Top 5 Costumes Spotted At The World Cup

The 2014 World Cup will be remembered for two things. The first is the sheer amount of goals spectacularly poked in between the posts. The second is the collective of nutters in fancy dress that have made their way to Brazil and dressed as if each and every game was a carnival. Here's a top 5 favourite costumes that graced our TV screens during the South American soccer tournament.

Hear Me Raucous

Even the rain couldn't dampen the spirits of both nations as the clouds swelled and emptied themselves over the stunning 45,000 seater stadium before and during the group A clash.

This image was snapped during the match at the Arena Das Dunas in Natal as Mexico took on Cameroon.

One Cameroon fan came to the match equipped with an intimidating lion face mask. This same guy was later spotted in an enormous green afro wig and looked to be having an absolute ball even though his team eventually fell to the mighty Mexicans in a close encounter.

Give Me Four

This photo was taken before the culmination of the group C game at the impressive Arena Pernambuco in Recife.

In Japan the frog is considered a symbol of luck and good fortune. It would appear this was disproved as the Japanese team crashed into an Ivory Coast defence that saw the Asian nation lose the game 2-1.

This Japanese fan pictured wearing a massive frog fancy dress costume may well have faired better at the aforementioned Cameroon game, with its amphibious qualities in all.


We're not quite sure who looks more crazed, the zebra or the guy to the right of the image. This one was taken during the group F game between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina at Estádio Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro.

We feel sorry for the fans behind this guys huge zebra head. Unless tickets were already issued with a restricted view warning, of course. A great sight to behold on TV in the crowd, the zebra's side went on to win game 2-1.

Enter Your Own Witty Title Here

These guys also featured in the crowd for the group C Ivory Coast game which saw the aforestated giant blue frog viewing from the stand.

Supporting their home team of Japan, we join these football fans wearing something that looks like a cross between a bowling pin, a cadaver's thumb and the World Cup. Exactly what they are meant to be, well, we can guess, but it'll likely be wrong. Regardless, these fans were unmissable when viewing them on TV and looked to be having a grand time.


This may well be the greatest and most original fancy dress costume to be seen anywhere near a football pitch. Absolutely ingenious sporting costume idea. This photo of football sticker fancy dress has been seen not just on TV during the game but also spotted in papers, magazines and websites all over the world.

The Dutch had much to celebrate following their 5-1 win over Spain in both teams opening group B game at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador. These World Cup sticker themed outfits was just one more reason to root for the best nation to never win the World Cup.

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