Get Excited For St. George's Day!

As always, St. George's Day will be celebrated in England on the 23rd of April as part of the storied English heritage. Sadly, the day isn't marked with the same revere or wide spread festivity that the neighbouring Irish folk do each March. We want to change that though, why can't the English get excited for St. George's Day? Still not a national holiday despite talk of it going on for years and hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook campaigning with a 'thumbs up' in favour of St George's sword carving a paid day day off in the English calendar. Would this allow the proud English citizens to hit the streets donning their St Georges Day fancy dress? Regardless, we explore a few options for you to make more of the occasion.

St. Georges Day

Hilariously, the BBC reported that St. George's Day would be a national holiday within 2 to 3 years back in 2007 after interviewing some maniac. Good one. Want to sign the most recent government petition? It might not achieve much but gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion.

Did You Know?

Up until the 15th century, St. George's Day was celebrated to the same level of importance as Christmas day. By the 18th century the celebration had waned in importance and celebration.

Fox Hunter

Fox Hunter

Our Fox Hunter fancy dress costume is a little different and comes complete with bright red coloured jacket, collar with cravat, white trousers, hat and shoe covers. Outfit is available in two sizes.

Prince Charming

Prince Charming

This superb Adam Ant costume is a great opportunity to dress as both a prince and also one of England's most awesome song writers. Includes jacket, trousers, belt and shoe covers. Costume comes in two different sizes.



The Guardsman costume includes jacket, trousers, belt and hat. Everything you could possibly need to look the part for becoming one of the Queen's Guard.

Wearable Flag

Wearable Flag

Our unisex England wearable flag includes a one piece flag with sleeves. This one is a great option if you wish to show your patriotism without wearing a full costumes. The ladies seem to love wearing this one too!



The unisex England Morphsuit includes a one-piece white skin suit with red St. George's cross. Outfit is available in three different sizes.

St. George Costume

If you find yourself in need of a St. George's day knight costume to effectively portray St. George, we have a selection of outfits that will make a suitable St. George costume, take a peek below for some of our most popular lines come this time of year.

St. Georges Day Outfits

Find below some of our other costumes that will enable you to mark St. George's Day. Steering away from dressing as a St. George knight? These items are English through and through and should purvey the message yet look a little more... original, shall we say.

St.Georges Day Accessories

Still want to join in the festivities yet don't want to make too much of an effort? This section of products is perfect for you. We have St. George's Day wigs, St. George's Day hats and St. George's Day goodies to keep the tamest reveller happy.

St. Georges Day Food

St. Georges Day Food

St. Georges Day Food

If you are looking to celebrate St. George's Day this year why not head over the the nearest carvery and have a decent roast dinner with some tasty roast beef, crispy roast potatoes and a crunchy Yorkshire pudding? It's a nice idea to support a local restaurant plus you won't have to do any washing up!

We've proceeded to have a good look for some of the finest English recipes by some of the finest English (British, Gordon Ramsay is Scottish, granted) chefs out there today. Here are our top three favourite English dishes to gobble down if you're cooking on St. George's Day.

Ploughmans salad by Gordon Ramsay is different and looks pretty tasty. The Easy Pork Pie recipe by Jamie Oliver should be fun to make. Finally, English fish and chips by Heston Blumenthal is a winner and should be tried at least once.

St. Georges Day Facts

  • Rob - Director

    If Saint George Patron Saint of England did exist, it appears he was probably born in what is now modern-day Turkey, to a Turkish father serving in the Roman army. A curious choice for a day of English heritage indeed!

    Rob - Director
  • Ian - Warehouse

    I read that despite the fact that St. George has been the patron saint of England since something like the 14th century, only something like one in five people know that St. George's Day falls on 23 April.

    Ian - Warehouse
  • Angus - Marketing

    I know that St. George's Day was officially set as 23rd April in 1222. Not bad for a Scotsman eh?

    Angus - Marketing

St. Georges Day Parade

Child Crusader Costume

All over the country each and every year there are St. George's Day parade festivities. Some of the biggest events include a St. George's Day parade in London, a St. George's Day parade in Manchester and a St. George's Day parade in West Bromwich, near Birmingham.

One of the biggest St. George's Day parades is the one held annually in Manchester.

The Manchester parade is said to include a plethora of beautifully decorated floats, musicians & walking parties in St Georges day costumes that "snake their way through the city centre in a celebration of the diversity of the Mancunian communities & culture". The Manchester event is always free to attend and has developed into one of the largest St. George's Day parade in the country and is said to attract thousands of visitors.

Why not find out if you have an event that is being held near you. If there isn't a St. George's Day parade nearby, organise one. Be proud of your heritage, be proud to be English. Be a proud party organiser! You can always get all your St. George's Day party supplies from us.

Remember, if you find yourself with nothing to do come the end of April, consider heading to a St. George's Day parade.

Get on a costume or paint your face! Decorate your house with bunting, bake a cake with a red and white cross, wear something red and white. The ideas to get involved are endless and being part of a parade will be fun and maybe, just maybe enough to be step close to having that elusive bank holiday. St. Andrew's Day is a national holiday in Scotland and St. Patrick' Day is also a national holiday in Ireland, why not England?

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