What Are Some Good Costume Ideas For Groups Of Five People?

I can recall numerous tweets over the Jokers' masquerade Twitter account from people just like you requesting fancy dress ideas for a group of 5 people. If can be tough finding inspiration and also trying when appeasing so many people when organising everyone's dressing up. Forward this article on over to your friends and use it as a tool to throw around some costume ideas. Here's our tips for the best costumes for 5 people to wear.

5 Guys

Stagmeister Beer Bottle Costume

Over the years we've managed to amass quite a range of beer bottle costumes crafted in different colours with various styles, brands and parodies. If the group are drinkers and wish to represent that in costume, you should definitely get your eyes on our bottle fancy dress, it's an inexpensive solution to dressing up that makes for great photos.

Here's a nice and simple one for the guys. In the movie Grease there were five T-Birds, that's the same amount as your group! Become Danny, Kenickie, Putzie, Sonny and Doody as simply as throwing on a T Bird jacket and style your hair with a 50's look and you're set. For wigs and a load more costume options stop by the Grease fancy dress section.

We've seen some superb photos of our road cone costume, you can see some on them yourself by clicking through to the costume and scrolling down to the 'Instagram gallery'. Aren't they ace? The road cone is a favourite for stag parties, sporting events and anything car related. We've even heard some tales of students holding up traffic, which isn't a good idea especially since it's sporadically reported on in national press.

If your group is a bunch of guys or you have a mixed faction that fancies defying gender clothing lines then be sure to stop by our Village People costumes hub for a selection of classic outfits that are all officially endorsed by the 70's kings of disco. Another deviation for these costumes, which is somewhat of an obscure reference, is Wayne's World 2. There's an awesome scene whereby Wayne and co are spying on Cassandra having coffee with her new producer and are decked out in elaborate disguises. The Wayne's World crew end up on a stage in the Tool Box after fleeing from a pursuing Bobby the producer. So good.

5 Girls

Adult Light Blue Music Player Dress

For the ladies we have a number of iPod dresses boasting different colours and different songs 'playing' on each dress. Everyone in the party could wear a different colour or you could all wear the same, whatever turns your device on. This tends to be a popular option since the dresses are actually really cheap to buy. Not convinced by the designs? You can find more like this in our novelty dress section.

Are your group of girls loud? Do you think they could transform into Girls Aloud? For a really striking combination that the ladies will love, check out our Promise Dress combination, it's a rather splendid interpretation of the stunning gowns as worn by the ladies in the Promise music video. Just imagine how you'd look all dancing together on the dance floor, sparkling and shimmering like living disco ball of fun and laughter.

To be honest, there's no need to limit our Hooters costume to groups of 5, in fact, the more the merrier really. This outfit is a parody of the restaurant chain in the States. It's fun, it's cute and you'll be sure to get loads of attention. If that's the goal consider dressing the team as Hooters girls.


When you were younger you might well have been left to destroy numerous pieces of paper with colourful drawings of whatever come to mind. This will have been shortly before you invariably decided to swap your artistic achievements on paper with the walls, curtains and probably the windows too. One foolproof way to rekindle your childhood is by becoming what kept you entertained for so many hours, become a crayon! We stock numerous crayon fancy dress costumes in both male and female sizes. There's enough colours to go around so just be orderly and don't argue who's going to be radical red.

Female Minion Costume

I'm a little surprised by just how popular Minions fancy dress has become. Since Despicable Me was released way back in 2010, the little yellow creatures have become immensely popular and provide a superb dressing up option. We have a nice mix of male and female costumes from the range endorsed by Universal Pictures and you'll most likely find something you'll like, take a look.

Scooby-Doo is perfect for five friends, there's exactly the right number of characters, it's a fun and easily identifiable theme plus the price point won't put a dent in your wallet or purse. The Scooby Doo costumes range is a pretty solid choice if you're attending a family event, fondly remember the cartoon from childhood or simply need a quick fix. These costumes shouldn't require much effort when getting ready.

For more fun ideas be sure to stop by our group costumes category where you can find your own discoveries for how to make your night out truly unforgettable.

Can you think of any fancy dress ideas that we've missed? Comment below and share you're favourite.

This post was penned by +Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress.


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