Team Jokers' Masquerade Conquer Crafty Craft

The crafty craft is a 10 mile boat race from Hungerford to Newbury in home-made boats. This year's race was on May 2nd and featured teams from all around the country. As well as building and rowing the boats, the teams must lift the boats out of the water and carry them around locks. As well as providing a great day out for Newbury, it also raises funds which, the organisers donate to local charities.

Crafty Craft 2011

The Jokers' Masquerade team, who were each proudly wearing a full Crusader costume finished the race in 4 hours and 53 minutes and were robbed of the Best Adult Fancy Dress award when it was gifted to the team HMS Ark Royal who, failed to put in an ounce of the effort team Jokers' Masquerade did. Clad in just sailor hats and completing the race in an actual boat, the side are sure to have blackmailed the major. Sailor hats indeed.

Celebrity entrant Jo Brand's team What Larks, were disqualified for being towed part of the way by the boat that carried their filming crew. Brand was filming a documentary about the relationship of British people with water called Jo Brand’s Big Splash, which will be on Dave later this year.

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