5 Scary New Morphsuits For Halloween That You Have To See

The popularity of Morphsuits is unprecedented. Who'd have thought a few years ago that wearing a tight bodysuit would go on to become one of the most popular dressing up options? Louie Spence possibly. Louie aside, a couple of blokes from Scotland who got these things manufactured already knew the answer and today the costume craze is huge. With the range expanding, their selection of Halloween Morphsuits is receiving a decent amount of attention. As a result, here are our 5 favourite scary Morphsuits that we predict will be must have items this coming Halloween season.


Facelift Morphsuit

This limited edition outfit is absolutely awesome. It looks as freaky as anything that Morphsuits have put together for the Halloween season, if not surpassing their previous achievements for downright weird looking skin suits. Past or present, this is one of the finest.

The Facelift adult Morphsuit features an original terrifying design created with no less than 100 creepy eyes and 100 tortured faces and provides the appearance of something that, well, something that quite frankly seems like it could only come from the nightmares of Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The pattern is that of faces stitched together with the seams ripping apart presenting some evil that lay beneath. Also, the face on the hood looks not too dissimilar to that of the Iron Maiden mascot Eddie, which may or may not be intentional. With that in mind this outfit is pretty cool in our book.

As with all official Morphsuits, this one includes two zips to make make de-morphing quick and easy. This is superb, if say, you have just committed a crime and need to alter your appearance drastically, or you've just pulled and you need to get your kit off and the other party isn't into making out with the guy off the cover of Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter. We like to paint a picture.

The Facelift Morpsuit fancy dress costume is available in 3 sizes.


Mouth Morphsuit

Here's another one taken from the limited edition collection of Halloween themed Morphsuits. This suit would be perfect for a monster theme, a black and white party and of course, for looking daunting, formidable and fearsome come Halloween.

Each of our adult Mouth Morphsuits offers you the opportunity to hide your identity behind nothing more than a gigantic, menacing and frightening face. Hence the name. It boasts a cool back-print and has the detail of smaller faces on your knees. This is a very nice touch. The design utilises the neck to make the hood's mouth look enormous. It's very clever and almost reminds me of Venom in that respect, the character from the Spiderman franchise.

As with all official Morphsuits, it comes with the ability to breathe totally unimpeded and will also allow you to drink through the mask. A superb point of interest especially if you plan to consume your body weight in Magners or White Lightning.

The official Mouth Morpsuit outfit is available to buy in 3 sizes.


Zombie Morphsuit

This might just be our favourite design taken from the Morph Monster Collection. With the popularity of TV shows such as The Walking Dead and the increasing interest in such events as zombie walks and live-action zombie apocalypse games, we believe this will be a popular choice for people to wear for the fast approaching Halloween month of October.

The adult Zombie Morphsuit is memorable due to the time and effort that has obviously gone into creating this undead creature prior to the manufacturing process. The detail of the flesh ripping from the sinew around the kneecaps is something to behold in person. The jaw coming down to the chest looks superb and is an effect that (if used sparingly by Morphsuits) makes these skin-suits unique.

Using their modern printing techniques, each and every Morphsuit looks incredible to the eye by incorporating bright and vivid colours as well as the specific blend of materials used. The backprint looks just as realistic as the front. As realistic as a zombie can look, anyway.

This Zombie Morpsuit is available in 3 different sizes.

The Clown

The Clown Morphsuit

Back in 2012, Canadian artist Kyle Langlois (good luck pronouncing that one) had the idea to buy a Morphsuit to use as a canvas to create his own unique design. He sketched and he airbrushed and crafted a one-off personalised outfit. The following Halloween night he headed to a local bar and won their Halloween fancy dress contest. It was that good. Or, the other costumes just sucked. Whatever it was, Morphsuits were so impressed by this guy that they commissioned him to create some amazing designs for them to mass produce. The Clown one of them.

It's no wonder that some people are scared of clowns with the possibility of people actually wandering around wearing this and looking like something out of Stephen King's IT. Want to join in and scare some folk? Get one and wear it in April around train tracks, underpasses and Burger King car parks. Fine points to look out for that make the adult The Clown Morphsuit so memorable are details such as the blue hair on the back of the clown's head, the giant green eyes and red nose placed own over your own head on the hood, and the skulls that live on your feet. Even the clown head on the side stretches around the body and concludes on the back and shows he's wearing a hat like Willy Wonka. Downright creepy.

An official Kyle Langlois Morphsuit product, The Clown is available in 3 varying sizes.


Android Morphsuit

The last of the limited edition Morphsuits, this one, is a take on a cybernetic organism in the vein of The Terminator (sans skin), Robocop or even Bicentennial Man, but to a way lesser extent. Robin Williams is an annoying robot. Surely that's a biographical piece? Screw that, this is way cooler, way more sinister.

Okay, I'm feeling the guilt of comparing one of our adult Android Morphsuits to Robin Williams. Let's really sell this thing. The Android Morphsuit boasts photorealistic printing technology for the most up-to-date detailed Morphsuits that have ever been released. It has amazing back print and it will offer you increased strength and enable you to pull things of great value, like women. Probably. The material that covers your face is thick enough to hide your identity, but, is thin enough to allow you to still see out.

This official Morpsuit product is available in 3 sizes.

So there you have it. 5 great new scary looking Morphsuits that all make fine Halloween costume ideas! Which would you wear?

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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