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Over in the States Ohio University's Students Teaching About Racism in Society group also known as STARS has been campaigning for the last few years in regard to what some people may refer to as risqué dressing up. They are exploring the act of wearing stereotypical, racial and ethnic themed fancy dress worn on Halloween and how it may be deemed as somewhat insensitive toward ethnic groups. It's an admirable exploration into the thinking behind what folks wear come Halloween. Asking questions like what kind of reaction am I try to elicit from other people and do I care if it offends anyone?

Were Not A Costume Poster

Such is the world we live in and with the advent of total and utter ball-breaking that Internet idiots like to bestow upon the universe, the work of the students has become a target of parody. To be perfectly honest, it is absolutely hilarious. Now, don't get us wrong, we think the work of STARS and what their efforts are aimed at doing is great. In asking people to question what they are going to wear for Halloween and fancy dress costume parties, especially in America where racial tensions seem to be so high seems to be a fair thing to promote.

Pictured to the right is an example of one of the campaign images that STARS released a few years back. It's message is pretty simple. A young guy with Mexican-American heritage is holding up a poster with the, believe it or not, actually quite popular Hey Amigo Mexican costume displayed upon the front. The idea of the campaign is to question if you are effectively making fun of his heritage in doing so.

So with the serious subject matter in mind, take a moment to peruse a few of our favourite We're Not A Costume parody images that we have found over on the Jokers Pinterest page. Please remember, it's meant to be light-hearted and no offence is intended. Enjoy.

The Amazing Spiderman

Please don’t ask us to locate the origin of the photo featuring the woman in the Spiderman suit. You won't be the first to ask, numerous male employees have asked if we can source more images of her in various cosplay garments and costumes. We've no idea.

I really appreciate the little things in goofing on something and the attention to detail in the hand on this piece of artwork deserves to be commended. Whoever put this one together did a great job.

There's a few really great similar images like this that have been created in Photoshop/ botched in Paintshop and murdered in Microsoft Paint. Continuing the superhero costumes theme some of our other favourites not listed here include Poison Ivy, Batman and Skeletor.

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Mario, You Know, Luigi's Brother

The original Mario image featured in this parody is taken from the video game Mario Hoops Wii. Here's an interesting piece of trivia for you. No less than 10 video games featuring Mario were released in 2013. That's almost one a month. Utter madness.

Despite what you are thinking, and you are, admit it, we haven't included this parody image simply because it includes mighty adult movie star Ron Jeremy lying provocatively on the deck dressed in a Super Mario costume. Okay, its part of the reason, but the artwork is definitely complemented by the appearance of 'The Hedgehog'

Other awesome computer game fancy dress images that you can discover include Sonic, Resident Evil and more Super Mario ones that you could wave a memory stick at.

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The Elephant Man

You may notice a trend of the posters getting progressively more absurd from this point on. No-one is safe when it comes to this meme. Even animals are game when it comes to the merciless mocking. I'm not entirely sure, even after studying images of elephants for longer than should be necessary, but, I do believe we have a very tired looking, aged, grey and worn down elephant. The animal looks knackered too. In all seriousness, it appears to be an African elephant holding a poster of a guy wearing an Elephant fancy dress hat. What more could you ask for?

Before you ask, no we don't sell the hat, don't be so lazy like the chirpy chap in the image, invest in an entire outfit and benefit from the merriment, mirth and amusement. I ran out of words starting with m to describe exuberance. Can you tell?

Some other images boasting animal fancy dress that really amused me include cats, so many cats, Pikachu (kind of an animal), and a grizzly bear.

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He'd Have To Bust Himself At This Point

I sincerely hope that you have seen Ghostbusters otherwise this one will be totally wasted on you. Released in 1984 Ghostbusters is an amazing film that feature the late Harold Ramis as Dr. Egon Spengler, the nerdy, geeky lovable scientist. He's also the least probable to actually have a girlfriend out of the three original Ghostbusters. I reckon so anyway.

The pictured Ghostbuster costume in question is a popular official fancy dress outfit that you can find right here on Jokers' Masquerade. An Awesome couples costume idea for a man and woman that want to go to a party dressed similarly. Simply get one of these and one of the guys ones. Job done.

Other TV and film fancy dress imagery that made me grab my sides as if Noël Coward had just quipped something biting and hilarious included dopey images featuring Grandpa from the Munsters, Pee-Wee Herman and Elmo from Sesame Street.

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The Fallen Madonna

I really like this parody and I'd like to think that most people would get it even if lacking a modest knowledge of Catholicism or religion. A little more cerebral than our previous parody posters and not a hint of fancy dress in sight, I've included this one just because I think it's absolutely ace.

Admittedly we don't quite have a Madonna costume like the one pictured, although you could recreate the look by sucking on an acorn dipped in earwax and by pouring an ink cartridge down one of your Fruit Of The Looms'.

Other 80s costume posters that tickled me included cameos by Mr. T, Chuckey and Zangief from Street Fighter.

I learned something in researching this article that could well help you with a pub quiz. Madonna is the signers real name. I thought it was just a moniker like Prince, Lady Gaga or Pele. She was born Madonna Louise Ciccone back in the 1600's. Please send half of all winnings from any correctly answered questions on Games Warehouse machines. Thank you and godspeed.

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