Cruella De Vil Costumes

It’s Cruella De Vil! Our posh range of Cruella De Vil Costumes for kids and adults celebrates Disney’s most popular villain from ‘The 101 Dalmatians’ tale. Whether you love Dodie Smith’s 1950s novel, Disney’s animated film, or the live-action movie sequels, we have recreated this Dalmatian-obsessed villain so you can transform into the wealthy and stylish diva with demonic behaviour. Our Cruella De Vil fancy dress outfits come in a variety of glamorous styles, featuring the iconic half black and half white Cruella De Vil Wig, sophisticated long red gloves, and Dalmatian-print cape, made to have the entire town trembling in their shoes. All you need to complete the outfit is a cigarette holder to leave that foul-smelling green smoke wherever you go, and some scary Cruella Deville makeup to get those haunting arch eyebrows and protruding cheekbones. This collection is a great dress-up option for Cruella De Vil Halloween costumes, World Book Day, and a film party. Find a Cruella De Vil outfit and give the party a panic - because if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!