Make Yourself 70% More Attractive To Women

For the last few weeks we've been playing with some new men's suits in the office. The collection of Opposuits and Stand Out Suits have been doing the rounds in Jokers' Masquerade world headquarters and the reaction seems to be very simple indeed: these things are absolutely awesome.

You might be wondering why we've been examining suits, we work with awesome fancy dress after-all. But, as you will discover these are not your average evening wear that you can find in ASDA or even Sue Ryder if you're in a pinch, these are unique suits that will garner more attention than the buffet table at Rik Waller's house. Gentlemen, these are suits that will potentially make you 70% more attractive to women. Read on handsome.

The Stats

Orange Stand Out Suit

Women's lifestyle and entertainment website Female First published their findings from a poll back in January 2013 after asking the question of its readers which do you prefer? A man in a suit or a guy keeping it casual? According to their findings they claim that 33% of women said that they appreciate the appearance of a man in a suit and given the choice would prefer him to dress that way all the time. Perhaps a little far fetched there. Although, having said that my nephew does own a set of pyjamas that mimic a suit so maybe the look is achievable.

Want more stats? No problem padre. Glamour Magazine, whose website is ironically about as glamorous as an empty milk bottle, skimmed, put together a little article entitled 'Do Suits Make Men Instantly More Attractive?' We instantly headed to the comments section of the page like a fat bloke diving for a Belgian bun tumbling to the floor. Deciphering the nonsense and rambling, about 72% of the comments were a resounding yes. The resulting 28% was either a preference for the casual look or the comment was so unintelligible that we couldnt decipher what the hell she was going on about.

Men's Wearhouse can be considered an authority on the subject of suitage and bootage. Founded in 1973, Men's Wearhouse is one of the best speciality retailers of men's apparel in America. These guys did a little of their own research if you don't trust the women's magazines. Here's a couple of figures that may influence the way you go out dressed next time you are looking to garner extra attention from the ladies. Almost 80% of women quizzed by Men's Wearhouse answered that looks are one of the most important aspects of sexual attraction. Confirming that one of the best things a guy can do is to dress well in order to make himself easily appealing to the opposite sex. About 85% of women responded that they interpret a guy who rocks a suit to be sexier than one who is perceived to have wads of cash. Finally, the ladies that were polled (haha) revealed an interesting sentiment when it comes to men and their clothes. 63% of women found a man in a suit more attractive than one in uniform. Perhaps the illusion of the Fireman or soldier has been replace by the more palatable, more realistic well dressed man?


Testival Opposuit

Peacocking is more than something to be goofed on by awful American sitcoms. It is a tool that men can use to make themselves get noticed by the opposite sex. Essentially, it's the act of wearing items of clothing that will differentiate you from everyone else. For example, I once went out with a bunch of guys that were wearing hoopey jumpers and chequered shirts. I wore a black pinstripe shirt with the sleeves folded back and just among my cohorts stood out more than any of them because they all looked the same. Imagine this principal on a larger scale in a nightclub. We've all been there. The floors are sticky from spilt drinks, the amount of men outnumber the women by at least two to one. Groups of guys will stand in a circle clutching their drinks like babies nursing bottles. From a woman's point of view, who is she going to be drawn to visually? The 25 guys that are wearing their best white collared shirt or the guy that is wearing a loud cool looking suit?

Dressing to be noticed is known as peacocking and it really does work. The article on Examiner A Male's Secret Approach Tactic states "women are more likely to approach and will be inquisitive about your curious material choices."

Case in point when considering 'curious material choices', see the image of the guy in the test pattern Opposuit. It would be impossible to not notice him. Just looking at the picture I find myself wanting to ask "what are you wearing?" It's an opener, it's an invitation to start a conversation. It's a tool. It's a social tool is what we have here.

The Combination

We think that the combination of women finding a chap in a suit far more appealing and the unique appearance of a bright an unusual suit will fuse together and make you stand-out and declare a statement about the man under the suit.

When it comes to meeting women, if that is your goal, you need to appeal to a girls base requirements in a man. Most will likely want someone that has self-esteem rather than confidence. Confidence can be faked and all to often can come across as arrogance if layered on too thick. Self-esteem however, it's one's own worth and self-respect that you need to exhibit.

I'm not saying wearing a crazy suit is the answer to your problems if you struggle to find dates when out at your local nightclub, what I'm saying is it takes a particular type of person to be willing to wear one of these distinctive outfits. It makes a statement to others. Don't be afraid to be different and don't be afraid to dress like you're wearing Liberace's curtains. Wear an awesome Stand Out Suit and stand out!

Last year I read a great book entitled The 48 Laws Of Power by the fantastic author Robert Greene. Picture an ageing American Dominic Diamond in your head and you can almost see with your eyes closed what he looks like. Not that it matters. I just wanted to include a Games Master reference. Anyway, law 6 in his book is court attention at all costs. He cites "Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful (sic), more mysterious, than the bland and timid masses." Sound advice and definitely worth a try. Nothing ventured and all that.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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