Everything is Frozen!

I've managed to get away with not being doused by everything Frozen during the immediate 6 months after the release of what is likely the first of an 8 movie saga that will rinse parents of every penny that they have for the next decade. I was however familiar with the film due to Jokers' Masquerade stocking the official Frozen costumes. Recently though, I have befallen the barrage and am currently being pummelled by all things Elsa. It would appear that everything is Frozen! Here's a few recent observations that I'd like to share.

Elsa Costume

This past Saturday I went to visit my niece at her 6th birthday party in Southampton. It was at a venue that reminded me of my local community centre where I live, where as a 14 year old I would attend school-age discos and on one occasion even snuck into one via the fire doors. Let me decorate your mind with an image of my afternoon from this past weekend. A small room with sandwiches and cocktail sausages adjoined a grand hall where a disco kept the kids entertained. After venturing into the hall with a mouthful of pork it was at this juncture that I had a revelation. Kids' discos are in many ways all too similar to a fun run. There's plenty of running, a dose of funny costumes and even a spate of legs giving way and people toppling over onto the floor. Oh, did I mention it was a Frozen themed party? Parents momentarily lost their kids in a sea of blue as a wad of girls wearing Elsa costumes did another lap collectively. It was what I imagine watching the bleep test for Comic Relief would be like.

I recently took a look on everyone's favourite bric-a-brac website Amazon to see what they had in the form of Christmas present ideas. With a little browsing I discovered a connection between what seems like the majority of Frozen branded items. Here's an example of six products that I came across. Each was flagged with an icon to alert me to its popularity. There was a trend.

  • Frozen DVD - #1 best seller in DVD & Blu-ray
  • Queen Elsa Wall Decal - #1 best seller in wall stickers & murals
  • Frozen Read-Along Storybook and CD - #1 best seller in children's fairy & folk tales
  • Elsa Doll - #1 best seller in fashion dolls & accessories
  • Frozen Backpack - #1 best seller in school backpacks
  • Frozen Soundtrack - #1 best seller in film music

This tendency continues with all manner of merchandise. In the market for an Elsa umbrella, jigsaw puzzle, mosaic, hair clip, knife and spoon or box of rice paper? You're in luck, they're all available and all heading up their respective Amazon category with more sales than any similar product. It's madness. I knew that the film was huge but I didn't realise that it was the 5th highest grossing movie of all time. That will explain why Poundland has it's own Frozen section currently. So how did Frozen gain so much momentum? Here's a superb article that the New Yorker published earlier in the year may make some sense of all this.

Google Trends

I decided to take a gander at the frequency with which my fellow humans have been searching for Frozen on Google Trends. Over a year after the release of the film, and following a peak in spring time, searches continue to grow as we approach the culmination of the year. This could be a matter of parents scouring the web for presents, or perhaps it's the start of a movement that will transform into Frozen political parties, Frozen armies and Frozen warfare. Chances are it's the former.

Disney tends to create franchises that come and go. Some are welcome additions to the world of entertainment and some just hang on a little too long like the leech nibbling on Roger Moore's nipple in Octopussy. Will Frozen continue to be hammered into our ears and eyes for the coming years to the point of annoyance or will it remain beloved? Regardless, I shouldn't let it bother me, and neither should you. We should collectively agree to just Let It Go.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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