Get Your French On: 'Allo 'Allo! Fancy Dress Ideas

I can remember watching Allo Allo when I was much, much younger on BBC One. I probably didn't get most of the jokes as I was too young to understand them, but I do recall liking the show though. It's one of the timeless TV programmes that seems to never get old regardless of how many times you watch it. With the show being set in wartime France, there's some great costume ideas that you can garner from the show. Here's a few suggestions for Allo Allo costumes if you feel the need to become one of the shows beloved characters.

Womens Wartime Office Costume

The German Look

The cast of Allo Allo is packed with loads of fantastic characters that are just ripe for inspiration when it comes to selecting a fancy dress character.

One tip that we like to share is that if you cannot find a costume for a character that you want to be, then it's likely there isn't an official license available. What we suggest is that you find a costume that looks similar and wear that. It might seem an obvious thing to share, but it's true. Think about it. If you search our website for a 'Private Helga Geerhart costume' you won't get the result that you are looking for. What will give you what you are looking for, however, is a search for 'wartime officer'. That outfit is perfect for you to become sexy Helga from Allo Allo. The Womens Wartime Officer costume looks similar to her uniform and will do the job nicely, don't you think?

Two characters that I think are superb are the German officers Captain Hans Geering and Colonel Kurt Von Strohm. These are the two that have wonderful interplay with silly dialogue such as: "You are combing your hair very nicely, Hans". In retort: "Thank you, Colonel. I see you have polished your head".

To pull off the German solder look of either Strohm or Geering, or even the stone faced Lieutenant Hubert Gruber for that matter, check out the German Army Soldier costume. It's not exact but it will do the job. It's perfect if you have two mates and you can all wear the same. You just need to learn some dialogue to entertain other around you.

To discover a similar army costume like this and more diverse styles and sizes, check our army hub. You'll find loads more of this kind of stuff in there for both men and women, ranging from Allo Allo costumes to modern designs that look amazing, but wouldn't fit the theme.

The French Look

The beret is a great stereotypical way to give yourself an instant French look. Although today, it is no longer as widely worn as it once was, say, around the Allo Allo era, but it does remain a sign of local identity in areas in the southwest of France.

There's a scene in the pilot episode where RAF Flight Lieutenants' Fairfax and Carstairs are on their way to Rene's café and are disguised as average French citizens. They're on rickety bicycles and are clad in onions with a beret delicately placed upon each man's head. In truth, they're not a million kilometers away from looking like this.

You can easily recreate this look relatively inexpensively with one of our berets. We have them in two colours. You can opt for either the black beret or the red beret. Personally I think the black one is more authentic for Allo Allo fancy dress. You can also throw on a set of our garlic garland, okay, it's not onions, but we're improvising here! With those two items you have improvised a pretty simply outfit. You'll find yourself probably explaining that you're meant to be one of those blokes that was hiding under the bed if other's don't assume that you've come to the party as an average Frenchman.

For more French fancy dress ideas check our hub of Francais themed costumes. You'll find all this kind of stuff there.

Your Own Look

If you plan to find a costume for a different character that we haven't mentioned you can examine costumes that we have in both our French fancy dress costumes section and also the military themed garb in our army fancy dress costumes category. We've outfits that you can amend and improvise with, in order to make your own creation. For the ladies we recommend that you scope out the Jokers' Masquerade stockings and tights section. I don't remember a single episode when you didn't get a faceful of Vicki Michelle's stockings and suspenders.

So there you go, I hope this helps give you a better idea of what you could wear for an Allo Allo fancy dress party, if such a thing does exist.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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