Sci Fi Costumes Inspiration! Ideas For A Sci Fi Party

A superb idea for a fancy dress theme, we think that sci-fi is niche enough for you to offer your guests plenty of costume choices and yet is not too specific, such as an individual movie with only a few characters may be. There's less chance of costume duplication that way, which, is always a concern, we find.

So, here are our collection of favourite sci fi costumes and fancy dress ideas that will see you through an evening of alternate reality, technological advances and different planets.

Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter

The Space Cadet costume is a sexy generic space themed outfit that includes a slinky silver dress, contrasting purple coloured belt, elbow length gloves and boot cuffs to wear over your own shoes.

Steve Austin

Steve Austin

Our Six Million Dollar Man costume is based on the 70s TV show of the same name and includes a red jacket and matching trousers with attached arm and leg covers.



Our Female Robot costume is perfect for becoming a cyborg, futuristic robot or even a sexy female Terminator! The outfit includes a one-piece jumpsuit and also a headpiece.



The official Terminator costume includes the characters trademark black leather-look jacket, a black coloured top, Terminator wig, pair of sunglasses and a set of black fingerless gloves.



Here's a more reserved dress up option for the ladies.

Designed in replica from the Alien movie, the Ripley costume includes a jumpsuit.

Sci Fi Heroes

Here's a smattering of our favourite official sci fi costume ideas for guys, costumes all of which will have you looking the absolute mutts nuts. Look the best you can, stand out from the crowd with these sci fi heroes.

Sci Fi Heroines

Looking to become a strong female heroine? Why shouldn't you? Below are our top picks for female sci fi characters that you can transform yourself into for the big fancy dress party.

Star Wars

The official range of Star Wars costumes is a popular choice for what to wear and has been for as long as the outfits have been available. High quality and with a plethora of costume choices, it could easily have its own themed party!

Costume Suggestions

  • Mike - Marketing

    "If I'm ever invited to sci fi fancy dress party I really want to wear the Stingray costume, due to overexertion in the gym I gingerly walk like I have wires attached to my limbs and scrotum so getting into character will come naturally."

    Mike - Marketing
  • Nicola - HR

    "I'm not really into sci fi, I prefer genres such as western, film-noir and Bolivian documentary. Having said that, I'd love to travel to space with Richard Branson and stroke his beard in zero gravity. I guess the closest I'll likely come is wearing the Space Girl costume."

    Nicola - HR
  • Rob - Director

    "I loved the Matrix when it came out, so much so that I would hang green pieces of cotton from my forehead to create the digital rain before my eyes. It does however, make me look ridiculous. Regardless, the choice is easy, I'd choose the Neo costume."

    Rob - Director

Sci Fi Fancy Dress Ideas

Adult Bionic Man Costume

Find yourself still bereft of sci fi fancy dress ideas or intent on discovering that one outfit that is absolutely perfect for you? Don't panic, we're not done yet. Below you will find even more ideas and suggestions that will inspire and get you excited about dressing up.

Let's start with some costumes that are pretty much unisex. We think that these could all be worn by men and women if the correct size is selected. What do you guys think of aliens? A staple of sci-fi movies like Independence Day, Men In Black and Mars Attacks! Also TV shows such as X-Files, Roswell and Babylon 5. They all feature alien characters in one form or another. Take a peek at the Second Skin Alien costume, admittedly this outfit aligns itself more to the side of comedy than horror with its luminous colour and cartoon like features, however it still looks amazing in person, especially in groups of three or more. The Alien Halloween costume is akin to an early 50s throwback of a horror movie character that you might catch in a black and white movie on TCM late at night. A bargain for the quality of the costume and price point. We love the mask and that it comes with matching gloves! Debatably the most famed robot man to come from TV, we reckon the Bionic Man costume is absolutely perfect for a sci fi costume theme party.

One of the biggest science-fiction franchises in the history of television, Star Trek has had a resurgence in recent years with the big screen adaptation of the story in the form of director J. J. Abrams' rebooted vision of the mythology. With that in mind, the classic Spock shirt is a nice and simple option if you find yourself not wanting to exert too much effort or just want something quick and easy to throw on at the last minute. The choice for ladies when it comes to Star Trek fancy dress has to be the official Uhura costume. It's a beautifully crafted dress with an embroidered Starfleet logo that works remarkably well bearing in mind its uncomplicated design. A simple option, you'd really just need to worry about your makeup and hair, you know, the important stuff.

Thunderbirds is a massively popular 1960s TV show that was created using puppets. More recently it was a live action movie released back in 2004. Taken from the official range of Thunderbirds fancy dress costumes, we can suggest a couple of outfits that will hopefully make you stand out at the party. The first is the Second Skin Thunderbirds costume, it's a skin tight suit that will cover your hands, feet and face all the while making you look like Virgil Tracy. It's a great option if you are not keen on dressing up as your face will be hidden and no-one will know who you are. If you want something a little less skin hugging, try the Scott Tracy Thunderbirds costume. It's based on the uniform which the characters would have worn on the original television show. It looks pretty smart in person and is definitely a memorable outfit.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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