and allowing you to feel as sexy as you look. We expect this line to be a popular Halloween costume idea, so make sure you get in and get yours early to avoid disappointment.

Our Day of the Dead costume is available in a single size.

No Bones About It

Bones Dress

Coming to us all the way from America, this sexy little number benefits from a low-cut top and a very short skirt. Allowing you to show off your arms, your long legs and your cleavage, the bones dress will make you feel super sexy as you flaunt your assets to the other envious party-goers.

The costumes comes complete with a black dress with deluxe screen printed design.

If your idea of a Halloween costume is short, sexy, memorable, inexpensive and allowing you to show off as much skin as is legally possible, then this is the perfect outfit for you. An absolute bargain for the price point, this outfit is a stunning and sexy strappy top mini dress with a unique and realistic looking print down the front of the garment.

The sexy bones dress is available in three different sizes.

So there you go! Our tips for which skeleton costumes we expect to be sought after this October. If you have to pick just one, which would you wear?

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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