Frequently Asked Questions


At Jokers' Masquerade, we pride ourselves in giving you everything you need to shop with complete confidence and make an informed shopping decision. That's why we try and put as much information on our website as possible.

We understand that you might have further questions before you purchase something and we're always happy to hear from our customers - But before you pick up the phone or email us, have a quick look through our Frequently Asked Questions and see if your question is here.

To help you quickly find what you are looking for, we've indexed our FAQ. Simply search the right hand index and click on the relevant question.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

Is your web site secure?

Yes! We take Internet security very seriously. The 'Qualys' logo is a seal of approval from an independent company who specialise in ensuring web sites are configured correctly and safe from hackers.

Our website is tested and certified daily to pass the FBI and SANS Institute Internet Security Tests. The security auditing technology allows the Qualys logo to appear only when our website current security status meets the highest published US government standards. The logo also includes a dynamic date format which changes to give the date of the last test.

Our second commitment to Internet shopping is the use of the GlobalSign digital certificate. Whenever you enter personal data into a web page. At such a point and normally at the checkout process, when you see the http:// web site prefix in your browser change to https:// and a little padlock appear in the bottom right hand corner, you can be assured that any data that passes between your web browser and this site is encrypted with a GlobalSign digital certificate. The padlock should be in a locked position when any data is sent from your browser to our web site at the checkout or Paypal servers.

The Jokers' Masquerade website is tested by Qualys on a daily basis to ensure that our web platform is safe for visitors to share their personal information without fear of malware, malicious software or network vulnerability. This enables us to safeguard your personal information and confirm that we are doing so on a daily basis.

Our deployed systems are more secure than giving your credit card to a High Street shop or restaurant. Please remember that you give your payment card details direct to a bank and we never see your credit card details.

Finally, we are an accredited Trusted Shop merchant. With over 15,000 certified online retailers, Trusted Shops has been the leading trustmark for online shops with integrated buyer protection including the Trusted Shops Guarantee, a money-back guarantee - guaranteed by renowned insurance companies - since 1999. The Trusted Shops Seller Ratings enable buyers to assess the quality of a shop in order to make this apparent for other visitors. The Trusted Shops Seller Rating comprises the reliability rating awarded by Trusted Shops and the customer reviews pertaining to the seller over the last 12 months in the following categories: delivery, goods and customer service. More information at: Please click on the following seal to verify our accreditation.

You can protect yourself up to an amount of GBP 2,500 against the loss of your payment in the event of non-delivery or after returning the goods - regardless of the method of payment. Protection is provided by Trusted Shops for a period of 30 days. We (Jokers' Masquerade) bear the cost of Buyer Protection for you!

What's the best way to find what I want?

We have written a specific document titled "What's the best way to find what I want?". Take a couple of minutes to read and not only will it save you time, but you'll probably find what you want!

How can I tell if an item is in stock?

We pride ourselves on maintaining high stock levels within our warehouse and any item that you order should be in stock at time of order placement. Indeed, this web site has a real time stock control database and if the item is out of stock in our warehouse, you should not be able to order it at all. Nonetheless, shortages do sometimes occur and we ask you to read our Customer Services section on how we manage this.

A product is out of stock, when is the next shipment?

Jokers' Masquerade hold a live stock system over the website, which will give a true indication of what is available. We will do our utmost to provide a reliable delivery date if an item is not ready for purchase. If an item is 'awaiting a delivery date confirmation', this indicates the item is currently out of stock with the manufacturer and we would recommend you choose an alternative costume.

I do not know what size to order, what do you recommend?

Costumes, unlike every day and 'fashion' clothing, are designed and constructed to accommodate a wide variety of sizes. Many have elastic waistbands and utilise stretch fabrics for a comfortable fitting. Some costumes like robes or gowns will have a waist tie or rope for figure definition while some ladies lines include waist ties or corset design for an hour glass figure.

As we have many product suppliers, we take extra care to ensure that we size per individual costume as like the high street fashion stores, lines from different manufactures can differ.

In summary, if you or your child are in an in-between size or if you are unsure about size, we recommend that you buy one size larger. You can always easily adjust to be smaller rather than struggle to make larger.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We endeavour to ship all orders on the day of receipt (excluding weekends and bank holidays) if placed before 3.00pm. Therefore and depending on your chosen delivery option, you should typically expect receipt within one to five days. In times of peak business throughout the year and especially during Halloween and Christmas, shipment may take an additional day or two.

Why does my costume differ from the image on the website?

Images are for illustration purposes only. Colours may vary at the discretion of Jokers' Masquerade or suppliers without notice.

I've ordered the wrong size, do you offer exchanges?

We are unable to offer an exchange in this circumstance but will happily refund the unwanted costume if you would like to return it to us. In the meantime you can place a new order for the correct size costume.

What if the product is faulty?

Should a product be faulty, you should let us know immediately upon discovery of the deficit. For more information please see our Returns Policy - faulty goods  within the Customer Services section.

What is the cost of postage and shipping?

This is dependent on where you are located within both the UK and what delivery option you select. Prices for shipping are highlighted within our delivery options and pricing page.

Do you ship to BFPO addresses?

Yes. When you checkout, please select "British Forces Overseas (BFPO)" as your destination country address.

We post via ParcelForce BFPO service. We ask you to please read our sections on BFPO delivery options and VAT obligations within our Customer Services section.

What payment methods do you accept?

We presently have a relationship with Lloyds Cardnet to securely accept debit and credit card transactions online including Maestro, Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Debt, Visa and MasterCard. We happily accept payments via PayPal or via post for postal orders. We will happily take credit and debit card payments over the telephone should you require. You also have the option to pay for your order using Amazon Payments. Simply login using your Amazon account information and checkout with your existing account delivery and payment information, it's a great choice for saving time. Remember - you are placing your order with Jokers' Masquerade and simply utilising your Amazon Account information.

Do you accept the Euro or other International currencies?

Yes, we accept Euros. Please use the currency selector in the header of the website to select the currency you wish to purchase your products in.

A product I bought is now cheaper. Can I have a refund?

All prices are correct at time of publication. Jokers' Masquerade reserve the right to change, alter or amend any price at any time without notice. Should a product price decrease since an original purchase, contractually we are not obligated to refund the difference.

A price has recently gone up. Can I pay the old lower price?

Prices do vary for many reasons and should an increase occur prior to purchase, we are not obligated to sell at the previous lower price.

Can I cancel an order if it is no longer required?

Yes. If the product has not been shipped, simply telephone us in the first instance and then send a confirmation email. We will cancel the order (or part thereof) with no charge to you with all moneys being refunded in full.

If, however, the goods have left the warehouse, then you may still cancel the order up to 14 calendar days from receipt of goods. As long as we are informed within 14 days after you receive the item that you wish to cancel the order and the item(s) is returned (at your own cost) within 14 days after this notification, we will happily refund the cost of the goods, excluding shipping. Please see our Returns Policy within our Customer Services section for more information.

What happens if the product I buy does not fit?

We make best practice to give correct sizing information by individual product at time of purchase to negate the requirement for return. Indeed, the majority of costumes are manufactured with elasticated waistbands by example, so that they fit a broad as possible population. Nonetheless, sometimes you may not feel comfortable in a size ordered and in such, we are more than happy for you to return the product for a refund.

What are the washing and care instructions?

Common sense should prevail. Our product portfolio contains many qualities of costume material such as velvet, leather, plush fur and vinyl. Many more are trimmed with lace, fur, brocade and metal studs, some with printed emblems and indicia. Although washing instructions may include a machine wash, it is our recommendation that all garments are dry cleaned only. Unfortunately we will not be able to remedy any product fault that results from any machine wash cycle no matter what the manufacturer instructions within the garment or packaging state.

What is your VAT policy?

All the prices in the store are shown inclusive and exclusive of VAT where applicable at the prevailing rates. Please see our Customer Services section for more information.

How come I can buy the same item cheaper from the USA?

[1] Halloween is a big seasonal tradition in the USA, with many costume companies based there. Some costumes and accessories will be manufactured in the USA and some manufacured in Asia, the Far East, Mexico and imported into the USA. Depending on where the garment or item is manufactured, a UK import duty is applied, varying in percentage rate based on the 'country of origin'. If you buy direct from the USA, you will be charged this import duty upon your parcel entry to the UK. Any import duties are already calculated into our selling price.

[2] In addition to the price of the goods and aforementioned UK import duties, you will need to pay transport costs. It is obvious and although we will charge you postage and shipping, costs of transport from the USA are going to be higher. We too have to pay transport costs, which are included within our sale price.

[3] With the exception of many child costumes, VAT is included within our sale price. All prices shown on any USA website will be in US Dollars and exclusive of VAT. When you buy and thus import goods from any country and including the USA, you will need to add VAT. It is important to note that VAT is added to the price of the costume, the import duty and the transport cost.

In summary and based on a 1.65 conversation rate, a $20.00 item on a USA website could cost you anywhere between £25.00 to £35.00 depending on which State the item will be shipped from and the delivery method chosen.

[4] This final and important point is based on UK Consumer Protection Laws. When you buy from Jokers' Masquerade, we contract under UK sales laws. If the item we sell you is faulty or you simply do not like it, we can accept it back for exchange or refund. Most USA based online retailers state their sales as "final". This means that once you complete the sales transaction, the item belongs to you. Indeed and when delivered, if you do not like it for any reason, they'll argue "But sorry, it's yours". In addition, any remedy for faulty goods would be costly and liable to be fraught with argument.

In conclusion, it may seem cheaper on the face of it, but buying from a non-UK website has both hidden costs and Consumer Protection issues. Nonetheless, the choice is yours. For more information, please read the HMCE Document about Internet Sales for more information on Import Duties and VAT.

How do I tag my photo on Instagram?

If your posts are set to public, you can add tags to your Instagram photos that will make them visible on our product pages. So we can find your photo easily, all you need to do is add @jokefancydress and tag the photo with the unique product tag, which is display in the Instagram Gallery section at the bottom of each product page e.g. #jokers63514 - which is our Bananaman Costume.

To tag a photo or video:

  • Take a photo/video in Instagram and choose a filter
  • On the screen you see after choosing a filter, type your unique product #hashtag in the Caption field (example: #jokers63514)
  • If you want to tag a post you've already uploaded, just include your #hashtag in a comment on your photo
  • Also feel free to add any description or comment to your photo

Please note:

  • Private users' tagged posts will not appear publicly on tag pages.
  • Numbers are allowed in hashtags. However, special characters, such as $ or %, will not work.
  • You can only tag your own posts, not other users' photos/videos.
  • The limit on the number of tags you can use on a post is 30. If you include more than 30 tags on a single photo/video, your comment will fail to post.
  • Older versions of Apple iOS do not support tapping on hashtags. Instead, search hashtags by navigating to the Profile tab > Search Instagram > Tags.