What Should I Dress Up As For Download?

Each June Download emanates from Donington Park in Leicestershire where, since 2003 it has been the UK's premier rock and heavy metal festival. Replacing Monsters of Rock which was held at Donington between 1980 and 1996, it's not unusual to see some crazy costumes over the weekend. Not bowing to having an annual theme like other festivals, we take a look at which costumes would be good to wear while trotting down a racetrack on your way to see Thunder …

So you've ordered your Download festival tickets that will likely turn up 20 minutes before you leave because Ticketmaster are rubbish and should be beaten with damp pieces of kindling. You've scouted out the bands that you’re going to see and have shopped around for beer that you can hide in your boots because you can't handle drinking Tuborg for another entire weekend. What else can you do? Well, if you've been to Download before you'd have noticed that some people dress up. One thing that you have to admit is that you always notice the people in fancy dress. They're always posing for photos and usually get themselves on the Download website. If you want some attention, take a costume with you, plus you can get yourself some great photos.

Our Advice For Download Costume Shopping

Deadpool Costume

I've been to Download a few times and one of the most annoying things I find is having to carry a plethora of supplies such as tent, water and inflatable penis (to smack your friends on the head with and wake them up with in the morning) from your car to the middle of a field. It's normally so far away that you could set the Volkswagen Beetle parked a little too close next to you on fire, strap rockets to the sides, smash smoke bombs through the rear window and yet by the time you get to camp you can't see as much as a particle of smoke or hear screaming that their black lab asleep on the parcel shelf.

  1. Make it lightweight
    Choose something that you can either ball up or fold into a really small space. You don’t want to be forgetting or leaving out something because the wings from your Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey costume take up just a little too much room in your rucksack. We suggest something like a Morphsuit, which is light and can be folded up to the size of a pair of socks.
  2. Choose a costume that is inexpensive
    Download festival weather is as reliable as the toilets being emptied by 7am. Let's face it, at any time of the day you're taking a bit of a gamble, but first thing, you don't know if you're going to get recently emptied or if you're going to be adding to the pile. Urgh! So if there's even a remote chance that it could rain, back on topic, why not choose something that isn't going to cost you a load of money. Everything else does already, why not be thrifty with your dressing up? Take a ganders at our cheap costumes hub. It's where we secretly store all of our sale gear.
  3. Get your mates involved
    It's always more fun when there's a group of you. I'm not sure if they still organise it, but previously they used to hold a 5-aside football contest on the Thursday for slightly drunk people who are already wearing mud like a heavy metal suit of armour. Once before I've seen a team of guys dressed in bananas and everyone that was watching was cheering them on. So don't ask your friends, tell them you're dressing up. And set one day when you're all going to do it together. See our group costume ideas section for inspiration.

Mexican Sunday

A few years ago my friends and I decided to partake in some Mexican food on the Sunday at Download music festival. I think it was the year that Soundgarden and Black Sabbath played. We only had 3 day camping tickets so the tale I'm about to share isn't as impressive as if we'd been festering in a field since the Wednesday.

Download Main Stage

One guy, who will remain unnamed because his anonymity is very important and I would never besmirch our friendship, his good name or ever want to embarrass him, was tucking into some tasty overpriced nachos. Mark Stroud from Newbury loves nachos and as he fed upon the wholesome Mexican goodness that his sustenance provided him, we found our eyes meeting over the cheese and beans. We simultaneously had to seek (and destroy) the toilets. Now, this would have been my first visit of the weekend, if you know what I'm saying, after a full 3 days on site. I myself was in the salle de bain a little while. Upon returning to my friends I noticed Mark Stroud was nowhere to be seen. As time passed we assumed that he had been hunted and eaten by (fine young) cannibals. He returned sometime later under a shroud (not Stroud) of boxerless chaos. It turned out that he had such an ordeal that he had to use his own underwear to tidy himself due to the lack of bog roll being available.

Ever since we celebrate Mexican costume Sunday. If you see us on Sunday evening clad in sombreros huddled round the Mexico delicacy food outlet in the main arena ask Mark (he looks like the wrestler Bobby Roode) if he still has his underwear on this time. Thank you.

There you go guys, hope that helps. If you need help finding a costume for Download hit us up on the Jokers' Masquerade Facebook or Jokers' Masquerade Twitter page and we'll sort you out. When it comes to ideas we're full to the brim, just like the contents of Mark's underwear.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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