What To Wear To An American Themed Fancy Dress Costume Party

You might think your costume choices are quite limited for what you can wear to an American fancy dress party. In reality however, there's a massive selection of characters, personalities and professions that are all synonymous with the States. Here's our top picks for what to wear. Need more help? You can find more in our American fancy dress section

50s Drive In Diner Girl

50s Drive In Diner Girl

Here's a classy example of patriotism that is simple yet amazingly effective. Our 50's style Drive In Diner Babe comprises of a lovely pink coloured dress and also a really cute hat.



Our America Morphsuit comprises of a one-piece lycra suit with hood crafted in a United States flag design. An official Morphsuits product, this one is guaranteed to garner you loads of attention.



The Nascar Driver outfit is an original outfit design and comes complete with a really cute and appealing spandex catsuit and body harness belt. This one is definitely practical if you're the designated driver.



Our novelty Mens Boobies costume parody includes a top with attached breasticles and a pair of trademark baggy orange shorts. A superb outfit choice for the right crowd.

Miss America

Miss America

The Women's Captain America costume includes a cute dress in the fames red, white and blue of the United States and also a face mask.

American Football Fancy Dress

Even though America's favourite sport may have stolen its name from a form of less violent sporting competition, it still remains a pretty cool option for dressing up especially when it comes to sports themed outfits and also American costumes.

Womens American Costume Ideas

Coming up with American costume ideas can be tricky if you don't know what you are looking for or are bereft of what our neighbours over the Atlantic are up to. Here's a few of our favourite outfits that the ladies can wear. You can find more in our American fancy dress section.

Mens American Costumes

Here's a few of our favourite men's American themed fancy dress costumes that all represent the stars and bars and will leave you looking the finest dressed at the party!

Costume Suggestions

  • Mike - Marketing

    "I have a lot in common with George Washington. That's the former president and not the guy that invented peanut butter. We're both proponents of neutrality, we both like riding horseback and both enjoy wearing breeches crafted of a fine brown wool. As a result, I'll opt for the George Washington costume."

    Mike - Marketing
  • Nicola - HR

    "Being in a baseball batting cage reminds me of the the fenced off area that I once had to live in for 3 days after I got bitten by a rabies infected Mandrill. Fondly, I'd like to dress in a Baseball Girl outfit and focus on the USA party and forget being fed through a window."

    Nicola - HR
  • Nigel - Marketing

    "As a big fan of all things American, one of my favourite pastimes is cattle roping and trail riding. Unfortunately it's a little hard to do that where I live. It's more cow tipping and trail mix. Which I also happen to enjoy. I think the American GI costume is swell and I would wear that."

    Nigel - Marketing

Give Me More American Fancy Dress Ideas!

Police Woman Costume

Let's take a look at some American fancy dress ideas for the guys first. Why not be a little different and steer away from what the obvious choices are. You can rest assured that someone will think of dressing in a Captain America costume, so why not take a different slant? We think that classic American characters that shaped the States into becoming what it is today would make a welcomed change.

Even if you are not familiar with American history, chances are that you will have heard about the American Civil War pitting the Confederacy or the 'South' against the 'North' also known as the Union army. You might think of the guys that do the war re-enactments, only, the Confederate American Civil War costume can be used for getting drunk in and for fighting in the pub against your archenemy from the other half of the States. Get a mate in the Union American Civil War costume and shoot each other from behind the fruit machines. These outfits are definitely a little different and will likely make you stand out from the typical characters. You should also take a peek at our Colonial Man costume. It's in the same vein of the founding fathers and like those guys, it features lots of buttons, lots and lots of buttons.

For the ladies we're going to focus on some law enforcement garb that will essentially allow you to carry around handcuffs and leave people attached to radiators, bar stools and maybe even a headboard if desired.

First off see what you think of the Sultry Sheriff outfit, it's a sexy number that has been crafted in what I can only describe as a Reno 911 beige. It's available in multiples sizes and is short and sexy. For a police officer costume that's a little less 'Nevada' if you will, take a look at the American Police Woman costume. I almost picture this outfit as a sexy New York or Boston uniform being worn around the station by a stunning, slinky and sexy officer of the law. The contrasting blue and black works strikingly well together. Lastly is what my idea of a sexy female traffic cop should be. Our American Traffic Cop costume is a stunning ensemble that is definitely memorable and will get you loads of attention. If features a low-cut top and beautiful pleated skirt. This costume even comes complete with handcuffs, as if you need another reason to buy it.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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