Tips For Hosting A Star Wars Theme Party

Regardless of whether you have been invited to a Star Wars theme get-up or are indeed planning your own shindig, consider this article an awesome tool to help prepare you for the night ahead, be it as guest or organiser. From May the 4th party to birthday bash or even just a good old excuse to get drunk, think of this as a checklist of stuff you definitely should do.

Here we've collected Star Wars party ideas to keep folk entertained, Star Wars food to stuff your friends faces, games you can play and also some of the very best Star Wars costumes money can buy today. What more could you possible need?

Star Wars

What To Wear To A Star Wars Party Theme

There's plenty of choice for what to wear to a Star Wars theme party. Even if you have never seen the films and are just playing along with the chosen subject matter, there will more than likely be something as part of the official range of costumes that will appeal to you.


X-Wing Pilot Costume

If you're looking for something a little different to wear this may well be the costume for you. One of the movie industry's most famous antagonists from the original trilogy of movies, the Jabba The Hutt costume is closely recreated with inspiration taken from the slug-like character. This one is unique as it is a self inflating fancy dress costume. You wear a small battery operated fan inside the costume and the outfit will grow around you crafting the appearance of Jabba's huge size.

We love this costume, it looks truly cool in person and is a little different to the more popular Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker costume choices. The official Star Wars X-Wing Pilot costume includes everything you could possibly need to be at the helm of an X-Wing Starfighter. It even comes with the really cool helmet.

Chaps, if you have the money to spend we recommend that you take a look at the Boba Fett costume, it looks utterly amazing with its moulded armour pieces. It is a collectors edition recreation of the bounty hunter's outfit and is the best quality official Star Wars costume that money can buy.


There are plenty of options of Star Wars fancy dress for the kids available. Some of our favourites include the Darth Vader costume kids size. The interminably menacing character loses none of its effect when scaled down to a mini me size offering. Perhaps one the kids can wear it as an escort for dad in the full size costume. It would make a great photo opportunity.

Do you have a girl that demands a costume that is a little unusual? We have something that may well appeal. Take a peek at the official Angry Birds Princess Leia costume. Although only available in a single size, it does give a simple dressing up option and will appeal to the girls if you are finding it a struggle to get your little one in an outfit.

Let's finish on a popular one, here's a character that's easily recognisable and is an outfit that will be fun for the boys to wear. The second best known Darth, evilly sandwiched between Vader and Sidious, the Darth Maul costume kids size is a fabulous outfit and is an absolute bargain for the price point.


Princess Leia Costume

If you are heading to the party as a couple and you want your costumes to be in tandem, there are a few options that will allow you to show the other guests that you are together. One option that we think works famously well together includes characters Anakin and Padme played by Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman. The Anakin Skywalker costume is a simple yet effective outfit that will transform you into a Jedi Knight with minimal effort. It would look superb on the arm of a lady wearing the Padme Amidala costume. Another simple costume in its styling, it's recreated using the designs as featured on screen. A stunning, sexy and slim fitting outfit, we love how this combo works together.

If you desire a more classic look for you and the other half to go out in look no further. Our Han Solo costume is Harrison Ford's outfit from the 70s. It was more recently given some TV exposure by Family Guy's Peter Griffin in their intergalactic parody. It goes beautifully with the ladies Princess Leia costume. Featuring a sexy thigh high slit, this outfit looks amazing in person. It's perfect if you want to get your legs out.

Are you a couple that enjoys a good fight? Perhaps you'd appreciate the great 'good versus evil' divide by donning the outfits that represent the two main characters over the entire first six movies. We have a rad female Jedi Knight costume that is crafted to a flattering design, has a cool look and is the perfect opponent for the guys costume. Speaking of which, here's the official Darth Vader costume, a nice complement to the aforementioned Jedi outfit.

Star Wars Party Ideas


For some Star Wars music to accompany the evening take advantage of this YouTube playlist that we have discovered for you. It's the entire Star Wars First Trilogy Soundtrack. Assuming you haven’t smashed up your computer and now only own a tablet, simply turn the speakers up on your computer and set that playlist on its way. There's something like 6 hours of music taken from the first three original films to set the scene.

Do you have more money than you know what to do with? Consider hiring a Cello Duo to play music live. We found these guys on the premier musicians website. They will come to your party and play the Star Wars theme on cello for a predetermined amount of time for you. What more could you ask for in a live performance? For your edification, they can also perform the Eastenders theme tune, Frosty the Snowman and also the Schindler's List theme if you feel like crying yourself to sleep.

What Star Wars Food Can I Feed My Guests?

As part of your Star Wars theme party you might as well go the extra mile and attempt to arrange some intergalactic themed bites to eat for your hungry Jedi and Sith Lords.

Something that caught our eye as far as Star Wars food is concerned when creating this article was a simple yet very cool appliance that was unveiled just prior to Comic-Con International 2009. Now, you might not really want to offer your guests toast after the effort they have gone to with their amazing costumes, but perhaps you can create some Welsh Rarebit or even Crostini if you’re a bit adventurous. We are of course alluding to the Darth Vader toaster that will toast your bread in the shape of Vader's helmet. You can always carefully cut out the helmet shape and use it as the base for your cheese on toast or do something a little more fancy. Either way, it's a nice and simple idea that will offer you Star Wars themed food. It's not advanced or classy but so what? It fits within the theme!

Seeking inspiration that's a little cheaper? Don't panic, you can get yourself a set of Star Wars cupcake stencils for a fraction of the price the toaster will set you back. Including stencils for the logo, Darth Vader, StormTrooper and Yoda, these will easily enable you to decorate your cakes and make them look fantastic. You can always stick to your favourite recipe and simply apply the stencilling to keep the treats within the theme.

Okay, we hear you. You want recipes, inspiration for actual meals to cook. Here's something that we have found that may well offer you the guidance that you desire. In 1998 there was a publication released entitled The Star Wars Cookbook promising the guidance to teach you how to create "Wookiee cookies and other galactic recipes". You can still get hold of the book and find a bunch of fun foods to create including C-3PO Pancakes, Twin Sun Toast and Yoda Soda.

Come up with some Star Wars recipes yourself? Do share, don't be greedy.

Awesome Star Wars Party Games To Play


So you've got your Star Wars costume, you've hired your cello duet and attempted to create some Star Wars food, now what? Let's see what Star Wars party games we can get everyone having a go at and have fun playing. Here's a couple of our favourites:

Star Wars Pictionary

This one is great if either your friends have loads of artistic ability and, also if they have none at all. You'll either be left with these amazing pictures artistically created with care and attention or, a drawing pad full of laughable intergalactic stick men. You'll need a drawing pad and pens. You could also print out pictures of a dozen or so characters from the movies that those who will draw can work with if they are not familiar with the character in question or are struggling to recall what they look like. Simply take turns drawing a character on the pad after randomly taking a character from the list of printed pictures. It is the job for the other guests to guess who is being drawn. Set a time limit and give rewards for correct guesses or forfeits for really poor drawings.

Star Wars Quiz

Group your friends into pairs and have yourself a pub quiz of sorts. The quiz website Sporcle is great for nicking party quiz questions. A simple Star Wars search will provide you with dozens of quizzes already created by the site's users that you can use. Quizzes include topics such as name the character by quote, name the Star Wars planet by its description (good luck with that one) and fill in the blank. You can offer a prize for the most correct answers. Nice and easy and always super fun.

So there you have it, our thoughts and ideas for what you can wear, what you can eat and what you can do whilst having a grand old time at your own Star Wars theme costume party. Do you have tips of your own? Hit us up on Twitter or share below in the comments, we'd love to hear.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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