Product Packaging

Please find below details of the common packaging materials and formats of our products. We explain in a little more detail for your information.

To help quickly find what you are looking, simply search the right hand index and click on the delivery information. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Presentation Box

This kind of package is typically found containing child costumes and being akin to what you may find in a toy shop, where the product is within a presentation box. Perfect as a gift, the box may or may not have a clear PVC window where the item may be seen within.

Sealed Blister Pack

Products in blister packs are sealed in air-tight clear plastic containers. This both shows the product off, making it perfect as a gift and gives the product extra protection during shipping.

Unfortunately a blister pack once opened cannot be resealed. It is therefore important to note that you check that you have received the correct product before opening or trying on, as we will be unable to accept the return of opened blister pack products except in exceptional circumstances.

Resealable PVC Bag & Header Card

The vast majority of our costumes are supplied in a resealable PVC bag with a header card that shows a picture and product information. You are freely able to see the product contents and information prior to opening. This resealable package means it is easy for you to open and try the garment on for size.

Clothes Hanger & Cover

Our 'hire quality' costumes are of a superb quality and in order to maintain pristine appearance, are stored on hangers with protective covering.

Resealable Plastic Container

This type of packaging can be opened and resealed afterwards, enabling you to easily inspect the product. Note that for reasons of hygiene some products such as teeth and wigs may not be eligible for return if tried on.

Single or Loose Item

Some products such as accessories do not come in any packaging. Typically they may have a small sticker attached, a simple product information card.

Polythene Wrapper

This is typically a sealed transparent polythene bag, which will allow you to view the product.

Non-refundable Sealed Transparent Pack

This product comes in an air-tight plastic bag which shows the product off, making it perfect as a gift, with the added benefit of extra protection during shipping.

Unfortunately, once opened, a sealed transparent pack cannot be re-sealed. It is therefore important to note that you check the costume you have bought fits BEFORE opening this accessory product, as we will be unable to accept the return of an opened transparent accessory pack product except in exceptional circumstances.