When Is Australia Day And What Can I Wear To Celebrate?

Australian Hat

Australia Day falls on January 26th each and every January. Usually nothing more than an excuse to drink Fosters, watch The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and talk in an accent not too reminiscent of Toadfish Ribeki, we think that it's a great opportunity to have a fancy dress party with a down under theme.

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris

Stuck for an Australia day costume to wear out to the pub? Here's one that most people will recognise!

Our Rolf Harris fancy dress costume includes long jacket with attached fake arm, orange coloured trousers and fake leg.

Sheilas Wheels

Sheilas Wheels

Australia day costumes for three women would be a solution. Remember the Sheilas Wheels commercials that included three Aussie ladies on the back of a convertible?

The Sheilas Wheels fancy dress costume includes a long pink sequin diagonal-cut dress.



Kangaroos are well known to fight in almost a boxing style. Nothing represents this better than this original fancy dress outfit.

Our Kangaroo Boxer fancy dress costume includes a jumpsuit with shorts and tail, boxing gloves and headpiece.



Australia is plagued with shark attacks, third only to America and wherever the most recent Sharknado sequel is currently being filmed.

The Shark fancy dress costume includes a one-piece shark shaped pullover.

Australian Characters

As far as dressing as a famous Australian person or character, here we have collected our favourites. From tiny popstar to deadly bushranger, these characters will transform you into an Aussie for the day. Once you have your Australia day fancy dress on all you need to do is work on that accent.

Australian Animals

Australian wildlife include some adorable native species. Since most people will probably know that the Kangaroo is endemic to Australia, okay New Guinea too if you're going to be pedantic. There's a good chance that decked out as the national animal of Australia, folk will know that you have some form of Aussie tie-in.

Deluxe Mascot Costumes

If you are having some form of event or you just happen to have the spare chance of a young Donald Trump, you might want to train your eyes upon a smattering of high-quality and awesome-looking deluxe mascot costumes.

When Is Australia Day?

Australia Day 2016 will be on Monday 26th January.

What Is Australia Day?

Australia Day is celebrated each year not just in Australia but in most parts of the world where Aussies live. Traditionally, it's meant to be an opportunity for Australians to celebrate their country and culture. Historically, the date commemorates the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson way back in 1788. More recently is an opportunity to come up with Australian fancy dress ideas and party like your heads about to fall off.

Australia Day Party Ideas

Inflatable Kangaroo

Chances are that the most common route that people will take to celebrate Australia Day will be to head down the local to get drunk on Fosters or Crown lager. If however you are looking to have a party at home or have been asked to help organise, here are a few tips for Australia Day party ideas that may just come in handy.


Think about how you want your venue to be decorated. How do you want it to look and what do you want it to feel like? You can find various decorations and party supplies that will help present your idea of an Aussie theme such as our inflatable kangaroo, which can guard the beer. Thinking of something a little bigger? We also have a pretty cool looking inflatable crocodile that can be used for decoration or indeed as an accessory for the likes of Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin fancy dress costumes.

Party Food

Apparently seafood pizza is relatively popular down under. Personally, I had never tried it before I went and stayed with a friend in Cape Town back in 2013. Let me share a secret with you, if you have never had it before, it tastes way better than you'd think. Prawns on a pizza works surprisingly well. From a pizzeria anyway, you're taking your life into your own hands with a frozen one. Of course I jest, but if you discover a great seafood pizza please do share in the comments below or tweet us.

Something that might sound a little too simple to present to guests for party food is Vegemite on toast. However, if you are preparing to feed some guests with authentic Australian cuisine, I don't think there's any harm in whipping up some V on T as it is nice and quick and since it's bread it'll be nice and filling and hopefully prevent your friends from throwing up over your curtains. With that in mind, you can find some Kraft Vegemite from Tesco which, apart from the salt content is actually quite good for you.

If you are stuck for what food to cook or what snacks to furnish your guests pallets with take a look at the BBC's Good Food Australia Day recipes. There are some gems in there like Aussie burgers, squid, chickpea & chorizo salad (which probably tastes much better than it sounds), and also Anzac biscuits.

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