Cowboy Costumes

Are you looking for the classic John Wayne look, ranch-hand or devious bandit of the Wild West? We have plenty of cowboy costumes to help you become a legend of the frontier! Cowboy fancy dress is a theme perfect for any party. Rock up to a Western saloon party dressed to impress with friends, accompany your cowgirl partner to a Halloween event or go-solo on a night out as someone everyone will recognise. Becoming a cowboy is easy, cost effective and there are plenty of outfit options here on! For the ultimate cowboy appearance, check out our Adult Gun Fighter Cowboy Outfit – you’ll demand authority everywhere you go! For a hunkier look that is sure to turn some heads, a Fever ‘Ride em’ high’ Costume is the way to go. Little boys will love this authentic Kid’s Cowboy Suit and we even have an outfit for babies. Once you’ve chosen your costume, accessorise with spurs, a cowboy hat, toy guns, holsters and other western inspired props to complete the look. Now all you need is your horse! Find all of the cowboy fancy dress you need and get party-ready with us!