Watchet Festival 2014: Become Dead Famous!

It's time for Watchet music festival, where thousands will be invading west Somerset just like the Vikings before them at the port. It's true. Viking tried to conquer Watchet multiple times, take a look in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, they probably have back issues etched on tree bark, or better still, check out Watchet museum while you're there. Where were we? Ah yes, unlike the Vikings, this invasion will be for one of the best boutique music festivals anywhere in the country. Let's get you excited for Watchet music festival, and let's find you a costume for the Dead and Famous costume theme.



Our Braveheart fancy dress costume includes a suede-look waistcoat vest top with studded detailing, a blue tartan kilt, faux suede shoe covers to craft the look of weather warrior boots, wrist cuffs and also a nice long flowing Braveheart wig.



The Zombie Glee fancy dress costume is based upon the Sue Sylvester Glee character. Outfit includes a red tracksuit style top with attached latex baseball motif (probable cause of death), matching trousers and a whistle to annoy everybody.

Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson

This superb Lord Nelson fancy dress costume will give you a chance to look dashing and smart. The outfit comes complete with navy coloured jacket, white trousers, a stunning hat with attached hair, bright red sash and service medals.



Our Exorcist fancy dress costume is based upon the possessed character Regan from the horror movie The Exorcist. Outfit includes a replica gown plus realistic looking character wig.



Even superheroes are no match for the undead! The official Zombie Robin fancy dress costume comes complete with a muscle padded jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, contrasting yellow coloured cape and also a zombie Robin face mask.

Men's Costume Ideas

Chaps, what would you like to dress up as for this year's festival? It's a tough choice isn't it? Here's a few of our favourites that all employ a musical theme that we think you just might like.

Women's Costume Ideas

Ladies, festival season is upon us and you're going to want to look your best for this year's Watchet music festival. Struggling for ideas of what to throw on? Here's a few that we like.

Celeb Face Masks

Masks make for an easy costume idea. Simply wear some of your own clothes that will complement the mask and find a hole to insert a straw into so you can drink in character. Job done. Here's some masks that you might like. We also have more celebrity face masks, if you'd like to see other mugs.

Costume Suggestions

  • Mike - Marketing

    "I love kicking old men up the arse. I got the idea from Father Ted. I've done at least six men this year. This means it makes perfect sense for me to dress as the late Dermot Morgan in a Priest fancy dress costume."

    Mike - Marketing
  • Nicola - HR

    "I love the idea of being surrounded by seven little men. As a result my idea incorporates Snow White, death and an orgy of fancy dress. I think the Snow White zombie costume is different, original and will cling to my curves like a spider on the windscreen when you illegally speed up the M6 toll."

    Nicola - HR
  • Angus - IT

    "Being a large father at a height of 7ft 1” and amassing no less than eleven kids (enough for a football team, sometimes I curl free-kicks round them in the garden), I think that the Big Daddy wrestler fancy dress costume would be perfect for me. "

    Angus - IT

Watchet festival Costume Ideas

70s Popstar Costume

First of all, get yourself over to our dead celebrity costume article. We created it before Watchet announced Dead & Famous as the 2014 fancy dress theme. It contains an absolute plethora of fancy dress ideas ranging from recently passed pop stars to classic actors and icons throughout history. There'll be something you'll love, we guarantee it!

We recommend that you have a good look through our music fancy dress costumes hub, that's where we store all manner of pop and rock stars both past and present. Although you may well wish some were no longer with us, you can bypass the breathing bringers of tuneage and sort though the deceased to discover artists that appeal to your dress sense. We have a nice smattering of both male and female costumes. Feel free to cross dress, we promise not to tell your mum, especially if she voted for UKIP.

You'll also want to get your pointing finger working by taping the screen or nudging the mouse and depressing the button over our television and movie fancy dress category. We keep a vast offering of actors and characters from screens both big and small here.

Our Top Three Tips For Winning Sunday's Fancy Dress Contest

  • Don't be afraid to throw yourself into a costume that isn't necessarily you. If you think about it, you'll be at a festival with thousands of people that will likely never see your stunning face again. Plus, if you use a device such as a fancy dress wig, your identity will be well and truly secure. We promise officer!
  • If you can't find a Jim Morrison costume why not pick something from that era that looks similar and wear it to become Jim Morrison? For example our 70s Rock Star outfit would make a great outfit for you to become Mr. Mojo Risin'.
  • There are prizes for both individual and family fancy dress. So, don't be afraid to turn your dressing up idea into a group one. Think of a family dressed as John Lennon in Sgt. Pepper gear. It would be sure to stand out more than one lonesome Lennon. Ask yourself would your group dressing up stand a better chance at winning than you as an individual? We think there'll be more individuals than groups. Why not take a chance and get your dad involved too?

Watchet 2014

Watchet Festival

To grab yourself the Watchet 2014 line-up flyer click here. To get yourself or your family tickets for the festival, if you haven't already, that is. Drop by the Watchet festival website and get sorted.

Artists performing at Watchet festival 2014 include:
Bellowhead, Toploader, Boney M, Geno Washington, Bad Manners, Bay City Rollers, Dub Pistols, Land of The Giants, Red Hillbillies, FARRA, Tankus The Henge, The Ohmz, Company B, R.S.V.P, Bar Steward Sons Val Doonican, Joywride, Ned'The Kids Dylan, Abdoujaparov, Lunatrix, N.U.M.B, One Eyed God, Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs, Thinker, Leatherat, Abi Ewles, Darren Hodge, Jess McAllister, New Groove Formation, Stevie One Bloke One Mandolin plus house band The Wurzels

When is Watchet 2014?
The 22nd, 23rd and 24th August 2014.

Watchet 2014 ticket prices:
Youth Weekend Tickets - £30 to £45
Adult Weekend Tickets - £45 to £60
Family Weekend Tickets - £120 to £150
Day Tickets - £17 to £60

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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