Oktoberfest Costumes To Get You In The 'Drunking' Spirit

Regardless whether you are planning on a trip to Oktoberfest London, Oktoberfest Munich or Oktoberfest Longstanton, chances are that you will need some authentic bierkeller gear to help you get into the Germanic spirit. Here we have compiled a collection of Oktoberfest costumes for both men and women that will be sure to have you looking as good as any boisterous Bavarian!

Low Cut

Low Cut

Here's a perfect beer festival outfit for the ladies with the added touch of a flirty low cut top!

The German Girl costume comes complete with brown, green and white coloured dress with adjustable skirt and a cute Bavarian hat.

Classic Style

Classic Style

Simple, yet high quality, this outfit is an authentic fancy dress offering.

Our Oktoberfest Guy costume includes brown coloured lederhosen, white puffy shirt, Oktoberfest hat and a pair of white socks.

Sexy Look

Sexy Look

Add a little heart-on to your Oktoberfest fancy dress outfit. Fun and sexy with an alluring short skirt.

The Fever Heidi costume comes complete with a sexy dress.

Get Your Legs Out

Get Your Legs Out

Really want to stand out? If you've got the balls to wear it, this outfit will drench you in attention.

Our Mens Bavarian Beer Girl costume includes a stunning men's size dress.



This one's a little different, we love it. No skirt in sight, but, you can still get your legs out.

The Edelweiss Lederhosen costume includes beautiful embroidered lederhosen, top and a beer mug handbag.

Men's Oktoberfest Costume Ideas

Here's small taste of the selection of lederhosen themed costumes that we have. Need something similar but different? Don't fret, you can find further men's costumes that are alike in our international themed around the world fancy dress category.

Oktoberfest Women's Costume Ideas

In Germany, the traditional style of dress to wear for Oktoberfest is called a Dirndl. Here's three of our favourite and diverse styles of Dirndl dress that are all perfect to complement your chap's lederhosen.

Beer Bottle Costume Ideas

Looking for something a little different for your Oktoberfest fancy dress? Don't fancy the lederhosen? Still want to wear an awesome costume while you indulge in a little beer tasting? Here's three of our favourite beer bottle fancy dress costumes that you may appreciate. Click here for the entire range.

Costume Suggestions

  • Nigel - Marketing

    "Apparently hundreds of thousands of chickens are eaten every year at Oktoberfest Munich. I like chicken. A psychic once told me I was a cock sparrow in a former life. I'm a big fan of the Bavarian suit, I'd wear that if heading to Oktoberfest. Good job I don't have a wattle anymore. I wouldn't get the tie on."

    Nigel - Marketing
  • Nicola - HR

    "Even though I have a false leg I do like to get my pins out occasionally. I find that letting them breathe is good for the skin, that and bathing with olive oil. That's the plant and not the Popeye character. I don't think she'd like that. Not that I need a reason to drink, but, the Bavarian Beer Woman costume looks good to me."

    Nicola - HR
  • Angus - IT

    "Having worn a few dresses in my time I am fully aware about how attractive I look dressed as a woman. I've had at least a dozen drinks bought for me, been proposed to by cricketer whose name I won't mention and had to turn down several modelling contracts. With this in mind, I'd love to wear the Pink Bavarian Beer Girl costume. After all, Ian Botham said I looked divine in something dead similar …"

    Angus - IT

3 Tips When Heading To The Munich Oktoberfest


After researching the event and discovering a few of the common pitfalls, here's a few tips to hopefully help things go smoothly on your drunking expedition.

Be Vigilant With Your Possessions
Losing your stuff is a common occurrence in Munich. Not the city in general but the beer festival. It would seem that the plethora of drinking that goes on tends to dampen the brain cells and causes folk to forget and leave stuff when they are otherwise going to be needing it. The website Stylight put together a superb infographic following last year's festival showing how serious an issue it really is. Statistics included almost 1,000 items of lost clothing, over a 1,000 lost ID cards and over 300 missing mobile phones. Keep this in mind as they will charge you for returning your own property. Here's an interesting figure for you, having your driving license returned to you will set you back €10, just think, they are making 10 grand just on making sure people can drive home from the airport. Madness.

Enjoy Having A Seat? Sit Down And Stay!
This year there will be somewhere in the region of 7,200,000 visitors on site for Oktoberfest. That's roughly the entire population of Hong Kong. Even if you divide that total over the 16 days, it still works out 72 people per individual seat. Our tip? Sit down, stay, chain yourself to the spot and explore one tent per day. Unless you like a nice stand up in which case go and explore as if you're a young Phileas Fogg.

Don't Steal The Beer Steins
You might want to take one of the steins that you were drinking out of for a nice memento of your visit. That's a great idea. You can buy them on site and take them home. Whatever you do don't try and nick one. They big burly security guards won't take kindly to this and will proceed to fine you on the spot something stupid like €50. Stop and buy one. We can guarantee that the gift shop will not charge that much.

Let us know what you choose and share a photo with us on Twitter, we'd love to see!

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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