Stuck For a Theme? Check Out The Range Of Star Trek Costumes

Since first appearing on UK TV screens back in 1969 on BBC One, Star Trek has grown to be one of the biggest ever television franchises the world has seen. That year on 12th July UK audiences were introduced to the original series, (TOS to the geeks out there) starring the likes of William Shatner, George Takei and Leonard Nimoy. Today, the rebooted movie series with Chris Pine at the helm has made it even cooler to dress like a member of Starfleet.

Regardless whether you are planning to hold your own Star Trek or sci-fi theme party in your home or even head on out with a few friends all decked out in Star Trek uniform, we have some fabulous costumes here at Jokers' Masquerade that you can wear and look absolutely fantastic in. One of the benefits, certainly for the guys when it comes to this fancy dress theme is that you can get away with just wearing a shirt and your own black trousers. With that the base of the outfit is pretty much complete. It just depends on your character and if you wish to transform your look further with a wig and or makeup.

Adult Starfleet Uniform Star Trek Costumes

First of all, the adult Starfleet uniform is officially licensed, so rest assured that you are purchasing the real stuff, the studio approved merchandise.

Let's start with the pick of strong women's characters that we have to offer. The official adult Uhura costume is a reproduction of the movie outfit as worm by Zoë Saldana in Star Trek and also Into Darkness. It would look great on a group of girls hitting the town together or just as a lone character in the midst of your own Star Trek crew. It's available in three sizes, is a sci-fi fancy dress costumes looks superb in person, is very flattering when worn and is a simple solution that won't take loads of effort. There's no assembly for example.

Speaking of the the recent big budget movies, the official adult Spock costume, which is the fancy dress recreation of Zachary Quinto's outfit looks both bold and smart. The attention to detail in the fabric pattern as well as the Starfleet logo is pretty special. It shows that there's been loads of effort put into creating each and every garment. The Star Trek costume is available in four sizes.

Perhaps you'd rather embody the original character and become the 60s most popular Vulcan in the Classic Spock costume. Designed very similar to Nimoy's Star Trek uniform as featured in the original series, it only comes in a single size but does feature and beautiful embroidered Starfleet emblem on the left of the chest.

Spock Accessories

Speaking of Spock, if you really make the costume pop and change your look further to appear as much like a Vulcan as you can you should consider investing in the official Spock Ears. They fit over your own lug holes and will successfully give you the pointed ear alien look that is associated with the famed alien race.

The official Spock wig is based on the wig worn by Zachary Quinto and easily resembles real hair and looks absolutely amazing in person. A total bargain for the price point, it will make a wonderful finishing touch to your ensemble.

Can't be bothered to put on the Vulcan ears and hide your hair? Simply wear the official Spock mask to truly alter your appearance.

Kirk Costume

Kids Star Trek Fancy Dress Starfleet Uniform

Don't forget to get the kids involved too. Here's the pick of the children's outfits that we have available.

The official child Spock costume is available in three sizes and includes a blue and black coloured shirt with silver cuffs plus silver Starfleet logo on the front. Vulcan hand gesture not included.

The official child Kirk costume is available in three sizes and includes a gold and black coloured shirt with silver cuffs and silver Starfleet logo on the front. A nice and quick way to become captain of the crew.

The official child Scotty costume is available in three sizes and includes a red and black coloured shirt with silver Starfleet logo on the front. A simple yet effective costume.

Hosting your own Star Trek Party? Check Out These Gubbins!

If you've selected your Star Trek costumes you'll need inspiration in discovering a few Star Trek themed widgets to really make the party your own. Here's what we have found for you.

Star Trek Logo

If you have indeed decided to throw your own party then you will be needing some appropriate music to keep everyone entertained with. You may not be aware, but, the original captain Kirk, William Shatner is an accomplished recording artist. He has released no less than four albums at the time or writing. Admittedly, it's pretty much spoken word novelty music, however it will provide much mirth to those who have not heard it before. You can sample Shatner's audio offerings with a Major Tom playlist on YouTube

Perhaps you're in the need of a night out with a few pals dressed like Star Trek characters. In May 2014 the Royal Albert Hall is offering the ability to enjoy the music from the most recent big screen movie as performed by the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Ludwig Wicki. Star Trek live in concert will be attended by avid Star Trek fans and should be pretty cool, especially if you really dig the new films.

Need some Star Trek pictures to turn into place mats, liven up the walls as posters or to decorate a monitor background or two to make it fit your space theme? Try the Official Star Trek website database section, where they have absolutely loads of images that you can do loads of fun stuff with.


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