World Cup 2014: Dress To Support Your Team

The World Cup comes round once every four years. If you really follow football this will come as no surprise to you, however, if you are required to dress up for a football party and you don't really follow the sport, this may be a welcome development. Regardless of your excitement about the tournament, you can't deny that it provides a superb opportunity to get your fancy dress on.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

This will be the first World Cup to incorporate goal line technology! No more Frank Lampard nonsense like we saw in South Africa. 14 cameras will be set up at each stadium just to monitor the goals. The referee will be alerted to a goal by his vibrating watch.

Wear The Flag

Wear The Flag

What better way is there to show your patriotism that become your nations flag?

This easy costume solution comprises of a 90cm x 150cm wearable England Flag costume that transforms you into a walking flag! Very simple to put on and take off, this item is one of the easiest ways to show your support!

Become The Ref!

Become The Ref!

This is a great dress-up idea for the ladies. It's short and sexy and allows you to be impartial.

Here's the official Playboy Referee costume it comes complete with a one-piece black and white stripy referee dress with sexy tie-front, a refree's whistle and also a sweatband with the official Playboy logo.

Become A Legend

Become A Legend

Can England replicate the success of 1966? Lets ask that question again in July. You can now become a parody of one of 1966's best players with this retro footballer outfit.

The Bobby Charlton footballer costume includes a pair of football shorts, red football shirt with contrasting white coloured collar and also a comb-over wig.

World Cup Morphsuits

A great way to support your team, we have a World Cup Morphsuit for most of the major nations that are competing, and also Australia. Simple to wear and also super fun, you can drink whilst wearing them and you won't get hot.

World Cup Superheroes

Become a superhero to support your country this tournament by adorning the colours of your country. Perfect for this heady task are our awesome superhero outfits. They come in a plethora of colurs with a few of the most popular below.

Fun England Stuff!

Can England win the World Cup? They certainly can, whether it actually happens is another matter totally. Regardless, be prepared and get kitted out with some fun stuff to support the team. Hats are always a winner if you don't fancy getting dressed up. Here's a few of our favourites.

Three Lions Fancy Dress Ideas

Macho Lion Costume

Assuming that it is indeed an England themed football costume that you require, apologies if you are looking for something else. Do feel free to send us a quick tweet on Twitter and we will be more than happy to point you in the direction of an outfit that will have you and your fellow fans rallying around the TV set late one night as the sun beats down in Rio.

We're all about unique costume ideas here at Jokers' Masquerade, and, we've had a think about what England supporters might want to wear while watching England play in this tournament. We asked ourselves what embodies the England spirit, what represents the national football team? Finally it occurred to us. Three lions. The badge is furnished with the mighty three lions, so below are our three favourite three lion costumes that are all perfect for having an England football top thrown on over the top.

We can picture this costume with an England flag over the top looking absolutely amazing. It would be perfect for three mates to all wear this, effectively becoming the three lions! The photo opportunities would be incredible.

Our Macho Lion outfit is pretty cool, it includes a top with a muscle padded torso, paws that cover the hands, shoe covers, a tail and even a furry hood with ears.

This one is a deluxe quality outfit that almost looks like mascot quality. Perhaps more for an occasion with kids about, as this one certainly lacks the roar of the previous offering, meaning you won't scare them. With a cute and smiling face, this lion is more likely to hug you than kick lumps out of you in the penalty area.

This Deluxe Lion outfit comes complete with a one-piece jumpsuit with feet and hand covers offering the appearance of paws, pockets in the trousers and also a lion headpiece with giant eyes and a fluffy mane.

Need a quick and easy fix that wont put a dent in your Panini sticker fund? Check out this lion costume. Not far off being a onsie, it does exactly what it needs to do, it turns you into a lion and it leaves your face open so you can still get drunk regardless of the result!

The Lion suit includes a furry brown jumpsuit with a white fluffy stomach, a zip-up front for easy access to the garment plus an attached tail.

Thanks for reading! Are you looking forward to the World Cup? Can you think of any ideas that we've missed? Do share. You can find more sport themed fancy dress and also animal fancy dress costumes similar to the costumes featured in this article elsewhere on the webshop.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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