Tips For Hosting A Hippy Theme 60s Party

You may have been invited to a 60s theme soirée or organising your own, regardless, it's great fun to get decked out in 60s fashions and party like it's 1965. Use this handy guide for hints, tips and thoughts for what to wear and how to keep friends entertained.

If you have your organising hat on, and hats were prevalent back then, let's face this capped reality. Read on past our awesome what to wear section and you'll find how to throw the liveliest party since England won the World Cup.

What Can I Wear To A Hippy Theme Party?

What to wear? There's actually more choice that you might imagine. Where as hippy fancy dress may well be the order of the day, there are many other 60s fashion statements that you can throw yourself into to really stand out. We'll look at a few, including the hippy options, because we do have some really cool looking outfits.

60s Girl

Let's start with the ladies and the plentiful choice of 60s style dresses that we have available. The 60s shift dress was a fashion statement that was super popular at the time. This style of dress, still widely availabe and worn today looks wonderfully appealing in retro colours and designs. Take a look at the 60s Girl costume in pink and black and also the 60s Girl costume in black and white. It's the same dress just in different colours, handy if you want to wear one each with a friend and retain your individuality. If the style appeals but the colour of the pattern isn't doing anything for you, take a moment to lay your eyes on the Go-Go Girl costume, it's a slightly more lively multicoloured dress that's really quite endearing and looks perfectly suited to the era. For an ensemble that's a little brighter and far more kitsch in its use of pattern stop by the Zig Zag Go-Go Girl costume, the purple, black and white colour scheme won't be for everyone, but for the right lady or ladies it's a look that definitely grabs your attention and if that's your goal, consider this your solution.

For the guys we recommend 60s fashion in the form of a character. There's loads to choose from in our 60s costumes category, here's a few that we think look particularly good and would work exceedingly well.

The 1960s most suave, decadent and handsome secret agent is a man whose middle name is danger. Get ready to pull all the women because the Austin Powers costume is a quality suit that feels amazing to the touch (encourage it!) and is easily recognisable with a little work on your impression. It looks superb and is an absolute bargain for the price point. A great 60s character and a great choice for what to wear.

The 60s puppet show Stingray originally aired during the middle of the decade and is best remembered, certainly for me for it's closing 'Marina' theme. I also seem to recall it being aired on BBC Two. Anyway, the lead character in Stingray was Captain Troy. If you remember the show and would like to look pretty freaking smart, the Stingray Troy costume may just be your calling. Take a look for yourself, it's pretty unique looking.

On New Year's Eve 1967, Evel Knievel had a spectacular crash on his motorbike when attempting to jump over the Caesars Palace fountains in Las Vegas. He unsuccessfully landed the bike after making most of the 141 foot jump before everything apart from his head snapped pretty much upon landing and left him in a coma. One of the greatest daredevils of all time the Evel Knievel costume is definitely a symbol of the decade although his fame continued to rise during the 70s. His notoriety came from the decade before.

In 1964, A Hard Day's Night was released at UK cinemas and featured this Beatles costume in the movie. Synonymous with the 60s, all but one of The Beatles studio albums were released in the 1960s. A great costume option if you have three friends with floppy hair.

We also have a great selection of hippie fancy dress costumes that you could wear at the party.

Comprising of both funky-ness and groovy-ness, we have male and female outfits in a range of styles and various sizes. Check out the Womens Rainbow Hippie costume with its bright and vivid colour scheme and also the Mens Tie Dye Hippie costume, both will leave memorable impressions, that's for sure.

If you find your hairstyle doesn't match your togs then you best do something drastic to award yourself 60s hair. This is essential if you wish to match the effort that you have gone to with your outfit. Stop by our 60s wigs category and pick out a nice wig that will complement your costume. We recommend choosing one that is a different colour from your own hair to totally transform your look.

Hippy Party Ideas


Beatles Costume

The music of the decade is almost worth having a party alone. An amazing era for tunes, you won't struggle for awesome songs to fill the air in your house, that's for sure. Regardless of your musical tastes you can be sure to fine something online that you'll at least be able to endure.

Here's a super fun Sixties Medley from YouTube that we have found for you. It includes a nice hour-long blend of music from Frank Sinatra, Percy Faith and The Skyliners to The Turtles, Frankie Valli and Tommy James and the Shondells. This is what I would class as classic 60s music, the really old sounding stuff, not that there's anything wrong with that. This playlist might be better suited for the older crowd, or if you want to play something different.

To play the really cool stuff at your party check out the 60s station at, it includes a random smattering from artists such as The Beatles, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. Literally just click on the play button and it will randomly play the coolest tunes.


To make your party authentic you'll be needing some grub to keep your revellers happy.

We suggest laying on a little buffet of food that people can help themselves to, food that is easily available today and you can make with relative ease, yet, would have been eaten and enjoyed back in the 1960s. Try small and tasty meatballs, scallops wrapped up in bacon creating gorgeous sweet and salty parcels, cocktail sausages, and, in what is easily the most American food that no-one seems to have ever had in this country before, the delicacy that is meatloaf. Not the signer, regardless how much you'd like to put him on a plate and carve him up.

There's a Gordon Ramsay recipe that someone seems to have taken from the Channel 4 series Kitchen Nightmares, you have have a look and see if it's something you'd like to try making on the Meat Loaf Is Fine blog, which features the recipe.

You can find a nice selection of food to cook in the 60s recipes section of Retro Housewife. Munch like buttered broccoli, oatmeal fruit cookies and toasted pumpkin seeds is very American based but still good stuff to try if you have the time available.

60s Movies And TV

Like any influential decade, there are loads of movies and TV shows that you could screen at your pad, baby. One idea, one that I actually quite like only really works if you have the space. Those of you with big houses or making the effort to expand the party outside may wish to opt for this choice of party entertainment. Unless of course you're going to shut the lights off and ensure everyone's attention is on the TV, cinema style, otherwise people will be coming and going and talking over the action on the box. Here's what you do. In one room, say the conservatory if you have one. Set up a TV and DVD player and give the option if guests are mingling about to stop and watch the television. My suggestions of movies include the first (and best) James Bond spoof Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery, the modern gangster crime drama American Gangster and also Yellow Submarine, the 1968 animated musical flick based on the music of The Beatles. That covers comedy, drama and a musical. A nice smattering that covers all bases.

If you'd like to have some 60s TV showing here's a brief list of 60s shows that you can easily acquire DVDS' for or find online and stream: Happy Days, Heartbeat, The Wonder Years, Mad Men, Rock & Chips and Hi-de-Hi! To name just a few, and are all absolutely awesome entertainment solutions.

60s Cocktails And Drinks

Tom Collins

White Russian

Tom Collins, besides being a guy that I went to school with is a quality, refreshing and relatively simple drink to make. Invented something like 100 years previous before it's popularity of the 1960s, the drink is said to have been popularised following the recipes publication in the 1876 edition of Jerry Thomas' The Bartender's Guide. Our Tom Collins is made with gin, sugar, lemon and soda water.

  1. Pour one large shot of gin into a glass, about 60ml for a nice rich taste.
  2. Drop in some crushed ice and a tip of a teaspoon worth of sugar to sweeten.
  3. Slice a thin piece of lemon and add along with a top up of soda water.

Our tip is, if you really want to add a zesty taste is to squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top of each drink. About 10ml will be plenty to give a unique burst of flavour.

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned is the drink of choice for Don Draper, lead character in the TV show Mad Men. This simple fact led me to try one at TGI Friday in Reading last year, it was awesome. Here's how you can make one at home. Our Old Fashioned is made with bourbon, Angostura bitters, club soda and a cherry!

  1. Drop half a teaspoon of sugar in a glass, mix with a couple of dashes of Angostura bitters.
  2. When the sugar has pretty much dissolved pour yourself a shot of bourbon into the glass. Jim Beam is perfect.
  3. Add loads of ice, drop in the cherry and top up with club soda.

Our tip is to make the effort to find a bottle of Angostura bitters. It's available in Tesco and it really works well with the bourbon.

White Russian

This is actually one of my favourite drinks, I discovered it following a viewing of the movie The Big Lebowski and happily have one whenever the opportunity arises. Our White Russian is made with vodka, Kahlúa and skimmed milk.

  1. Pour yourself a shot of vodka in a small glass.
  2. Add a shot of Kahlúa and mix.
  3. Drop in some ice and top up with milk.

Our tip is to use a small glass because you don't really want to be drinking too much milk. Also try not to mix drinks. As I discovered chasing one of these with a Southern Comfort and lemonade. You don't feel great, trust me. A couple of these though, they are absolutely magic.

A great resource for finding inspiration for 60s cocktails and drinks can be found on the Mad Men website. Mad Men, AMC's amazing television show set in the 60s offers a wealth of resources that you can use to stimulate your imagination and gain ideas from, simply by watching an episode, be it style, hair or even drinks. Be sure to stop by the official Mad Men website and view their cocktail guide page offering up loads of drinks ideas that will be perfect for keeping your guests liquefied at your party.

So there you have it. Think of something that we've missed? Planning on hosting your own party? Have a tip of your own to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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